Best Pride Themed Gift Ideas 2023

a girl holding gifts depicting gifts for pride month

Pride month is ongoing and most of us are concentrating on pride themed gift ideas. So, before we head into the actual topic, let us brush on a little about the history and concept of the Pride month.


What is PRIDE?

PRIDE is an elemental abbreviation for Personal Rights in Defense and Education. This organization was primarily formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1996. PRIDE is about people gathering together to show and celebrate the rights of the LGBTQ community.


"picture of a hand holding the pride flag"



What is PRIDE month?

LGBT pride refers to promoting several factors such as self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals as a social group. The month of June is referred to as Pride month. Thus, the world celebrates Pride month every year during June, dedicated to the LGBTQ community and their rights towards equality and dignity.


pride themed heart descripting pride month


Why do we celebrate PRIDE month?

LGBT Pride month occurs in the US to commemorate the Stonewall riots at the end of June 1969. It is a predominant outlook celebrated towards the opposition of shame and social stigma and fights for LGBT rights. Pride events are organized during June to recognize the impact of the LGBTQ community on our society.


"people walking in a pride month rally"


Cute pride themed gift ideas to make your PRIDE month special:

We all feel like gifting our near and dear ones with something cute during the month of Pride, which would make them feel special. However, among multiple pieces and options available, we all tend to get confused about what to purchase and what not. So, to ease through the process, here are some top picks you should consider for choosing a gift:


1. Pride Cake

This is one of the easiest picks yet one of the most impactful choices for your gift for Pride month. Be it a party or a donation campaign; this frosted confection would be the perfect thing to gift. Anything themed in the shades of a rainbow looks like a gift that is good-to-go. This pride-themed cake is the best addition to a party hosted during pride month. As we know, pride rallies and campaigns are pretty famous, so it can be one of the essential elements in such a campaign held for promoting pride.


rainbow themed cake for pride month


2. Checkboard Slip-on

Who would not be delighted to receive a pair of rainbow checkerboard slip-on? Check boards being a prevalent and trendy pattern, are admired in almost every other add-on in our hit-list. So, who on earth will possibly say a no to a pair of cute and fancy checkboard slip-on? They are just attractive enough and thus are among the best ideas you can grab on for your pride-themed gift plans.


pride themed slip on with checkerboard pattern


3. Rainbow Butterfly Charm Necklace

If you are looking for some aesthetic choice for planning your pride-themed gift, which is cute and fashionable at the same time, then a rainbow butterfly charm necklace is the exact pick for you. This necklace is a classic “chef’s kiss” for pride and beyond. It would suit the best in your collection for pride-themed accessories.


butterfly charm necklace of rainbow color


4. Pride Face Mask

Of course, how can someone possibly forget about the new normal? A face mask is among the basic necessity for everyone these days. Thus, what can be better than getting a gift of a rainbow-colored face mask that shows off the pride theme? From attending rallies and parades to running basic errands, a face mask is a must because safety comes first! So, the easiest yet the best choice as a gift for pride month would be a pride-themed face mask.


surgical mask with a pride heart


5. Rainbow Tee

This is a classic yet brilliant and impactful choice. One cannot possibly go wrong with a classic rainbow-adorned T-shirt. Be it wearing to a pride meeting or going out for an outdoor campaign; this class tee is your everyday handy. Wear with any pair of bottoms you are comfortable with, and there is no way you fail to stand out in this outfit.


pride themed tee shirt showing rainbow colors


6. Pride Heart Mug

A mug is an essential item for almost all average-aged people nowadays because whose mind functions without an average dose of caffeine must be God. A mug flaunting a cute little heart in rainbow colors is more than enough to brighten up your mornings.


a black mug with two pride hearts


7. Rainbow Bouquet

When it comes to packing on a gift for any special event, what stands out to be a classic and traditional choice? - yes, a bunch of fresh and colorful roses. A bouquet filled with rainbow-colored roses is enough on its own to wish someone happy Pride.


bouquet of rainbow colored roses


8. Love is Love Bracelets Sets

Beaded bracelets are a fantastic and fashionable way to show off the pride theme. These beaded bracelets portraying the "Love Is Love" theme are an excellent and chic fashion choice as a gift for pride month. Bracelets are among the most fabulous accessories to pull over, so send some smiles along with this love is love bracelets.


beaded bracelets determining the love is love theme


9. Pride heart brookie cake

If you are a cake and cookie fan, this is precisely for you. A pride heart brookie cake will surely make you feel like you are tasting the rainbow. After all, what can be better than a freshly baked brownie-meets-cookie cake which is colorful and decadent? It is a perfect snack for your parties hosted on the pride theme.


a heart shaped brookie cake in the pride theme


10. Denim jacket-light wash with a sequin heart

People who do not love denim jackets are hard to find. During the occasion of pride month, spread love and joy with this bedazzled denim jacket. Wear them over any of your pride-themed tees and pair them with one of your comfy lowers, and you are ready to steal the show for the campaign or the party you are heading on to.


"light wash denim jacket with a pride themed heart"


11. Pride tie-dye spirit jersey

Tie-dyes are the new hype. Pair, a common tie-dye with any of your, lowers, and you are already looking stunning and pretty cool. People are crazy over these tie-dye jerseys, and that is why this is quite a preferable option while choosing a gift. A pride-themed tie-dye jersey would be an adorable gift for your special ones during pride month.


"tie dye spirit jerseys flaunting the pride colors"


12. Pride all purpose ankle socks

Socks are necessary for all of us for them being a basic clothing need. A pair of comfy socks glued with the shades of the rainbow is sure worth a purchase for your pride collection.


"pride themed ankle socks suitable for all purposes"


13. Pride bar

Snacks are the fundamental element on our checklist to drag in for a campaign tour or roadside rally. While enjoying parties, we all look for a perfect snack. What can be a better snack on a pride-themed occasion other than a pride bar itself? You should never wrap up a gift box meant for pride month without putting a pride bar in it. A pride bar is a bar of dark chocolate with nuts and sea salt. The colorful wrappers are what attract one in the first place. However, once opened, it can never be a disappointment because chocolate haters are scarce.


"pride bar snacks for party"


14. Rainbow checker ring

You cannot be blamed if you fawn over this exclusive design of ring made up, keeping in mind the pride theme. Checker patterns are pretty trendy these days, and people are crazy over accessories designed in this pattern. For the occasion of Pride month, this can be one of the best things to gift. You cannot deny that this is bound to put on a smile on everyone's face irrespective of their gender. This rainbow checker ring can be worn with Pride by all genders and flaunted along with any pride-themed outfit they choose to pull over.

rainbow colored checker patterned ring"


15. Love-wins phone strap

Beaded phone charms are so in the hype in recent days. So, what can be better if you customize and design a pride-themed beaded phone strap? This way, one can easily add a bit of pride to their ordinary phone accessories collection. A phone strap flaunting rainbow-colored beads and letters saying "Love wins" is such an incredible way of gifting your friends and family something they would love.


beaded phone charm in rainbow colors saying LOVE WINS


16. Trans symbol charm

This solid beautiful charm flaunting the trans symbol is a pretty good choice as a gift. One can easily add this to a necklace or a pair of earrings. With this tiny piece in your pride-themed accessories collection, you can never go wrong. Pullover any lovely outfit of your choice and add this little extraordinary accessory, and you are ready to turn heads. When this piece dangles down your bracelet, earring, or your necklace, it adds pride to your ordinary piece of ornament and enhances its effect as a whole.


silver symbol charm depicting the trans symbol 


17. Queer print

A queer print is a perfect print, and it would prove to be one of the cutest additions to any home. One can usually create a pride-themed art gallery primarily focusing on this print. It, as a gift, would surely bring smiles to the face of the receivers.

"a printed all purpose wall hanging saying QUEER"


18. Rainbow revolution book

Nothing can be better than gifting your bookaholic friend an epic coffee table book based on a pride theme. While jumbling down ways to make our gifts extraordinary, we forget the simple and basic things that can be leveled up just by some thought. For example, a pride-themed book is one of the most important choices for a gift, but it is bound to leave an impact because a gifted book has never broken hearts. There are plenty of books that focus on the unsung struggles of the people forming the LGBTQ Community and the history of the Pride Movement. "Rainbow Revolution" by Magnus Hastings is one of many of them that celebrate the history of the LGBTQ community. This book also features photos captured by the renowned photographer Magnus Hastings. Summing up, a great book can never go wrong as a gift choice.


a pride themed book which focuses on rainbow revolution by Magnus Hastings


19. Pride earrings

When it comes to accessories featuring the pride theme, earrings are a must. There are a plethora of styles you can try featuring in an earring for turning it into a pride-themed one. Designs showcasing fags and symbols of identities such as bisexual, trans, non-binary, asexual, and intersex pride are more than just perfect to be flaunted through earrings.


earrings flaunting the rainbow frame and pride colors


20. Rainbow pop up card

Nothing can beat the power and emotional attachment that can be sent through a DIY gift. A handmade card is among the simplest yet the best ways to pack up an element for a gift. This cheery rainbow pop-up card is a gift in itself. Once unfolded, your friend will be greeted with a bright rainbow arch laser-cut clouds. Pair it with heartfelt sentiment, and it would surely be a gift to remember.


 ä pride themed DIY card which unfolds a rainbow design, once opened"


Parades and events regarding the LGBTQ community are what June is notable for. During this time, shopping for cute gifts is a must. Items flaunting the pride flag are not just about the flags or banner anymore. There are a plethora of options available exhibiting the pride-themed items. Festive accessories and gourmet food items constituting the pride theme and showy colors can bring a smile to uncountable faces when packed in the form of a gift. Live colorfully, stand up as allies and express your support and love towards the LGBTQ community by choosing some exquisite items just as referred above.


TL;DR: Key takeaways from the article:

The article mainly constitutes primary information regarding Pride Month and fundamental ideas to help one while choosing a particular gift for Pride Month. June is grandly celebrated as Pride Month when several events are organized, keeping the Pride theme in concern. It is generally not a ceremony of exchanging gifts. But one does not necessarily need a particular occasion to pack a cute gift and spread smiles. So, if it is already the beginning of Pride Month, then why not pack a gift regarding the same? This article would quickly turn to a live saver for one who is struggling with choices for gifts. These cute ideas will surely help you to design a pride-themed gift box for your friends and family. These unique ideas to customize essential gift items into pride-themed ones will surely help you celebrate and spread love.