Best Couple Photoshoot Ideas

Guy carrying a girl on his back.



Pictures are one of the best ways to stockpile the best moments of your life, with you forever and provide you with the joy of reliving those moments anywhere and anytime. Especially when it’s about your relationship, you always wish to capture the best moments of your whole journey as a couple. To all the lovely couples out there, if you are willing to spend some quality time in making some memories with your partner, have a look at these 10 different ideas for an ultimate couple photoshoot, which are categorized on the basis of  different types of couples.



1. Animal lovers make a perfect 'Meant for each other couple'

couple holding a puppy

If your partner loves to be around animals as much as you do, there’s nothing better than this. You can get a cute photoshoot done with your pet. For the location, you can literally pick any of your preferred spots. As long as you have a pet with you, the pictures are going to be perfect anyway. Remember to get your pet dressed up too. Make it wear a little bow, a t-shirt, etc. For yourselves, you both can go with any kind of outfit either formal or informal.Try different poses with your pet such as holding it, letting it run, and just keep it natural.



2. Isn't a romantic photoshoot mandatory?

Romantic couple on beach

Beaches and mountains are some of the best spots for getting a romantic photoshoot done. It’s completely up to you if you want to keep your outfits light and easy or want to go with some formal outfits such as heavy gowns for women and suits for men. To get some fascinating pictures, you both can coordinate the color scheme of the outfits. There are tons of different poses you can try. 

Below is a  video link which can use for figuring out the different couple poses



3. Get lost in adventure

Man with a hat kissing a girl in front of ferris wheel

If you both are adventurous, this idea is just for you. Plan out a day for trekking and get clicked throughout your trek, at different locations.Wear comfortable clothes for this shoot.  You can also go for long drives and capture yourselves throughout. Also, if you’re a couple who loves attending fairs which have different food stalls and some exciting rides, you can plan a photoshoot for that day too. If that fair will have a giant wheel, a picture on it or in front it, is a must to have.



4. Being a green panther isn't that boring

couple laying on the grass

If you have an immense love for nature, go create some great memories with your favorite green spots. Be it a garden, forest, any place which has greenery around can turn out to be an amazing spot to get a couple photoshoot done. If you both love rain, you can plan a day on which it might rain, get out of the house and get some romantic pictures clicked while enjoying the rainfall. Try to wear outfits which are in white or light soothing color because it will make your pictures turn out beautiful. The only way of making the shoot a success, is to live those moments for real. 



5. Jump in and lose yourself

couple enjoying in swimming pool

This is for the couple who loves being in the water. Underwater photo shoots are trending these days. If you plan to do such a shoot, you should first visit a swimming pool and attempt to try if you and your partner can stay underwater for enough time to get clicked. Also, for the shoot it is mostly advised to wear flowy outfits because that gives a great effect in the pictures.For such shoots, you will have to hire a professional photographer too.

Don’t wear too many accessories because it will be difficult for you to manage everything in the water. You can use the given video link for reference to photography ideas :



6. Clubs aren't just meant for dancing

Couple dancing in a club, couple dancing in a pub

If you’re a party animal kind of a couple, what better place than a club will you find to get a glam photoshoot done? Choose any club you like. When it comes to dressing up, it’s not obligatory to wear glam outfits for clubbing every time. Choose whatever you feel is comfortable for yourself. After all you’re going to break the floor with your moves. Have a crazy dance session. To make the  shoot more fun, you can use various props such as masks, signboards, etc. If you don’t want to buy them, you can also make them at home. There are a lot of tutorials available for this. Here’s one of them :



7. When in doubt, go for an ethnic wear

Couple in ethnic posing for the camera, boy looking towards a girl in ethnic wear


Today, the majority of people have indulged in the western culture. Most of the people prefer western outfits over ethnic wear. Especially when it comes to dressing up for a photoshoot. But when you can’t decide what exactly you should wear, go for an ethnic outfit. Women can dress up using traditional accessories and outfits. Same goes for the men too. In addition to this, choosing cultural locations such as monuments, forts, temples, etc. will help you to give the pictures a whole traditional vibe. Be creative!



8. A photoshoot ending up being a proposal

boy holding ring for surprise proposal


If you have not heard about this before, this is how it goes. If you are planning to propose to your partner, this can be an amazing way to do that. All you have to do is convince your partner for a random photoshoot. Get the location decorated with flowers, balloons, whine for the after proposal party, etc. Surprise him/her with the proposal in the end or in the middle of the photoshoot. To make it more special, you can even invite some of your close people to come after the shoot is done. There you go! You will capture one of the best moments of your life.

You can take help from the video link provided, to plan such photoshoot :



9. Don't waste your money on hiring photographers

A black camera in pink background

If you own a camera, you really don’t need to hire a photographer for the shoot unless it’s for a very big occasion. You can ask any of your known people to help you with the shoot. But in case you don’t own a camera, try contacting your friends and family if they own one. In case you don’t find anyone to help you, then you can think about hiring a photographer.

Also, if you’re planning to do the photoshoot without hiring a photographer you can take help from the video below.



10. How can we forget the Lockdown?

A couple hugging beside a window, boy kissing forehead of a girl beside window

You can’t do all this while being caught in your houses, in this lockdown. But here’s how you can still enjoy getting pictures clicked. If you live together, dress up at your home and find some spots where you can get clicked. If you don’t own a camera, use your smartphone. You can also choose to shoot for different themes such as Halloween, Christmas, or any other you wish to. For the props, you can refer to the video provided before. It really doesn’t matter what you do these days and how you do it, as long as it keeps you happy.

 Fight the pandemic and create some memories.

Here’s video you can refer to for the shoot :



So, these are some different ideas that you can use for getting some great moments stored with you forever. 

Good Luck!