​​​​​​​Best apps for couples in a long-distance relationship

A couple in long distance relation


A huge aspect of long-distance relationships is communication. In fact, the number one reason why couples fear long-distance relationships so much is because it greatly hampers communication, and brings distance between the two. Luckily, we live in modern times, and we have our smartphones with us to deal with all the stress.

And honestly, mobile phones are a boon when it comes to long-distance relationships. And with an array of apps available to help all those who are struggling with long-distance, things have become a little easier. From apps that ease communication to apps that offer you ways to maintain the intimacy, there is sure to be some or the other app to make your LDR a bit easier!




Touchnote app

This app will surely help you to keep the communication going, and make sure that talks don’t become monotonous. Through the app, you can create digital postcards, which can then be printed into actual postcards and sent to your partner. While everyone talks over Whatsapp and Instagram DMs, there is surely something incomparable about receiving actual mail.




Between App

The app Between has been designed to facilitate 100 percent safe and personal communication between you and your partner. Everything on the app is password protected and encrypted. You can even send messages which you don’t want to save on your device, and the app even lets you create a secret photo album to save all those precious photos and memories.




Nuji App

Through Nujj, you can communicate with your partner as if there is no physical distance between you two. Simply shake your phone when you want to show some love, and your partner’s phone will vibrate to tell them that you are missing them. Nujj is definitely an excellent way to remind your partner that you are thinking of them!



LokLok app

LokLok is a beautiful app that will make you two feel so much closer to each other. The phone lock screen of you and your partner will be a shared whiteboard when using the app. You can leave behind notes, doodles and photos for your significant other to see when they check their phones. So now the two of you can always stay in sync.



My Love

My love app

This simple app lets you count for how many days or months you have been in a relationship with your partner. So now when the distance is too much to bear, you can simply open the app and remind yourself of how you have already lived through so many days of distance. And that you can surely brave the times ahead!




Couple app

Through this app for those in a long-distance relationship, you and your partner can contribute to the same timelines. You two can also share calendars, sketch together in real-time using the Live Sketch feature, and feel the touch of your loved one through Thumbkiss. Trust us; this app is the savior when you are dying to hold your partner’s hands and the distance is just too much.




Hopper App

Half of the time in an LDR is spent looking at the airfares, waiting for them to come down so that you can finally pay a visit to your partner. Hopper solves this issue for you, by keeping tabs on the prices of flights from your destination to your partner’s. It notifies you whenever there is a price drop, so you no longer risk missing out that flight!




Rabb.It app

We totally understand what it is like to not have watched a movie with your partner for what seems to be forever. Thanks to Rabb.it, you no longer have to juggle between Skype and Netflix, since the app lets you watch movies while video chatting!



Happy Couple

Happy Couple

This quiz gaming app is a good way for couples to learn more about each other. The daily quiz on the app features a set of ten new questions every day, which will help you to learn new things about your partner even when you are miles apart. At the same time, the app is not too time-consuming, though it gives you plenty of we-time with your partner.




Honi App

The app has been created especially for couples in a long-distance relationship and features a series of interesting dares and challenges. There are over 500 challenges on the app, with different levels of difficulty for a truly unique date night.  While some challenges can be really easy, others can be quite challenging and fun. Or you could even customize a challenge based on your relationship!

 Agreed that long distance can be one of the most challenging phases of your relationship, but let these apps make life a little easier for you!