Best honeymoon destinations across the world

a honeymooning couple

Honeymoon is a much sought-after experience after one’s marriage. Of course, there is the excitement of visiting new places, but there is also the joy of getting to live with your partner for perhaps the first time in life, and getting to know your significant other better. And after all the hectic schedules and running around during the wedding ceremonies, a honeymoon is well-deserved. 

Moreover, a honeymoon is a perfect time to help the newlywed couple to take things a bit slow before they finally dive once again into their normal routine, but now with added responsibilities. For those who have had an arranged marriage, a honeymoon will allow them to know their partner much better and spend some quality time. On the other side, even if you have been dating for quite some time now, traveling together will definitely rekindle the passion, and teach you a thing or two which you never knew about your partner. 

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And for all traveler lovers and adventure enthusiasts, honeymoons are also a great way to set foot on new and unseen places, and explore some amazing destinations, their food, cultures, attractions, architecture, and so much more! After all, honeymoons come only once in a lifetime and are the perfect occasion to indulge in a trip that you normally would not spend so much on.

So whether you prefer the most scenic beaches with their azure blue waters or the lofty mountain peaks with their chilly winds, we have got you covered. There is something or the other which will win your heart, and make your honeymoon the best trip of your life. Listed for you are some of the best honeymoon destinations across the globe, to make your experience a delightful and memorable one.



beach at Indonesia


Who does not think of Indonesia when the word honeymoon is mentioned! This is precisely what brings Indonesia to the top of the list.

The place has a really exotic appeal to it which makes it every honeymooner’s favorite, and the place literally exudes charm and luxury. From Bali to Java, and from Lombok to Sumba; you would run out of days, but not of places to explore when in Indonesia. The untouched atmosphere with the lofty trees and local villages make for an adventurous trip, and the water and adventure sports only add to the adrenaline rush.

Even the most laidback of honeymoons are imbued with energy and passion in Indonesia. This is one place you should definitely visit for your honeymoon, and maybe once again for an anniversary.



scenic views in Greece


With its rich and vibrant history, amazing food, and scenic locations, Greece is surely one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. From private cave-like pools to pristine beaches, and from white walls to local taverns; you will find a little bit of everything at this wonderful place. For those who love history and architecture, this is one of the must-visit places. Even food lovers have reasons to rejoice since Greek cuisine is touted to be one of the best in the world.

The lesser-known islands of Greece make for a better romantic getaway than the popular ones, but the final choice is completely yours. The scenes that you will witness will seem to be almost unreal, out of a movie; and that is what makes the place so special.


Puglia, Italy

streets of Puglia


Though all of Italy is oh-so scenic and wonderful, Puglia does deserve a special mention for being as close to perfect and surreal as possible. You would not even feel that you are in a real place when you set foot in Puglia first. This scenic location makes for a perfect honeymoon place at any time of the year. Additionally, it is home to some of the best beaches in Italy, which will offer you both luxury and ambiance at the same time. And when the beaches here get too crowded, you can always escape to the cliffs for some privacy.

If you really want to splurge, feel free to book a luxury resort and spend the day in private pools and spas. The local produce of the place is also renowned all around the world, so do indulge in the local cuisine there. You will have a lot of Mediterranean options to choose from, but stick to pasta if you do not want to experiment too much!


The Maldives

couple on a beach in Maldives, sunset in Maldives


The Maldives is a small group of islands that are the dream honeymoon destination for a lot of couples. Especially for those who are totally obsessed with the beach, there can possibly be no better place than the Maldives. The clear white sands and the crystal clear waters are to die for, and the weather only complements the beauty of the place. The sunsets will make your heart melt, and make sure that your trip is full of lots of romance and passion.

A lot of hotels and private resorts have popped up on the island, so make sure you research well before making the booking. And if you are an adventure junkie, try out the myriad of water sports that are available here. The Maldives is sure to give you memories for a lifetime, so do consider this as a serious option.


Zambia, South Africa

zambia Victoria Falls view


Nature and animal lovers will definitely love this unconventional honeymoon destination. Zambia is counted as one of the very few truly wild locales that still exists out there, and is home to some of the most diverse wildlife populations of the world. The landscape here is completely authentic, and from lions to elephants, you will be able to sight a lot of animals in their natural habitat, roaming around majestically. In fact, Zambia is the best place to enjoy one of the most luxurious safaris all over the globe.

You can get as adventurous as you want to, and even opt to sleep under the stars. Sighting the majestic Victoria Falls is another major highlight of the trip to this magical land. Also, look out for other activities like freshwater fishing and canoeing to have some fun times.


Choosing a honeymoon destination can be a really tough task, especially when you have so many destinations to choose from. A good way to approach the problem would be to first evaluate the kind of experience that you want to have, and then go on to explore options and locations that can serve those needs. Of course, factors like the time that you have on hand, your budget, visa, etc. also play a critical role here, so make sure that you keep those in mind. There are also a lot of tour operators and travel agencies that will be happy to customize your honeymoon package for you, so do check those out as well.

And once everything is in order, make sure that you have a blast at your honeymoon. Pack well, carry lots of sunscreens if you are planning to visit the beach, or woolens if you are hitting up the mountains; and of course, do not forget your camera. Click endless photos, sample the local cuisine, be a part of the local festivities; and create memories that will last with you for a lifetime!