Babymoon and its Importance!

A pregnant lady posing for the maternity photoshoot

What is Babymoon?

You might have heard of honeymoon, but have you ever heard about Babymoon? If not, then you have clicked on the right place. Before a new member enters your life, taking a break from all the responsibility is called Babymoon. Babymoon is a new concept, and it has not been popular in India. But now, the awareness about Babymoon is rising, and new parents are keen on experiencing it. Before we share things to know in advance of planning Babymoon, let's discuss the importance of a Babymoon in a relationship.

A couple on the beach holding balloons


Importance of Babymoon

Last trip as a couple:

Though you will remain a couple for life, soon you will be parents to a little bundle of joy. Your center of the universe will change from your partner to your baby. So, before the baby comes, enjoy your time as a couple. Because then, you will be parents to a baby. 

A couple enjoying a picnic getaway


Relax and chill:

Having a baby is the ultimate joy of life. But with unlimited happiness comes so much added responsibility. And raising a child is a no joke. So, before there is a rise in the responsibility of a couple, it is very crucial to relax and chill for a bit. It will help to calm your mind and prepare for a big change that is coming in your life.  

A going to be mother relaxing on a beach


To be on the same page: 

A baby is a bundle of joy. But as a parent, you will have to make numerous decisions for her/him. Therefore, it is necessary for the couple having a baby to be on the same page. Utilize this Babymoon to plan out details of your future. From deciding on room decoration for the nursery to finding out a good pediatrician, jot down every detail that you would need on this wonderful journey.

A pregnant couple discussing about the future plans of the baby


A break from Hormone Horror:

Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride. And the hormonal changes that a woman goes through are difficult to understand. So, a change of place, a breath of fresh air will act to give her some comfort. We can't even imagine the mental state of a would-be mother. Hence, shifting from routine a bit will help her to rejuvenate and relax a bit.

A pregnant woman fed up of hormonal changes


Capturing beautiful memories:

Going to a beautiful location for your Babymoon is like killing two birds with one stone. It is your ultimate getaway to relax before the baby arrives. Plus, you will have a beautiful destination for your maternity photoshoot. A couple must have a maternity shoot because this experience is something that has to be cherished forever. Every location has many photographers that create wonders with their photography skills. So, take full advantage of the Babymoon location and get a lifetime of memories captured.

A beautiful maternity photoshoot picture


Things you should remember before planning a Babymoon

Travel timings:

Travel timing is something that needs to be kept constantly in mind while planning a Babymoon. The first trimester and last trimester require extra care for the better health of the baby and the mother. So, it is advisable to travel in the second trimester. But before planning the travel dates, make sure you consult your doctor. We don't want any complications in the health of the mother and the baby while traveling. Hence, it is a must to consult your doctor first.

A woman in her second trimester


Choosing the destination:

Choose a destination where you can go and relax. Because there won't be any point in choosing an adventurous location as you won't be able to do any of that stuff. Also, make sure you don't select high-altitude places because the oxygen level is low in such areas. And that can cause breathing problems for the mother. So, it is advised to go to destinations near rivers, sea, or forest. This Babymoon aims to relax and chill. Therefore, choosing a location requires a lot of planning. That's why it is necessary to do it way beforehand the actual date of Babymoon.

A couple walking on the perfect babymoon destination - the beach



The place you are staying is of utmost importance in the Babymoon. So make sure that the hotel is providing you a facility for an in-house doctor. If this facility is not available, ensure that your accommodation is close to a hospital. In case of an emergency, it will reduce the time of commute. Also, check whether the hotel or resort is taking adequate measures against the Covid-19 pandemic.

A pregnant couple relaxing in the hotel



The safest way to travel for a pregnant woman is by road. Because the baby bump pressurizes the bladder, the new mommy will frequently have to use the restroom. But if that is not possible, consult your doctor before planning a flight or a train journey. If you are going by flight, make sure you book an aisle seat for the mother. That will ensure easy and free movement if she wants to use the restroom or get up to straighten her back.

A couple going for their babymoon in a flight



The final step before getting on to the beautiful journey of your Babymoon is packing. Don't pack your bags alone. Ask your partner about her essentials because pregnancy can change a lot of things. Also, don't forget to carry all the medicines, an emergency baby kit, and outfits for the maternity shoot. 

A woman packing for their babymoon


All in all, this Babymoon is all about making memories as a couple. Because this is the last time, you will think about each other first. A baby is a happy change in a couple's life that becomes the priority forever. So, enjoy this time, create memories, click pictures and relax before the little sunshine pops out of your belly.

Happy Babymoon :)