Benefits of sex in marriage and its importance

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As a relationship grows older and life’s reality and struggles start to hit hard, intimacy and sexual experiences between partners often start to reduce. Stress and tensions take over, and physical intimacy takes a backseat. 

The result?

Unhappy relationships and sad marriages, where there is no spark left, and reigniting it is more difficult than giving up. 

Agree or not, sex is a really, really important part of any relationship. There are couples and relations where partners mutually agree to not indulge in sexual relations, perhaps because they want to wait before they officially tie the knot, or perhaps because they are asexual. Not to say that these relations are in any way less intimate or genuine than others, but should you decide to have sex in your relation, understand that it will play a critical part. 

Having sex as well as discussing it with your partner is a great way to bond and feel closer to one another. Sex comes with an array of emotional and physical benefits. Sex makes you feel active, burns a lot of calories, and increases immunity; and at the same time, makes you feel good about yourself and keeps you happy and cheerful all day long. And then, of course, good sex makes sure that you take care of the needs of your partner (and vice-versa) and strengthens your bond. After all, you trusting someone to see you with all your imperfections and love you anyway is a major milestone and makes the relationship deeper and more secure. 


Here are the top five reasons why maintaining sex in your relationship should be of utmost importance!


It is hard to ignore the slew of physical benefits that sex brings

Let us start with the very obvious. Sex helps to burn fat and calories, in turn giving you a healthier lifestyle. Having regular sex also improves your immunity, keeping you away from diseases, cough, and cold. Being sexually active has also proven to reduce a lot of physical pain, such as cramps and period pain in women. Regular sex helps bring a lighter period that ends more quickly, and now who would not want that!

In men, experiencing orgasms while having sex greatly reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

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It will give you both a good night’s sleep

Did you know that post-sex, your body actually sleeps much more comfortably? Sex releases a hormone called prolactin when you orgasm, which in turn helps the body to get a more restful sleep as compared to a normal day. And this is why you sleep deeply after having had sex. Also, this gives your body more time in the REM stage, helping your mind and body to re-energize better. 

The bottom line? Sex increases your mental wellbeing, and this is reason enough to go get some action tonight. 

What is more! As per studies, those who sleep while touching their partner experience greater relationship happiness than those who don’t. 

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Sex helps you bond better

The intimacy that you experience while having sex for sure extends beyond the bedroom too. For many, sex is much more than just physical stimulation and pleasure, rather it is a way of expressing your love and feelings for the other person. Sex, then, becomes a way of showcasing your love and commitment to your better half. 

Overall too, sex increases the level of satisfaction in a relationship. And the happier you are with each other, the less you pick up fights and quarrels. Sex also releases brain chemicals, including endorphins that reduce feelings of depression and oxytocin, which eases stress and makes relations stronger. 

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It rekindles the romance and spark

Imagine someone taking out time from their busy schedule just to be with you! Now, how special would that make you feel? In the era that we live in today, we are burdened with responsibilities, commitments, and to-do lists. And all of this takes a toll on your love life, especially when you are in a long-term commitment because you start to take the other person for granted and focus on more material aspects of your life. 

Sex comes to the rescue in times like this, because it helps you to tell your partner about how much they mean to you, without you actually saying it. When despite a heavy schedule, you bond with one another, your relationship becomes stronger. Not only do you then grow as a couple, but you also fall in love with each other more and more. 

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Did you know that ‘maintenance sex’ is an actual thing?

Now, this is something that most people are unaware of. Maintenance sex. It just simply means having sex just for the sake of it, even when you don’t really feel like having it. Sounds weird, right? Read on and we will convince you otherwise. 

In any mature adult romantic relation, it is rare to find a match where the sexual drive of both partners is the same. More often than not, one partner has more libido than the other. Thus, while one partner is more than eager to have sex and try out something new in the bedroom, the other one finds all of this too time-consuming and tiring. What happens then is that one partner feels like sex is a burden, and the other feels guilty for having wanted sex in the first place. This is not a good place to be in and forms the root for contention in the future. 

To make up for this difference in libidos, maintenance sex is important. It makes both the partners feel satisfied and is worth putting the effort in, for a successful and long relationship. 

 Lesson learned. Sex plays a critical role in any relationship, and it is time that you take out some time to have sex. Try maintaining the spark by planning out date nights, taking care of one another, and having open and transparent communication about your wants and needs. And watch your relationship grow and bloom like never before.