Best Ways to celebrate New Year 2022

Happy New Year 2022

This year has been a roller coaster ride. I shouted at the top of the voice on 31st December 2020 that 2021 will be different. And I am sure many of you might have done the same thing. Indeed this year was genuinely different. We all are eager to bid farewell to 2021 and celebrate the incoming of the new year. But guess what, the pandemic is still not over. You can not go out to a party or attend a gathering which has more people. So, here are some best ways to celebrate New Year 2022: 

New Year 2022

Call your friends over:

If you have your best friends living in the same city, you can call them over. Or you can also go to their place. Though the pandemic is still not over, unlock three has provided the common man with some relaxation. If you practice proper social distancing and take all the safety measures, you can celebrate the new year with your friends.


Your family was there, is there, and will always be there:

Since March 2020, you are at home. In these difficult times, the only constant thing is your family. You might not have your friends in the same city, but your family is always by your side. So, celebrate this new year with your family. Play antakshari, watch old videos and photographs, cook something nice for them, make a toast to your bond with some health drinks . Because you also know lockdown wouldn’t have been bearable if your family wasn’t around.


Family and Friends

Now you must have decided with whom you are going to celebrate your New Year. So, here are some fun activities that you can plan to make your New Year’s eve exciting.

Board Game Night: 

During this lockdown, binge-watching series and movies have become a regular part of life. We have spent so many hours on Netflix and other platforms, that we are running out of content to watch. Thus, you might need something different to do this new year’s eve. Collect all the board games you have in the house like twisters, snakes & ladders, ludo, cards, Uno, monopoly, World Tour, etc. Make some good food, have cocktails or mocktails to drink, and enjoy the board game night with your family and friends.

People celebrating New Year by playing board games


Caking and Baking Session:

The month of December is known for its festive vibes and delicious food that is served during these festivals. So, if you have already played board games during the lockdown then this activity is for you. It is a proven fact that good food helps in reducing stress and inducing good vibes. Therefore, baking cookies, cake, biscuits, and brownies with your loved ones is a delicious way to celebrate 2022.

 A fun way to celebrate the New Year is by baking and cooking with family and friends.


Get a bit crafty:

The year 2021 has been a roller coaster ride for everyone. With the pandemic hitting the world to staying at home for almost nine months, people have experienced a lot. So, to reminiscence this year make a year-end book. You can do this activity alone as well as with your loved ones. Collect all the positive memories of the year 2021, make a scrapbook, write your learnings, and embrace your memories. Though this year has been tough, I am sure you have had moments that are worth being thankful for.

Memories of 2020 all in one book


A club-style partying at home:

Whenever you go out to attend a party in a club there are several common things everywhere. You will find loud music, a bar in the corner, people dancing and food. But along with that, you will find overcrowded dance floors, sweaty people, and a long queue at the bar. You can have the exact club-style party at home by following a few simple things:

  1. Move around some furniture in the hall and create a space for a dance floor.
  2. Get all the led lights, fairy lights, and a disco ball if you have and decorate the hall.
  3. Curate a playlist and include songs and remixes by various artists and plug your laptop into the home theater or a BlueTooth speaker.
  4. Make some snacks that go well with alcohol and mocktails.
  5. Move your dining table and set it at the end of the dance floor.
  6. Make cocktails and mocktails and place them on the dining table alongside the food.
  7. Don’t forget to download the countdown video.
  8. Put on a party dress, deck up a little and, you are all set to have a club-style party at home. 

With these eight simple steps, you can avoid all the cons and still have a club-style party with your family and friends. 

I understand that with work from home and managing the house it is not easy to organize any kind of party even if the steps are provided. So, to solve this problem contact BeMyCharm to organize any kind of New Year Party or gathering.

Club-Style Party at home


Or you can have your slumber party:

Though there are clubs and resorts which are having high-end New Year’s parties, it is still not safe to attend those parties. Instead, you can have a pajama or slumber party in the comfort of your home. No tension of applying makeup or dancing in those high heels. Just you and your loved ones making most of the moment. Make some cocktails and dance to your favorite songs. Eat some cookie dough and laugh your heart out. Relax for a bit and have fun because this year has been tiring for everyone.

A group of friends celebrating New Year at home


Not a party person, we have got you covered:

We all will agree on this point that 2021 has been mentally and emotionally challenging. People are not tired just physically but are even mentally exhausted. Therefore, keep the year-end of 2021 for rejuvenating your soul. Take a day off from work or studies. Have a champi session. Set up a manicure and pedicure appointment or a massage session. Do what you feel like or laze around the whole day. But make sure anything that you do helps you in relaxing.



Celebrate the New Year like old times:

Do you remember your childhood when alcohol and clubs weren’t popular? We used to be awake till midnight. Our mom used to make amazing food. Dad used to bring pastries or cake to eat at midnight. And the entire family used to watch some award show together. The celebrity hosts used to countdown and all of us counted with them. Recreate that memory. Though you might not be a child anymore, celebrating the new year this way will surely awaken the child inside you.

A Family watching television



Covid-19 is still not over. But many tourist destinations have opened up after Unlock three and are taking many precautions to ensure the safety of the tourists. If you want you can go away for a small weekend getaway. But before planning your trip, make sure you check all the safety measures that the destination is taking. Don’t forget to wear a mask, shield, gloves, and use a sanitizer at all times. Maintain social distancing at all times. Even if the destination is safe, your safety is entirely in your hands. 


These are some fun ways in which you can celebrate the New Year 2022. If you are living alone or can’t have your family and friends over, then you can conduct all these activities virtually. It might not have the same effect but still, all your close ones will be with you. This new year let’s express our gratitude to all those people who have been our support system during tough times. Let’s celebrate the New Year 2022 with the ones that will always be with us.

Here’s wishing you a fantastic New Year 2022!

Wishing you a Fabulous 2021