Best Romantic Room Decor Ideas For Couples

Romantic Bedroom Décor

Hey there! Have you moved in together or just got married? Are you having trouble deciding the decor of your room? Don't worry; BeMyCharm is here to the rescue. You will find many romantic ways to decorate your room. You might be living alone in the apartment or, you might be living with your family. But one space that is truly important for the couples is their room. In that room, you can be your true self with each other. No boundaries, no interruption just you and your partner. Therefore, it is important to have decor that creates a romantic atmosphere. Here are a few reasons why there is a need for a romantic room decor:

Couple sitting in a room with romantic décor

Blossom of love

A room is a very private space for couples. If you are married and living with your family, then it is more like a comfort zone. Here two people are in their true form. A room is a safe space where love blooms. Therefore, it is important to have the right kind of romantic decor for a space that holds so much value.

Relaxation after a tiring day

You had a long tiring day at work. You want to go home and relax in your bed. As soon as you enter your room, there are bright colors all around and the lighting doesn't match. Now that is going to ruin your mood. So, romantic decor is a must for couples who have a hectic schedule.

A couple’s private space

When you are in love with someone, you are in your purest form. All the talks you have, all the discussion, and all the love you share everything happens in that one room. Hence, more than a room. It is a private space for couples that needs proper romantic decor.

Sense of belonging

Romantic room decor is needed because when you enter that space it will give you a sense of belonging. It is like the waves of the ocean. They are fierce and calm individually. But still, they need a shore to calm down. Similarly, adding romantic decor to your room is like providing ashore.

Home of memories

That laughter when your partner cracks a stupid joke, that coziness you feel in each other’s arms, the love that blossoms, and some random arguments, everything happens in that room. It is not just a room for couples; it is a home of memories. And every decor item in that room will be the witness of those sweet memories. 


Now that you know why romantic decor is necessary, before deciding the accessories for decor. It is essential to decide the vibe of the room. Romance is a mood. Romance is a feeling. If you want to capture the essence of that feeling, the vibe needs to be right. Therefore, here are some themes that will help you in setting up romantic room decor:

The classic romance

This theme has been the most popular among new couples. Red is associated with love. So, this theme has a major decor part that is in different shades of red. I know red can sometimes be a lot to handle. But if used appropriately, it will create a wonderfully romantic atmosphere for your room.

Red background and yellow lights


Enclosed by Nature

Romance ignites if the couple is near to the things they adore. If you are a couple who loves nature, then this romantic decor theme is for you. Be it the woods, or the greens of the hills, or the blue hues of the ocean. You can customize the room according to your preferences.

Mother nature in your room


The cozy ambiance

It is super important to feel comfortable and cozy in your room. Adding elements that define the coziness of the room is an essential part of the romantic decor. If you want to set a romantic mood, you need to be comfortable in that space.

Cozy romantic room décor


Rustic yet vintage

For the couples who have decor that has a touch of ancient history, this theme is for you. This theme has shades of brown that goes well with white or grey furniture. You may also convert it into a forest theme room by adding a few elements here and there.

 Rustic Room Décor


Vibrant whites

If you are a minimalistic couple who enjoys solace in each other's company, then white is your romantic color. I know that red is associated with love and romance. But it is the perception that matters. Because you have a fondness for white color, so that can be your romance color.

White romantic décor for minimalist couples


Radiant Royalty

Royalty and romance go hand in hand. People consider their partner king or queen of their life. Then why not add some royal romance elements to your room decor? The main colors of this theme are royal blues, purple, violet, and some metallic colors like gold and silver.

The royal romance


The Floral Fragrance

Flowers are considered one of the easiest ways to set a romantic mood. And if you want the room ambiance to be forever romantic, then a floral fragrance theme is for you.

Flowers to set the romantic mood


50 shades of grey

If you have watched this movie, you might know what impact the grey color has. Inspired by the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, this theme gives a sleek look to the room. Along with that, it makes the room more spacious.

Fifty shades of grey


Themes help in setting a romantic vibe of the room. It is the accessories that add a romantic touch to the room. Here is a list of few accessories for the romantic decor of your room: 


Lights are an essential accessory for setting a romantic mood. You have to make sure you don't use bright lights because they are harmful to the eyes and can kill the mood. Instead, use dim yellow lights. These yellow lights almost go with every theme. You can also use fairy lights and LED lights to enhance the romance.

Fairy lights for romantic decor



The music tracks should be appropriate according to the theme and romantic decor of your room. When the room theme is cozy, and you have some rap song in the background, now that is going to be a buzzkill.

A happy couple enjoying the music



If you don’t want to paint your room another option that adds a romantic touch to your room is wallpapers. There are many wallpaper designs available today. With the usage of technology, the designers have created 3D wallpapers. So, if you don’t want to suffer the smell of paints, you have a variety of wallpaper options to choose from.

 3D wallpapers



A room becomes romantic according to the stuff you add. And the furniture is an integral part of room decor. Furniture adds that touch to the vibe of the theme you have selected for the room. Therefore, the selection of furniture according to the theme is very vital.



Scented candles are a beautiful decor element to add to your room. The aroma of the candles has a different effect on a person’s mood. You can pick candles according to the preference of you and your partner. From basic vanilla to complicated fresh rain smell, everything has been captured in the scented candles.

Scented candles for romantic décor



If you are staying in some hilly region or a place that has a cold atmosphere, a fireplace acts as a beautiful romantic decor. It makes the atmosphere cozy and comfy. This decor item is best suited for a cozy themed room. 

A fireplace to add more coziness


Mostly curtains are put on to ensure privacy in the room. But many people might not know they act as a game-changer in the room decor. It is advisable to choose curtains in contrast to the color of the room. Layering curtains is a beautiful idea for royal themed room decor. You can also add a canopy above your bed to add that extra element to the romantic decor.

Canopy Makes all the difference


Art Pieces

Paintings, showpieces, photo frames, etc. are added romantic decor elements. You can add them to the amount you want. You can have customized photo frames above the bed, or you can just have a beautiful lampshade on the side table. This segment depends entirely on the taste of you and your partner.

huge photo wall



Bed covers, blankets, and pillow cover all of these are included in the term linens. It is advisable to choose such linens that have a soft texture to them. This will help in enriching the romantic decor you have created for your room.

Comfy linens


These are some popular tips and ideas for a couple who wants to decorate their room in a romantic style. You can mix and match the themes and the accessories and create your style. You can also add a personal touch to every element in the room to create a more romantic environment. This room will be a permanent witness of your happily ever after. Therefore, decorate it with all your heart and soul.