Bali - A to Z Travel Guide For Your Honeymoon!

The Heaven on Earth Bali


Do you love beaches, and your soulmate loves mountains? Are you guys not able to decide where to go for your honeymoon? Is this honeymoon place finalizing leading to a fight? Then you shall leave your worries aside and just read ahead. Because BeMyCharm brings you an A to Z travel guide to a place that has mountains, beaches, forests, and hills. You must have read the title. Yes, I am talking about this heaven on earth - BALI!


Best Time to Visit

Bali is an island paradise located in Indonesia. It is open to tourists all around the year. But the best time to visit is between April to October. The island witnesses only two seasons; one is the rainy season and, the other is the dry season. If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place, you should visit in the dry season. 

The temperature in Bali remains constant but, the humidity keeps on changing. If you have frizzy hair or oily skin, it is necessary to carry all your skin and hair care products. The temperature is mostly between 80F to 90F. Though, it may get a bit chilly at night. 

The distance from Delhi to Bali is more than 5000 km. Though there are cruises available, it requires a lot of time investment. Therefore, flights are the most convenient means of travel,


Basic Requirements 

Bali is one of the most preferred destinations among couples for honeymoon. There are many reasons to love this place but, one of the main reasons is fewer requirements. If you are an Indian and want to travel to Bali for 30 days or less, the only thing you require is a valid passport.

If your stay is more than 60 days, then the only further requirement is a visa on arrival. So when you reach there, you will have to apply for a visa on arrival. Another necessary thing to keep in mind is an active passport. If your passport is expired, you won't be allowed to board the plane.


Places to Visit in Bali

1. Pura Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is one of the most popular places to visit. The main attraction of this place is the Tanah Lot rock and temple. The meaning of Tanha Lot is a piece of land in the sea which perfectly resembles this location. The picturesque view and beautiful scenery will blow your mind away. 

The Pura temple in Tanah Lot is a marvelous piece of natural architecture. Dang Hyang, the famous monk, built this temple. If you want to experience Balinese culture, visit Tanah Lot during the Odalan festival.


2. UluWatu

Just like the name, the place is full of mystery. The shore side of UluWatu is one the best coastline for water sports like surfing. Bali is known for its beaches and mountains but, it also has glorious temples. Another temple that is famous in Bali is Pura UluWatu Temple. The main attraction of this temple is the traditional Kecak Dance of Bali

It is a firelight and dance show that portrays the story of Shri Ram. Some of the Bali traditions are associated with Hindu mythology. Hence, you will find many visual treats related to Hinduism. 


3. Mount Batur

If you and your soulmate are excited about mountains, then this is a must-visit place. The local name of Mount Batur is Gunung Batur. It is one of the world's very few active volcanoes left. The volcano last exploded in 2000. 

There are various safe trekking trails to explore Mount Batur. Along with that, Mount Batur is surrounded by majestic Lake Batur that has a splendid photographic view. UNESCO has declared Mount Batur as a geological site to prevent the natural environment.


4. Nusa Penida

Are you a beach lover? Then this island has to be at the top of your bucket list. It is the third place to visit on Nusa Islands. Often tourists leave this island unvisited. And this is the main reason to visit Nusa Penida. With amazing beaches like Atuh Beach, Crystal Bay Beach, Kelingking Beach, and Broken Beach, Nusa Penida is the ultimate place for beach lovers. 

It also has waterfalls as Seganing falls and Peguyangan falls that enriches the beauty of the island. Other important sites that need to be visited include Goa Giri Putri Temple, T-Rex Cliff, Manta Bay, Angel's Billabong, and Rumah Pohon.


5. Ubud

Ubud is one of the excellent cities. You have to explore Ubud if you are visiting Bali. It is the first vegetarian city in the world. Everything served in Ubud is made from plants. You would at least need two days to see the magic of Ubud. 

The best things to do in Ubud include visiting Monkey Forest, Tegalalang rice terrace, Goa Gajah - the elephant caves, Puri Saren Agung - The Royal Palace, Tegenungan Waterfall, and Ubud Art Market, to name a few.


6. Seminyak 

Seminyak area is a modern and upgraded place in Bali. The Government has developed this area to attract tourists. Semiyank is famous for its breathtaking blue water beaches. You want to relax and take a day off from all the happening places of Bali, then Seminyak is the place for you. 

Seminyak Beach, Double Six Beach, Echo Beach and, Berawa Beach are the best beaches in this area. You and your partner can also go to Balinese cooking classes and take couple's massages while you are relaxing in Seminyak.


7. More Beautiful Places in Bali

Bali is filled with beautiful places in every corner. Other amazing cities include Denpasar, Kuta, Canggu, Umalas, and Jimbaran. Bali is one such place in the world that has everything. You can have a relaxing day along with enjoying energetic activities. And that is the beauty of Bali.


Fun Activities to pump your trip!

1. Bali Swing

Bali Swing is one of the most popular activities in the entire world. If you love swings and aren't afraid of heights, then my friend Bali swing is the perfect activity for you. The swing is on the cliff, and it moves down towards the valley with a beautiful view.


2. Experience the fauna

This place has a blessing of a variety of fauna residing in that area. And to preserve this, the government has taken numerous steps. If you are an animal lover, it has a variety of safaris to offer. From bird sanctuary safari to Ubud's Monkey Forest, these activities are for you.


3. Miscellaneous Activities

Bali has many things to do and explore. From water activities to trek to leisure activities, it has everything. Here is a list of fun activities that happen in Bali. Hot Air Balloon at  Chedi Club, Natural Slide at Aling Aling Waterfalls, Balinese Cooking Classes at Ubud, Campuhan Ridge Walk in Sayan, Dinner at Keramas Aero Park, Perfume Making at Kabupaten Badung, Chocolate Factory Tour on Jasari Beach.


4. Water Sports

Being on the seaside, Bali has a significant advantage of attracting tourists with water sports activity. There are a lot of activities to try that even a week would be less to complete everything. Here is a list of water sports activities that happen on the beaches:

  • Flying Fish and ParaSailing - Tanjung Beach: This is one of the most enjoyed activities by couples. 

  • Sea Walking - Tanjung Benoa, South Kuta: Even if you don’t know swimming, sea walking is perfectly safe for you. 

  • Underwater Scooter - Nusa Dua, Kuta, Jimbaran, Tanjung Beach: This is the most unique activity in the entire world. You have heard scooters can be driven on the road but here you can drive it underwater. 

  • Swimming with Sharks - Denpasar: Don’t worry, these sharks won’t harm you. Manta sharks are vegetarian sharks found in the water of Bali. They are harmless and super fun to watch. 


Places to Stay

1. The Magnificent Luxury Stay

Bali has a lot many places to visit, explore and discover. It also has numerous things to do. But apart from that, Bali is also known for its magnificent luxury hotels that provide a beautiful view and stunning facilities. Here are some majestic luxury hotels in Bali where you can have a wonderful time with your loved one:

  • Padma Resort, Legian: Padma Resort is on the shore of Legian Beach. It is a five-star resort known for its beautiful sunset dinner setup.


  • W Retreat & Spa - Seminyak: It is a part of the Marriott hotel chain. And by that, you must have gotten the idea of luxury. From the gym to the spa, this resort has everything. 

  • Four Seasons Resort - Jimbaran & Ubud: Four Seasons chain of resorts is famous for embedding the culture of a particular location. If you are planning to stay in this resort, your experience will emphasize Balinese culture.


  • Grand Hyatt - Nusa Dua: This resort is a perfect combination of nature and modern amenities. Also, it is at a very convenient location being just fifteen minutes away from the airport. 


2. Intimate and Cozy - Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are small and have less than a hundred rooms. Therefore, they are easily customizable. Here are some cozy boutique hotels for your stay in Bali:

  • Alam Kulkul Boutique Resort - Kuta: It is situated just near Kuta Beach, providing a marvelous view of nature. This resort also has customizable packages according to your need. 

  • Viceroy Bali - Ubud: With an infinity pool, this boutique resort is a dream stay for couples. Situated in the heart of Ubud, it has one of the best views of Bali. 

  • Anantara Resort - Seminyak: Private jacuzzi pools to a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean, this is the heaven of the boutique resorts. 


Good Food Good Life

Food is an integral part of any trip. If the food is not up to the mark, you won't enjoy your trip. Bali has a widespread food platter from vegetarian cuisine to meat dishes. As Bali is on the coastal lines, it is famous for its seafood. But, that is not it. Bali has food for people who love meat, vegetarian people, and vegan people. So, if you are in Bali, here are the best dishes that you must check out.

  • Gado Gado - Indonesian Salad: with a bunch of steamed vegetables and a refreshing lemon and peanut dressing, this is one of the best salads in Bali.


  • Pepes Ikan- Steamed Fish in Banana Leaf: Seafood is the specialty of Bali. So, enjoy this wonderful dish with flavorful sauces by the beachside. 

  • Laklak- Balinese Cake: It is a coconut flavored dessert with various textures in it. 

  • Es Campur- Shaved Ice: It is one of the most served desserts in Bali. It is made from fruits, milk, and other flavors along with ice. 


Underrated Gems of Bali

Bali is a paradise on this planet. You will find an undiscovered gem at every other place. But, Bali also has these underrated gems that very few tourists. If you want to discover Bali to its full capacity, do visit these beautiful places.

  • The Ceningan Islands: This beautiful island is located between Nusa Penida and Nusa Legian. With rock-solid waves, it serves as a perfect beach for surfers. 

  • Munduk: This place is a hidden gem for beautiful trails that lead to wonderful waterfalls. If you love trekking where there is less crowd, this place is for you. 

  • Perasi Beach: If you look from one side you will only see the forest and won’t realize there is a beach on the other side. Therefore, it is also called the hidden beach of Bali. 

  • Menjangan Island, West Bali National Park: If you want to relax on the beaches where there is less crowd, Menjangan Island is for you. Surrounded by beautiful blue water beaches and golden sand shores, this location acts as a wonderful relaxation spot.


Bali is a wholesome place. Whether you want to relax or be outdoorsy, Bali will provide you with everything. The packages to Bali start from Rs. 25000 and go up to Rs 3 lakhs per person depending on the activities you select. There are many websites and travel companies that provide customized packages. A vital thing to note, there are many couple photographers available in Bali. If you want to capture your Honeymoon grandly, do contact a photographer. So, this is a wrap for the Bali Guide.

Happy Honeymoon To You :)