Best Places to Hide the Ring Before Proposing

box with a sparkling engagement ring


The time has finally come where you ask the love of your life to finally be with you for the rest of your lives. 

If you have purchased the ring and you are ready to pop the question, you have come to the right place, we will guide you to where you can hide the ring and take your partner by surprise.

 Recent studies show that almost 40% of the people are taken by surprise, but over half of the individuals knew the proposal was coming but exactly wasn’t sure when it was coming. 

 If you live with your partner, this can be the worst nightmare but don’t worry, here are some tips where you can hide it and how to hide the ring until you’re ready to go down on one knee.


Hiding it in your house-

outside of the house with a beautiful porch

If you are not ready just yet and want to take some time to sink in the feeling, you have to find a place where you can hide the ring in your house. Ultimately, you know your house the best. No matter which spot you choose, make sure the ring is completely camouflaged.


Off-Season Cupboard

a shelf on which there are a lot of clothes

One of the first places that draw attention is the clothes you don’t wear for a long time. This can be your off-season cupboard. The box can be kept in some pocket of your coats or jackets, under the pile of clothes, or even in a hidden drawer.


Underwear Drawer

picture of an underwear drawer

One of the main benefits of this place is that no girl will ever go through your underwear drawer. So, that is one of my top favorite places to hide the ring. But make sure you tell no one so that it doesn’t spiral around your friends and makes its way to your partner.


Box of Presents

thoughtful proposal in a bath bomb with a sparkling ring

Photo Credits- Pinterest

It is one of the easiest ways to hide the ring box but at the same time very special as well. You can even surprise her by giving her a few small gifts and do the grand reveal by putting it in a big box with several small boxes. You can even store it in a bath bomb so that when it dissolves in the bath, you see the beautiful sparkling ring. Make sure to store it in a plastic bubble, so it does not get dirty and stays safe.



engagement ring with a sticky note inside of a necklace

Did you hear about a story that a girl was wearing her engagement ring for the longest time and still didn’t know that she had it? Her lover had given her a necklace and if you could open it, there was a ring inside it. But one of the downfalls can be that the necklace should be kept safe and be there at the time that you propose. So here is another tip, but you have to be careful with it.


High Shelf

tall and a big shelf with books and decorative elements

One of the best places is hiding it on a high shelf, in a guest room, or somewhere where your partner cannot reach it. Also, it is quite important to store it in something safe and so that it protects from the dust or the danger of falling and getting the attention of your partner.


With a Family Member or a Friend

picture of an old and smiling couple

If you are not quite comfortable in hiding the ring at your own house, you can store it with someone who you trust and can make sure the secret is concealed before it gets revealed. This can save you from acting nervous around your partner and mistakenly blurting out the truth to your partner. But make sure that they are in town when you ask the question because you don’t want a proposal without a ring, right 

Inside the pillow covers

There are numerous pillows in the house used for the aesthetic appeal of the interior. You can hide the ring box in one of the pillow covers which is not used often. Your partner will have no idea that there is a beautiful piece of future hiding in the pillows that are used as a showpiece.

Pillow covers to hide the ring

The least favorite book 

If you have a library at home then this option is perfect for you to hide the ring. Pick up the least favorite book of your partner. Then stick the ring in the middle of the book. You want to ensure that the book has more than five hundred pages. So, the ring isn’t embossed and hides perfectly in the book.

Ring hidden in the book

Silicone Ice Tray

This idea will work out if your partner doesn’t like ice. Put the ring in the silicone ice tray, fill the water, and freeze it. Your partner will have no idea that an ice cube contains a ring. Then on the day of the proposal put that ice cube with the ring in your partner’s drink. As soon as the ice cube will melt the ring will pop out and take your partner by surprise.

Diamond shaped silicone ice tray

The pocket of the suit you plan to wear

This idea has dual benefits. Obviously, if you wear suits on a regular basis, this won’t work for you. But if you wear suits on rare occasions then my friend, this is the best place to hide the engagement ring. Hide the ring in the inner pocket of the blazer or coat you plan to wear while proposing. This idea will also ensure you don’t forget the ring in a hurry.

Hide the ring in the pocket of your blazer


Here is also a list on how to hide the ring, when the time comes and you are just ready to pop the question –

scary proposal on top of a mountain cliff while sun is setting


Wear Loose Clothing

open ring box on top of a shoe with a ring

You don’t want your partner to see the ring or even get the slightest hint before you propose. The easiest way to conceal the ring box is by wearing loose clothing like a jacket, sweatshirt, etc. You can even hide the ring box in your socks, provided you wear loose long pants.

But most importantly make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing.


Bring a prop

a romantic picnic in a garden

If you are a lady popping the question, it can be quite easy for you. You can store it in your purse and you are good to go. But if you are a gentleman, it can be quite a task.

Plan a date that can have you carry a bag in which you can store the ring safely. Like going on a picnic, you have to carry a food basket so you can store it there.


Ditch the box

a ring set on top of beautiful roses

The box can be quite bulky and can make it quite hard to hide it from your soon to-. Carrying the ring itself can be quite risky because it might fall out of your pocket, without you noticing. But if you can handle it and keep the ring secure, you will be just fine and without any suspicion.


Your pet's collar

a cute photo of a ring on top of the nose of a dog

Didn’t consider this option? Well don’t worry, not a lot of people might think of this first but it can be very adorable. There are so many creative ways that you can incorporate your pet in one of the biggest moments of your life. You can wrap it in his collar, decorate it with ribbons and balloons, or even train him to get the ring when you are down on your knee.


Ultimately, choosing the place where to hide the ring is up to your discretion. The number thing should be is that it is safe and not under the reach of your partner. Until it is finally placed on your partner’s finger to commemorate your love for each other.

 Good luck. I’m sure they’ll be surprised and love whatever you do. Check out this article- The Best Quarantine Proposal Ideas, do give it a read to calm your nerves!