Best Quarantine Proposal Ideas

couple holding hands

Isn't it becoming too difficult for you to stay away from the person who brings a smile on your face just by their presence? There's already so much negativity around us these days, so we decided to bring some joy in your life.

If you're at that stage of your relationship, where you're just waiting for the perfect moment to say those three magical words to your partner, why not do this during this quarantine?



1. A complete home makeover

A guy proposing his partner at home

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Give your house a complete makeover. You can decorate it according to a theme that your partner would adore, such as decorating it with everything in Pink color or giving your house a complete candlelight vibe by decorating it with some candles, lights, and flowers. Put in all your efforts to make it the most special moment for both of you.


2. A delicious proposal

Proposal with food

Yes! You read that right. This will be a completely different proposal. Cook a perfect snack, dessert, or any food of your partner's choice. Plate it beautifully and use some cute tags such as WILL YOU MARRY ME? , ARE YOU READY TO EAT WHATEVER I COOK, FOREVER? , etc. But make sure that whatever you cook, it should taste good as well.


3. The dream Sunset or Under the stars Proposal

A couple looking at each other happily

Most of the people picture their proposal at the beach during the sunset, or on a rooftop under the stars. Well, as you can't step out of the house, you can arrange such kind of a proposal on your rooftop. Decide the perfect moment; decorate your rooftop with some flowers, balloons, and wine on the table. There you go! The dream proposal setup's ready. Don't forget to dress up nicely and make your partner do the same.


4. Proposal in front of the family

A guy proposing his partner in front of his family


Now, this can be done in two ways. First, you can invite your family members for a get-together and surprise your partner with the proposal. You can even include your family members into the plan and convince them to help you with the proposal.

Second, if it's not possible to invite them home, arrange a family get together on a Zoom call and find the very right moment, to propose your partner during that call. These both ways can turn out to be perfect if you put in the right efforts. Again, you take help of your family members to make the proposal a little more special and unforgettable.


Virtual proposal

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5. Netflix and Proposal

A couple watching movie together

This can turn into the most romantic proposal for both of you. Plan to watch your partner's favorite romantic movie. While watching the movie, find the right time to get down on your knees and tell your partner how much love and importance that person holds in your life.

If you don't have a ring, don't worry. You can instead use some flowers, a bracelet, or anything which would make sense at that moment. Your words and actions will hold much more importance than those artificial things.


6. Proposal hunt

A proposal letter

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This is going to be exactly like the game of Treasure hunt. All you have to is, convince your partner to play this game with you. You will have to organize this exactly like a Treasure hunt. But, the final ending or the treasure in this game can be a proposal letter, a ring, or anything you wish to gift your partner as a proposal gift.  Isn't this extremely exciting and romantic at the same time? You should give this one a try, even if you don't want this to be a proposal, you can arrange such a game randomly to make your partner feel special.


7. Gaming session turned into a proposal?

A couple playing games together

This is going to be a fun way. Arrange a session with your partner in which you will be playing games such as board games or video games. In the middle of your gaming session, surprise your partner with the proposal.  You can also be a little creative by splaying a board game which would include cards. Now, on a card, write "WILL YOU MARRY ME" and make sure that you sneak that card to her or make her read that card in any way. There are a lot of ways in which you can do this. Just be sneaky and creative!

8. A picnic proposal

A couple enjoying sitting in front of a decorated tent

This may sound a little boring to you, but if you find some unique ways, you can make it a perfect one. Tell your partner about planning a picnic in the backyard or on a rooftop. Arrange a beautiful setup such as a tent decorated with some fairy lights and candles. Along with some good food, drinks, games, music, etc.  And plan the right moment to propose your partner. To make it more romantic, you can convince your partner to wear coordinated clothes and record the whole moment to watch and cherish in the future.


9. The old school candle-light dinner

A man proposing his partner on dinner

The essence of candle-light dinner seems to never fade. It is still considered to be one of the most romantic ways of proposing your partner. Moreover, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to arrange this. Just a beautiful decoration with some candles, and food. Don't forget to play some romantic bollywood music in the background.

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10. Proposing with a tattoo

Proposal with a tattoo on the finger

Doesn’t this sound thrilling? If you’re living at a place where the situation is under control, you can make this proposal happen. But for this, you need to be very sure about your relationship. Getting a tattoo done on your body which would represent some person’s importance in your life, is a really big thing. So, for this, decide hat kind of tattoo you want to get done, and surprise your partner by showing him/her that tattoo and with the proposal at the end.

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1. A random virtual date

A virtual date night setup


For couples who live away from each other, the proposal ideas for them are comparatively less but there are still some ways through which you can make it happen. Arrange a random virtual date with your partner. Carry on doing your usual stuff which you both do during a random date. Find the perfect moment to surprise your partner with the proposal.

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2. Who wouldn't like a proposal with Pizza

A pizza with "Marry Me" text o it

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Food can be one of the best ways to propose your long-distance partner. Order a pizza or any meal that your partner loves to eat. Make sure to get a proposal message written on the food using any sauces or toppings. To make it more special, send a Ring or Flowers along with it.

But one thing that needs to be made sure, is that you order food from a trustable food outlet which would take charge of taking all the necessary precautions to avoid the spreading of viruses.

3. Surprise visit proposal

A man surprising his partner with the proposal

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If you both live in the same city, and if the situation of it is not very dangerous. You can plan a surprise visit at your partner's place and propose him/her accordingly. Do consider carrying some flowers with yourself and dress up nicely to look presentable. But again, DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE ALL THE NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS.

In these difficult times, where we all are surrounded by negativity, fear, annoyance, and a lot of other deep emotions, we all should take out some time and put in efforts to make yourself and the person you love, ecstatic and gratified in any way possible.

For the couples who don't live together, arranging a perfect proposal may turn out to be out of your depth but it's not impossible. Whatever ideas we've mentioned for the ones who live together, you can use them too. It will take a lot of effort but the results will be mesmerizing.