69 Valentine’s Day DIY Gift and Décor Ideas

valentine's day gift

‘Every day is valentine’s day when I am with you’, sounds fair and mature, but it is not right if you don’t make your special one feel special on the special day of love. Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Even if you don't fancy surprising your lover, decorating your home, or giving them gifts as a symbol of your love, it will be beautiful and remarkable for you both to make a few simple but heartfelt romantic gestures to mark the day of love.

Do you get tired of celebrating Valentine's Day by buying lavish gifts or going on expensive dates every year, and you want to do something more personal, meaningful, and intimate this year? Then you're looking in the right place.

This post offers you 69 DIY romantic ideas you may use during Valentine's Week to make your spouse feel like they made the right choice by choosing to be with you and to deepen your relationship.

'Efforts are muchly treasured than expenses,' therefore these DIYs are inexpensive and a terrific way to show your sweetheart that they own your heart.

1. Create a cute collage of your and your partner's best memories. Print some adorable photos of the two of you together and quotes that best reflect your relationship. Add stickers and doodles to complete the collage. Present the lovely gift of memories by framing it.


2. Build a handmade bouquet using your partner's loved flowers and wrap it in a beautiful fabric. Add a note that conveys your love to make it more romantic.

handmade bouquet white flowers


3. Open when letters are such a thought full giving. Write one for each emotion as well as for situations like missing you or having trouble falling asleep. Even though you are not physically present, every time they open a letter, they feel your hug.


4. If your partner enjoys music, compose a song for them and perform it. An artistic and one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day present.

guitar black and white


5. Play around with colors and give them a painting. If you don't know much about art, it can even be an abstract one. Remember to include your partner's favorite colors.

6. The aroma of freshly cooked chocolate brownies is impossible to resist. Bring out your inner chef and cook your partner some brownies from scratch, which has more personal significance than purchasing some. If you need assistance, check one of the many tutorials available online.

brownies in plate


7. Create a jar labelled "100 reasons why I love you." Get a mason jar, write 100 reasons why you are head over heels for your partner and fill them in the jar. For cuteness, paint and embellish the jar.


100 reasons why jar
Courtesy: Pinterest

8. Learn to knit and make them something small and cute, such as a mini heart hand warmer or perhaps a crop top. If you're feeling very confident about knitting, give them a knitted sweater to warm both their body and their heart.


brown sweater


9. Plant some adorable succulents, cacti in the shape of hearts, and anthuriums, which symbolize love. Put them in adorable ceramic vases and get creative with decorating them. Another heartwarming gift this year.


10. A variety of kits for making soap are made available online. You'll be astounded to learn how simple it is to produce luxurious soaps. Create soaps in a variety of flavours, including strawberry, lemon, and chocolate. Give your sweetheart a box of them to make them happy.

cute soaps


11. Paint a jar or vase, grab a glass jar and paint your initials on it, and even write significant dates in your relationship on it.


12. Who doesn't like an exciting surprise? Make an explosion box using the instructions from online tutorials. Put tasty chocolates, adorable photos, and toys inside.


13. Create your own love magazine. Like the celebrity love story covered in posh publications, write your love story and publish it in a magazine. This would undoubtedly make your lover feel incredibly special.


14. Play with clay, and sculpt a clay doll. Simply sculpt a clay heart, paint it, and add your initials if you want to keep things simple. And give your partner a symbolic representation of your heart.


15. Add fabric paints, couples’ funny quotes, or even just cute designs to basic t-shirts to make them more unique, a good gift ready to present.


couple in matching tee


16. Be mysterious and gift a mystery box, fill them with 7 mystery gifts and tell your spouse to open one every day of valentine’s week.


17. Make some delicious homemade chocolates and treat your baby. Chocolates can always be a route to the heart.


18. Give a shirt or hanky embroidered with their initials. A traditional technique to express your love for your sweetheart.


19. After liberally putting lipstick on your lips, get a plain chart and kiss it several times. Even though it may seem strange, I assure you that this produces fantastic art. Frame it and give the love to your partner.


20. A love letter always works its magic. Write your significant other a heartfelt love note; it has a magical effect.


21. Create some homemade jewelry for your girl out of clay, terracotta, or beads. It’s always nice to have something on your hand or neck made by your lover.


clay jwellery
Courtesy: Etsy.com


22. Create a jar of date suggestions and classify them as expensive, in-home, out-of-doors, etc, and then write them on ice cream sticks and put them in mason jars. If you are too lazy to do this, check out our free date idea generator.


23. Give a personalized coaster made of wood. Paint and initial it. As they sip their steaming tea, let them think of you.


24. Sharpie mugs make excellent DIY presents; add funny quotes or conversations to basic white mugs.


25. Create a bouquet that will last forever, just like your love. You can use the internet to create a bouquet of paper flowers or a pompom bouquet to show your love.


paper flowers colourful


26. Create a gift that includes all five senses. Feel, hear, smell, taste, and see. Try using your creativity to come up with a present for each of them. 


27. Impress your partner with a candy bouquet. Collect all of your baby's favorite candies and knot them into a bouquet with a nice fabric at the base.


28. Give heart-shaped tea bags to your lover if they enjoy drinking tea. Cut out two little hearts from muslin fabric and combine them. Sew them together leaving the top open, fill it with tea and seal it. It makes a cute and distinctive gift.


heart shaped tea bags
Courtesy: uncommongoods.com

29. Create a keychain; you might also try knitting a heart or a bunny face out of them. Something that reminds him/her of the good times you had.


30. Create your own coupon, cut out a piece of chart, and grant kisses and hugs in exchange for it. It can be an easy, humorous, and romantic gift.


31. Get a map and mark vital locations such as the location of the first date, first kiss, and so on, using cute stickers and pins. This present idea is great for long-distance couples.


32. Nothing like a song that reminds of a beautiful memory. Create your own collage using a good photo of you and your partner. Below it, include the Spotify link to your couple’s song. When your lover needs to feel your love, ask them to scan it.


33. Soft lips are always appreciated in a romantic relationship. Use cocoa butter and other flavors to create lip balm in a variety of flavors. Put them in adorable boxes and gift them. After this gift, they will be certain that you merit a kiss.


homemade lip balm
Courtesy: femina.in

34. A-Z love cards are yet another unique present idea. Take 26 blank cards, and on each, write one letter of the alphabet. Give a reason why you love them in every card starting with the particular letter of the card. For instance: A – alluring in looks, B – brainy and smart, C – cuddling with you is the best.


35. Tie dyes are a current fashion trend; purchase a kit online and create matching t-shirts and shirts for you and your partner. Additionally, make hats and bags to go with your attire. A trendy and cute-looking DIY gift is handy now.


36. A heart formed of balloons makes for a particularly striking decoration for Valentine's Day. It makes an excellent backdrop for all of your photographs. Blow up multiple balloons, then tie them together to form a large heart. Stick it in your walls to set in the spirit.


37. To create a genuine atmosphere of affection throughout the house, decorate your kitchen and dining area with flowers and mason jars. Find mason jar décor ideas from many of the tutorials on the web.


dinning room valentines decor
Courtesy: sortra.com, Pinterest


38. If you feel normal balloons are very basic, get some white balloons and decorate them with your kisses. Apply lip color generously on your lips and kiss the balloon to give it the real love effect. A beautiful decoration for Valentine's Day, this.


39. Wall hangings can alter the tone of a space; hang pieces of art with a romantic theme, lights from the roof, and pictures to establish the ambiance of romance.


40. Arrange candles throughout the house. Purchase candles in many forms, such as flowers, hearts, and other beautiful designs. Light them for the aesthetics and the calming aroma.


41. As a surprise in the morning, wake up your sweetheart to a beautiful Polaroid hanging from the roof. Even put up some lights and helium balloons to make it shine more.


42. Pink is the color of romance, and red is the color of love. In your home, coordinate them to display emotions through color. Change the colors of your bed linens, cushions, and sofa covers to reflect Valentine's Day. Purchase pink and red hangings and miniatures as well.

red and pink theme valentines
Courtesy: hobbylobby.com, Pinterest.


43. Who said garlands only had a Christmas vibe? Create a heart-shaped garland out of red roses and perhaps a few lilies, and hang it from stairwells or doorways.


44. To make your home look more unique and romantic, hang the couple's monogrammed floral initials. Easily make these props with cardboard and flowers, learn from web tutorials.


45. Vision boards are a great way for the couple to think about taking their relationship forward. Prepare an aesthetic vision board and frame them on the love day. This acts as decoration, a reminder, and inspiration.


46. Add hand-painted hearts to a couple of mini canvases to make your room more comical. Make this prop with a partner for added fun.


mini canvas hearts
Courtesy: designimprovised.com


47. A heart wreath made of pink and white flowers would be a fantastic and eye-catching prop for this occasion. You may simply accomplish this by bending a wreath wire into a fairly large heart and affixing the lovely flowers to it.


48. Get in the party vibe at home on Valentine's Day by decorating your room with neon lights. Get customized neon hangings easily from the internet.


blue neon lights


49. Make your own heart wind chimes by cutting out cardboard hearts, stringing them together, adding bells and beads, and hanging them from your porch during the windy days of the love week.


50. Painting glass vases in silver and white can be a soothing hobby and a beautiful addition to your home's décor for this valentine’s day.


51. Create cool canvas art using the prints of your and your partner's hands. Mention the important dates and locations.


52. Making your own photo candles can lift your Valentine's Day mood. Purchase a large candle and adhere a few copies of the couple's photos on it. Enjoy the vista while lighting the cand


53. Knit a few hangings for doors and knobs. For a cuter appearance, make lots of them and spread them over the house.


54. This gift cum décor is a must-do if you thrive in an LDR. Decorate a mason jar, then fill them with chocolate "kisses." Ask your partner to eat one whenever they miss you.


kisses jar
Courtesy: crayonsandcravings.com

55. Make your partner a DIY kiss shirt, get a plain white tee, and kiss them with your stained lips. This makes it an extremely cool item of clothing to wear.


kiss shirt
Courtesy: Pinterest.com


56. Hang helium balloons in the shape of hearts from your roof. Make it more interesting by getting conversation balloons from the web.


57. Make a timeline photo gallery in your living room. Take images of the relationship at each step, starting from the beginning. List the dates beneath the image.


58. Decorate a globe with lights and garlands, and stick cute stickers on places you want to visit as a couple. This will look excellent on a table.


59. Another inexpensive but attractive decoration is cardboard art. Cut the cardboard into letters and other forms, paint them, and sprinkle on some glitter. They are now prepared to glue it to your walls.


60. To create a beautiful space, adorn your curtains for Valentine's Day. Your room will look like something out of a rom-com with fairy lights and roses.


61. Decorate your pillows to make your bed Valentine's Day-ready. Attach red beads and diamonds to your pillowcase to improve its appearance.


62. It’s mandatory for couples to end a text with ‘xo’ to their partner, so why not make an XO wreath? Create this certain shape with the wire, then embellish it with white roses and lilies.


red XO wreath
Courtesy: Etsy.com

63. Every couple has a relatable quote in their love life. Print in cute fonts and hang them as a reminder of love.


64. Surprise your partner with a delicious candle-lit dinner by decorating your dining area with candles, dim yellow blubs, and flowers.


candle lit dinner


65. Have bouquets received from your sweetheart which is dried now? Create a chart using pressed flowers and frame it to keep it forever. It's also a beautiful piece of décor.


66. As a romantic gesture, give your partner a rose petal bathtub, a flavored bath bomb, and a bottle of wine. Take a wine-filled, tranquil bath with rose petals.


romantic rose bath tub


67. If you are very crafty, try making a heart out of tree branches. Drill them together after positioning them at the appropriate heights to form a heart.


68. If you're considering snapping mirror selfies with your baby on February 14th, dress the mirrors with garlands and string lights.


decorated mirror
Courtesy: Amazon.in

69. Create adorable dream catchers for both decorative and protective purposes. Make them handcrafted dream catchers as gifts, and use them to decorate your home as well.


dream catcher


To sum up,

Love drives us to do anything, however, these are some simple but incredibly beautiful gestures that will make your significant other feel fortunate to have you in their life.

These 69 ideas are just a few examples of how Valentine's Day may be a very special occasion to demonstrate and exhibit your acts of love. You are welcome to create your own ideas to impress the one you want and use these as inspiration. Remember that when you are truly in love, even the slightest actions exude romance.

Wishing you all the love and luck on the day of romance and love.

couple red balloons