Can You Find True Love on Tinder?

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Almost everything is possible through the internet, but can you find true love on Tinder? Let us find out. There are so many people who had their love stories started from Tinder itself. 

"I used to have this crush on a guy from college, but I never acted on it because we got to know about each other really well. One night on Tinder, his profile popped up and it was an instant match. Our relationship just took off from there and now we are getting married in August” -RodriguezLO

 People in this generation are quite adventurous and are likely to take risks and always find a way to do something different from the rest of the people, making them stand out in a crowd. But finding love online has its advantages and disadvantages that one has to face.

The Internet provides an easy way to meet far more people than you will meet at the gym or at the bookstore from the comforts of your home, without getting stressed on your looks. 

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 Contrary to many people, there are a lot of people who find true love online rather than meeting through friends of friends and family members. People tend to have a conversation online, without it being awkward. 

 Tinder, one of the most famous dating websites is used by a large number of people with up to 30 billion matches since the time it has launched. It uses the Swipe Right feature to like someone and helps you to meet new people who are similar to you.


Here are a few steps that might help you while using the app.

1. Do Not Neglect Your Bio

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This is probably the worst thing that you can do because you are not putting out yourself. People do not know much about you with your limited information making only a handful of people swiping right.

Fill up your profile to your best capacity like telling what you do for a living, your likes-dislikes. Try to keep it positive, funny, and uplifting, making it hard for people not to swipe right. Post at least two photos without too many filters. You should show off your natural beauty.


2. Be Selective

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Do not swipe right to anyone and everyone. Look at their profile, check it so that you know whether they like the same things that you like. There should also not be a case where you are swiping people just so that you get a match from anyone. Be selective, choose who you like, and then progress.


3. Be Positive

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You should have a good attitude and a good mindset, it might take some time for you to find the right one but the longer it takes, the hotter you date! Keep your energy high no matter how many times you have been disappointed, the following person shouldn’t have to pay for the last person’s mistakes.


4. Be Polite and Show Your Manners

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People easily get creeped out online. Try to be as polite, considerate, and show your manners because first impressions last forever. The person really has no idea about who you are and what you are really like, so leave a good and lasting experience. If the other person is not messaging first, do it first! Maybe they are waiting for you to do it first.


5. Before the meeting, Have a Phone Call

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You do not really know a person from their texting skills unless you are really talking to them on the phone. That’s when you know the person on a realistic level. If the conversation comes out to force between you two, then I am sorry you are wasting your own time. But if you really cannot stop talking to each other, then the first meeting will be better than you anticipated. 


6. Be Honest and Be Confident

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Tell them what you are looking for, putting it out there before leading into a heartbreak. This will help your date to win you over. Be real, do not make up false stories, just so that you can impress them. It is an online dating website; you will find thousands of people having similar interests. Anyone who doesn’t treat you right, say them a goodbye.


7. Don't Rush into a Sexual Relationship

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Do not rush into anything. Start with a genuine conversation first and then progress it forward. It is important to know the person a little bit before starting with a relationship together whether it is sexual or love- related. It is important to have chemistry so that it lasts longer and makes you comfortable with each other.


8.  Know When to Move on

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When you are the only one who is initiating the conversation and they are M-I-A most of the time, know when to move on. You don’t have to waste your energy on someone that is simply not interested. It is better to move on at the right time, rather than getting your heart broken and regretting it later.


It can be scary; I agree but you have to try it first before even not even considering it as an option. During this time of the pandemic, there are hardly any people going out and meeting new people, so Tinder is one of the best options that you can use to meet new people. 

 During this pandemic, almost everything in the world is closed, limiting your chances of meeting new people, so it is a great way of meeting people.

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Tinder is a great way to meet and see new people, but you will not know how people are really like from their profile page on their app unless you go and see them in person. You will not get the butterflies when they are beside you and holding your hand, you will not know the crooked smile that comes when they make you laugh. 

 It also has some disadvantages like there might be cases where people are faking their profile. They might be lying about their looks, their relationship status, and their career. Spending too much time on the website will result in putting less energy in meeting new people outside. 


You will be shocked by the list of celebrities who gave Tinder a try. Here is a list of some of them- 

1. Zac Efron

picture of the famous actor, Zac Efron

Photo Credits- Republic World

Popular since the High School Musical Days, he admitted using the app but everyone believed that it was fake, resulting in no one swiping him.


2. Katy Perry

picture of the famous singer, Katy Perry

Photo Credits- Republic World

Popular since the High School Musical Days, he admitted using the app but everyone believed that it was fake, resulting in no one swiping him.


3. Lindsay Lohan

Picture of the famous actress, Lindsay Lohan

Photo Credits- People

The leading star from Mean Girls turned to use online dating apps to connect with new people. She never revealed it but posted on Instagram about it saying that she found her brother on it.


4. Chelsea Handler

A well-know comedian, Chelsea Handler

Photo Credits- Scroll

She is a popular comedian, having her own show on Netflix. When she was asked about online dating she confessed using the app when she is traveling and is quite a normal thing to do.


I think finding love online depends upon what the person is asking in a relationship and what are their requirements. Nothing is impossible, it all depends upon what kind of a person are you really- old fashioned or a bit of modern. It is totally up to your decision.