Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Partner In 2022

Couple holding balloons

 “Each time you love, love as deeply as if it were forever.” —Audre Lorde.

Love is such a feeling that we are actually incapable of putting it down into words. But what we are capable of, are simply loving someone, enjoying the love, and celebrating it. Valentine’s Day is such an occasion we celebrate love with our beloved.

But we often come across dilemmas about presents that we want to gift to our partner. But no more worries and dilemmas!

BeMyCharm is always at your rescue. This year’s Valentine’s Day is knocking at the door and we are back with your solutions.

Here’s listed 20 such Valentine’s Day Special Gifts for your partner in 2022, that will undoubtedly benefit you.


1) Captured into a photo collage.

Couple collage

Photo credits- Pinterest

Memories are something that we always live for. Isn’t it? The feeling of nostalgia always brings back our smiles, even in our hardest times. So why not get all those clusters of memories framed into one collage? Nothing can be a better yet at a reasonable rate gift for your Valentine this year. After all, in this pandemic we more or less all had a fair share of our degrading mental health due to various reasons. In all these, good memories become our shelter. So, go gift your better half a photo collage (beautifully framed)  with the best memories that will satisfy themselves with mirth and joy.



2) Watch Ludo and play Ludo!

Ludo indoor game

Photo credits- Freepik

You must have already watched the Netflix original movie “Ludo” ( and if you haven’t watched it, I strongly recommend it to you. Go and watch it). The pandemic was initially about playing Ludo while later it turned into watching Ludo. But we don’t know when all these bad times are going to end, so why not begin those indoor games all over again with our family members? And I think for that, you need a Ludo board first. So why not gift a customized Ludo board to your partner and yourself as well, with pictures of both of you? It will surely make your remaining pandemic days a little more bearable. Also, the customization will help you and your partner reminisce about the nostalgic past.



3) C for Cat? No! C for Cushion.

Customized couple cushions

Photo credits- Pinterest

Life isn’t perfect, so aren’t your cushions. Right? But you can give it a perfect look and surprise your partner. So be quick before he/she enters the bedroom on Valentine’s Day. Trust me, the idea will be super cute as a Valentine’s Day special gift for your partner in 2022. And every time you both go to sleep, those cushions would remind you both of this Valentine’s Day in 2022!



4) A surprise romantic candlelight dinner.

candle light dinner

Photo credits- Treebo Hotels

You and your partner might find yourselves too busy in your daily lives that you hardly find time for each other and go for a good trip. But you can grab this Valentine’s Day opportunity and plan a surprise romantic candlelight dinner for your better half at the most desirable destination. It will be just you both either at the beach or near the mountains or maybe on a distant island! Trust me, Valentine’s Day can’t get any better if you plan for something like this and your better half will be damn happy about it.



5) Journal entries?

Love journal

Photo credits- Pinterest

So if your partner is a kind of aesthetic, who loves keeping journals and loves to read and write, then without a second thought, jump into this idea. Get him/ her one of the best romantic themed customized journals. Then put down the journal entries with date, about some nostalgic events that you both have gone through and that’s bound to bring a smile on the face. Going back to the past and living in those memories feels like heaven.



6) A wall decor that lights up your bedroom.

Bedroom wall decor

Photo credits- Pexels

You might have always thought of personalizing your and your partner’s bedroom, with a bit of romantic touch, isn’t it? So don’t wait anymore. Go, grab this opportunity, and decorate your bedroom wall with pictures and cute LED lights. And spend a perfect private time with your partner, this Valentine’s Day.



7) Say it now!

customized bottle with notes

Photo credits- Pinterest

Life is unpredictable so don’t think twice to express yourself at the moment. If you think that you have kept some unexpressed feelings inside you, then this Valentine’s Day makes it a perfect time to share each of them with your partner. That will be the best gift for your partner. But, wait! You can do it in a very special way too! Decorate small and cute bottles with rolled messages inside them and gift them to your partner. They will be damn excited to know what’s inside. So, let them unravel the adventure within and wait for their precious reactions!



8) Into a movie clip.

Couple watching movie together

Photo credits-Kadinim Mutluyum

If you want to arrange for a very unique gift for your partner this Valentine’s Day, start planning out making a movie clip based on the best moments you both have together shared. Mind you, the movie clip must be a recreation of those events by different people except you both. I swear, it will be great fun for both of you. Spend the auspicious night of Valentine’s Day, watching this in your bedroom, cozily under the blanket.



9) Attract like magnets.

Customized couple fridge magnet

Photo credits- Vistaprint

You and your partner always get attracted to each other like magnets, and that’s quite inevitable, right? So what if you recreate that into your gift for your partner? Yes, you guessed it right! You can gift your partner some amazing personalized magnets, with pictures of each other customized on them. That will be a great Valentine’s Day special gift for your partner in 2022.



10) Love is in the Air!

trip ticket

Photo credits- Deviant Art

Have you ever thought of recreating your first trip or honeymoon with your partner? If not, then this is the grand chance. Grab the tickets (must be personalized ones) and venture out for a grand Valentine’s Day celebration with your better half and recreate first memories! You both will simply love it. Mark my words!



11) P for Polaroids.

Couple Polaroids

Photo credits- Wedfest

Polaroids can be one of the sweetest gifts that you can gift to your partner with a cute one-liner on it. A cluster of such Polaroids with each of your best memories captured will bring back good vibes and make your Valentine’s Day a more special one. Also, Polaroids seem to have a good touch of aestheticism in them.



12) Live, Love, and Laugh.

couple caricature

Photo credits- Bookthesurprise

Want to make your Valentine’s Day a funnier one this time? Then you can surely gift your partner with something very unique yet funny. What if they are your and your partner’s caricature keepsake? Give that to your partner and burst into laughter, thus making this Valentine’s Day a brighter one. Also, that can act as a good showpiece in your drawing room.



13) Old conversations on mugs.

customized mugs

Photo credits- Unsplash

Another way to live in your past good memories will be imprinting those past conversations on ceramic mugs and gifting that to your partner. So the next time he/she is going to have their tea or coffee, they are going to keep smiling at thoughts of those past conversations. Also, talking about all those memories and spending a good morning tea time with those mugs with your partner on the balcony, will be the best start to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.



14) Explore the book, read the note!

Book with hidden message

Photo credits- Pinterest

If your partner is a bookworm, then you might know what’s his/her favorite thing that you can gift. A book. Especially the book he/she loves but hasn’t got it for themselves. So don’t hesitate to gift that to him/her on this Valentine’s Day. Also, wait! You can put some romantic notes in between the pages of the book so that while flipping through the pages, your partner comes to discover those notes unexpectedly. That will act as a cherry on the top of the cake! Try it out.



15) Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robes.

Embroidered Luxury fleece robes

Photo credits- Personalization Mall

You can also opt for something wearable! What about a pair of embroidered luxury fleece robes for both of you, those too personalized ones? It will add on more sensuality between both of you and add an extra bit of romance to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.



16) Under the blanket?

Customized couple blanket

Photo credits- Photo Blankets

Just like the cushions, you can also personalize your blanket. The blanket under which you have made a lot of memories with your partner. It will be one of the best gifts on Valentine’s Day for your partner and you too! Let the blanket shower your life with nostalgia and help you make more lovely memories with your partner.



17) Wear the pendant!

personalized pendant

Photo credits- Pinterest

One of the cutest and portable gifts that will always stay with both of you- personalized pendants with pictures of both of you embedded in them. Wherever you go, it’s going to stay with you and keep on providing you and your partner, a sense of constant motivation even if you both happen to stay away due to works. It’s the best gift for the long distant couples.



18) Personalize the gift box.

personalized gift box

Photo credits- Pinterest

You can even arrange for some quirky stuff into a gift box and gift it to your partner. It will be both cute and memorable. Try to include stuff that your partner is craving for a long while so that once he/she opens it, the thing pops up an instant smile on your partner’s face. It will make Valentine’s Day brighter than usual.



19) Customize your key holder.

customized key holder

Photo credits- igp

Keyholders are an essential part of our daily lives. So if think of customizing that key holder in a very unique way, then you are on the right track. The moment either of you is going to put of pick a key up from there, it will get you and your partner reminded of this beautiful Valentine’s Day. And that’s great, isn’t it? Make this Valentine’s Day a more memorable one with such little things.



20) 14th February 2022. Which day of the week?

customized calender

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Your partner might be wondering that on which day of the week is this year’s Valentine’s Day. He/she will eventually look for the calendar and boom! He/she discovers the gift. The personalized calendar you have got for your partner and trust me that’s inevitably going to make your partner super happy. Also, a calendar is a useful thing for our daily routine. Keeping in track with the calendar along with visualizing those cute pictures on it will brighten up each of your and your partner’s day.


I hope that was a plentiful of personalized gift ideas for you. Even, if you have any more queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Also, from the entire family of BeMyCharm, we wish you a very special Valentine’s Day in advance.

Love and Stay Loved! <3