Are perfect partners or perfect relationship a myth?

perfect relationships

A discussion on relationships is the tea we all like to spill. Relationships these days are interesting to discuss because of the myths which surround them. Nowadays, people who fail in relationships are considered normal, and those who succeed in keeping them are regarded as legends. But sooner or later, we all realize that a perfect relationship is not born; it's made. An ideal relationship is what everyone dreams about but hardly works to make it a reality.

perfect relationships

While discussing relationships, the question that crosses the majority's minds is, "Are perfect relationships a myth?"

Some of your myths about relationships need to be busted as fast as possible. Here's a way you can walk through the secrets of a healthy and perfect relationship.

What does a perfect relationship mean?

perfect relationships

The definition of perfect is subjective. It varies according to the person you asked it to. No two people on earth agree to the exact meaning of excellent in all dimensions. So the primary thing you need to understand about a perfect relationship is that it enhances the maximum dimensions you and your partner are common in.


  • A partner is not meant to complete you. A healthy relationship should not be on your waitlist for a complete life. On the contrary, a partner is meant to enhance you. Relationships do not work with the concept of 50-50%. It instead works out when both involved in it give their 100%.

perfect relationships

  • The secret to a perfect relationship is firstly the acceptance of the fact that no one is perfect. The key to it is patience. Adaptation to each other's life and enhancement of their flaws is what the goal should be. As I repeat, nothing is born perfect; it is created.

perfect relationship  

Why have relationships turned harder these days?

problematic relationship

As we move the wheel of generation, we notice that relationships are becoming shallower day by day.

Youth is, in turn, having a weak base on the concept of relationship. It's a weird practice nowadays to prove that holding a healthy relationship is something heroic. Breakups and heartbreaks are just not normalised but also romanticised.

  • The increased vulnerability in relationships, ignorance of red flags, egoistic personality, and minor adaptation are some of the sole reasons why relationships fail—however, the increasing dependency on social media fuels the fire. Digitalization has led to the creation of lots of erroneous concepts. Kids nowadays are introduced to things at a much younger age, making them jump into a fire at an immature age.

immature relationship

  • The majority of the mass have ideas regarding multiple opportunities available these days. When they are into a relationship, a thought of a possible breakup or possessing numerous options keeps revolving in their mind. This thought process, if not fixed, can create a lot of problems later.

breakup in relationship


What habits and thoughts, if ignored in a relationship, can cause it to break?

break in relationships 

When you are in a relationship, you possibly notice something worth jumping into. However, many people are immature enough to hurry and thus miss to walk through it properly.

Ignorance of red flags is the first mistake we all make. Relationships can only function appropriately if both the people involved in it are dedicated equally towards it.

That is how the spark of the relationship stays unaffected. Else, with time the spark in relationships seems to blow off. In such circumstances, both need to have a more significant concern and develop ways to spice things up.

What are the common mistakes generally made by people in relationships?

problematic relationships


  • Priority is a big word. However, we should not confuse that relationships work only by sitting with each other throughout the day. One should be able to set and clarify the different needs and purposes they are supposed to fulfill.
  • Prioritizing your partner does not necessarily mean spending the whole day. On the contrary, it means giving them the space and time they need for the healthy functioning of the relationship.
  • Personal space should be offered to everyone irrespective of the fact that they hold a relationship.
  • Being with your partner does not give them the chance to invade your personal space. We all should hold an area which is just for us.
  • The ego is the biggest enemy of a healthy relationship. To maintain a healthy space between the two, one should learn the power of forgiveness.

Considering all, are perfect partners non-existent?

perfect relationships

Nothing is impossible, and it's just we all should look at it through the eyes of possibility. You never know what turns out to be perfect. The guy you never cared about can be the person you are looking for. Even the person you are on the verge of a breakup with can still be made your perfect partner.

  • The fun fact is we all chase what we want without doing what we need to do. Creating a glass house of our fantasies isn't something that can help. On the contrary, functioning with realization is what is necessary.

perfect relationship

  • Options such as relationship counselling are also readily available these days. If you fail to understand the need of your relationship, and so does your partner, you should seek help. Seeking help is not a shame; it is proof that you are trying to save your relationship. You should always be ready to try all the options and opportunities available; the soul's need should be to keep each other.

relationship counselling

TL;DR: Key Takeaways From The Article

While debating on whether your past and present relationships are good enough for you or not, have you ever spent a minute wondering if perfect relationships exist? In this modern era when relationships are tossed aside like nothing, it is a pretty important discussion on whether it is possible to land on a perfect partner. If you too have been wondering about the same lately, congratulations since you have landed at the perfect possible place. This article has been solely designed to work on every doubt that a person can have on the foundation of relationships. It explains the possible ways to have a perfect relationship and how one should work on maintaining a healthy relationship with their partner.