69 Romantic & Best Date Night Ideas

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Date nights are crucial—not just for getting to know a potential partner but also to exchange stories and liven up a relationship. But it's tougher than it appears to come up with romantic date ideas or enjoyable date night activities! We asked the experts to provide their greatest tips and go-to date night suggestions for couples because of this.

As your relationship progresses, regular reconnections may keep your link strong. Denise Limoncello, a certified psychologist in Manhattan, notes that loss of romance is a typical cause of breakups or divorce and that dating can be highly good for keeping romance alive. Making a practice of going on regular dates may be a fantastic way to jump-start that habit.

Whatever your relationship status, we have plenty of inspiration for you whether you're searching for at-home date night ideas, double dates, great date ideas by season, or anniversary date ideas for married couples.


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1. Play some strip poker. 

"Oh, no! I failed once more! (takes off shirt)

2. Draw pictures in sidewalk chalk. 

This might be really lovely or quite wicked, depending on your area.

3. Engage in a water balloon or water-gun battle. 

Just remember to tidy up after yourself; littering isn't sexy.

4. Visit various appetizers. 

Everyone agrees that a meal's appetizers are the greatest portion. Visit a few of your favorite places and split some small appetizers and beverages there.

5. Organize a wine tasting evening. 

Each person includes a bottle of wine. You number them and cover each one with paper. Everyone casts a vote for the number they want. You all binge drink and perhaps meet someone new.

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6. Watch a Horror Film at Home.

 In a sense, this is still a movie. But raise the bar for the film. Create the mood. Reduce the light level. Obtain a blanket, then cuddle up close to one another.

You may even decide to introduce each other to the childhood horror films that frightened you the most!

7. Dinner with Your Date: 

Dinner can be prepared at home or in a quiet, modest restaurant, and it should be served with a fine bottle of wine. Even if you're eating at home, make it extra special by dressing up.

8. Watch a comedy show.

The pair that enjoys each other's company remains together. Greer claims that "laughter is the fabric of closeness." "Laughing together strengthens relationships."

9. Reserve a spa day: 

By scheduling a couple's massage, mani, Pedi, and other treatments, you may emphasize self-care and wellbeing. Enjoy some time in a spa or ask a Soothe specialist to visit you at home for a treatment.

10. Get a tattoo of you two: 

With some permanent ink, declare your love for one another and seal the deal.

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11. Make Your Food Kit

Purchase a DIY meal kit online and attempt to create it together. You can prepare your sushi, pretzels, and spicy sauce.

Additionally, you'll learn more about one another this way. Who likes hotter foods? Who prefers sweeter things?

12. Hold a yard sale.

 The garbage of one person may suddenly be your garbage!

13. Serve each other blindfolded food combinations and ask for identification. 

Unless you want to move this date to the hospital, be careful to list any dietary allergies.

14. Create candles

You can either get a kit from Amazon and manufacture them at home, or there are actual locations where you can go to accomplish this. In either case, it will make lighting up the next time you create the atmosphere much more memorable.

15. Make your ice cream sundaes. 

Then, if you know what we mean, be inventive with the remaining whipped cream.

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16. Spend a day in the buff.

You are just bare. every day. Together. I'm done now. The date is that.

17. A New Board Game to Play

Purchase a brand-new board game and play it as a cheap romantic date idea. Right now, there is a tonne of innovative and fresh board games available. Make sure the game is a 2-player game before you purchase it.

18. Make a joint bucket list.

Regular date evenings are fine, but set aside a night to create some grander dreams and record them in a diary.

19. Set up a playlist.

 You and your date may plan this date together, or you can create a playlist as a surprise for them. Discuss the lyrics and music by giving them your full attention. Also welcomed is dancing.

20. Watch a lot of TV shows:

 If you've fallen into the trap of utilizing your screen time to watch separate TV series, plan a Netflix and relax night to binge on a show or watch a movie together. As Boykin advises, pick a film with a relationship theme so that you can talk about it later.

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21. Truth or Dare game: 

Playing a retro version of truth or dare is great fun and interesting approach to getting to know each other. Don't hold back either. Ask difficult and personal questions. Dare one another to act embarrassingly and foolishly.

22. Observe a high school or college sporting event.

This can make you yearn for your high school years.

23. Eat a three-course meal... Different Locations.

An entertaining way to sample several eateries in one evening.

24. Attend a festival or fair nearby

A fun way to spend time with someone and experience something new is to attend a festival together.

25. Jog your dogs together

Why not borrow two dogs and stroll them with your partner if you both adore dogs?

26. Visit the aquarium or zoo.

A wonderful approach to spending time with someone is to take them to see some animals.

27. Spend the day at the "Finer Things Club." 

If you've ever watched The Office, you know that this entails consuming exquisite cuisine, sipping excellent beverages, and conversing about sophisticated topics like literature and movies. There's your date right there if you haven't seen The Office.

28. Enjoy multiplayer VR games

Or engage in co-viewing of VR porn! or enjoy virtual reality porn together! There are countless choices for virtual reality.

29. Give blood. 

a little creepy? Almost an adorable kind of ideal

30. Read a book with a friend. 

Between chapters, pass the book around and take turns reading aloud. If you give each character a different voice, you get extra points.



31. Produce a film. 

Post-production includes things like costumes, screenplays, and cheesy transitions. Or create a "movie," complete with props, dialogue, and clumsy transitions. Just remember not to

32. Attending a sporting event

might make the first date a little less intimidating if you and your date are sports fans.

33. Visit A Planetarium: 

Due to the darkness inside, a planetarium is a romantic destination for a date.

34. Visit a Car Show: 

Attending a show or exhibition will provide you both with conversation starters.

35. Rent Bicycles

Together, rent bicycles and take a bike trip to explore a new area.

36. Check Out Live Stand-Up Comedy: 

This alternative relieves some of the pressure to strike up a conversation if you're feeling apprehensive.

37. Visit A Botanical Garden:

 This outing is perfect for everyone who appreciates nature.

38. Take A Pottery Making Class: 

This is a novel proposal that your date will definitely

39. Have a date on Zoom. 

If you haven't done it already. Zoom dating doesn't have to be an uncomfortable substitute for an actual date. There are benefits to Zoom dating that may cause you to prefer to meet for drinks on a first date. Take a sexual education class together. Both in person and online, they have been around for ages, although the internet alternative is more practical for These TimesTM and if you're feeling bashful.

40. Binge on a TV Series:

 If you've fallen into the trap of utilizing your screen time to watch separate TV series, plan a Netflix and relax night to binge on a show or watch a movie together. As Boykin advises, pick a film with a relationship theme so that you can talk about it later.

41. Check out a podcast:

 Listening to a podcast together might spark a spirited discussion on a subject you've never brought up before, whether it's a Ted Talk, mystery drama, or comedy act.

42. Set up your living room differently

Change things up in your home for a change of scenery. It does not have to last forever. Make a brief switch to a cozy cushion crash pad in front of the fireplace or a dinner date at the coffee table.

43. Attend a workshop that is free of sex. 

It's okay that not every couple would want to enroll in "A Beginner's Guide to Shibari ''! It's a good thing there are many more choices available. For inspiration, look to CourseHorse or simply Google "classes for a common shared interest" to see what comes up. Here, even YouTube instructions are accepted!

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44. Take to the skates. 

Right here, a TikTok celebrity order. Here are some helpful pointers on how to roller skate and places to get a cute-ass pair of skates if you've never done it before or just need to brush up.

45. Visit a nursery and get some starting plants so that 

you may cultivate a little garden together. For a lovely date idea that lends itself almost too neatly to a follow-up activity: preparing supper together, growing annual flowers for just one season, perennials that come back every year, or fast vegetables.

46. Together, navigate a cornfield maze

A wonderful approach to determine whether or not you would get along in a horror movie is using corn stalks.

47. Take your date hiking. 

But only if you two like trekking on your own.

48. Order for each other when you go out to supper. 

Check to see whether what you bought for the other person is satisfactory. Are you connected with them enough to be able to get them a cozy, well-known staple? Do they love your order even though they could never get it themselves since you know them better than they know themselves?

49. Create TikTok videos together.

A TikTok challenge could be something you want to try, or you could create your own. Plus, who doesn't secretly want to be a member of a renowned TikTok couple?

50. Participate in a multiplayer online game. 

Among Us or Jackbox-like media! Even if only two players are involved, there are many choices.

51. Enjoy a day at the spa. 

Massages and facials are nice things to do for one another.

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52. Join forces for treatment. 

You could benefit from counseling even if you don't *think* you need it, and you'll at the very least learn new things about each other.

53. Watch the whole Star Wars series back to front. 

Prequels come first, and The Rise of Skywalker comes to a close (2019).

54. Watch all of Star Wars back-to-front at once. 

The prequels are the conclusion of The Rise of Skywalker (2019), which moves backward. In the very end, when Anakin is young, it truly does strike you differently.

55. Watch each Star Wars film in its chronological order. 

A New Hope (1977), followed by The Rise of Skywalker, was their order of release (2019). Right, chaos?

56. Making a Video

Use software like Splice to combine old video snippets on your phone, or take some fresh film of anything entertaining like a silly pet, party antics, or a dancing performance.

57. Produce a slideshow

Rather have stills than video? Make a slideshow about your relationship, a trip, or a collaborative endeavor by going through your old images.

58. Eat Delivery Food at Night

Place a takeout order from your preferred restaurant, decorate the table nicely, and presto! This is one of the best home date night ideas for when you want something genuinely romantic and private, even if you both arrive in pajamas.

59. Examine old pictures

Sometimes you just feel like strolling down memory lane and thinking back on your relationship, even if it isn't your anniversary. When that happens, get out your photo albums, even digital ones, and spend an evening looking through them to relive those memorable occasions.

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60. Together, redecorate a room

Renovating a room together is one of the best ways to get to know your mate. You'll learn about their spending habits and creativity level. Learning to make concessions and combine your differing fashion choices is also a lot of fun.

61. Follow the aforementioned three watching strategies for all the Marvel movies.

I'll keep my word—this list isn't just an attempt to get you to subscribe to Disney. Just the thought of having around 90+ hours of good action films to look forward to is calming. Because they are films and not simply 30-minute episodes, it is similar to binge-watching TV but even more so.

62. View each Fantastic Four film. 

Can you list each distinction? Yes, there have been a lot. Better conduct some in-depth investigation to check each other's hair with dye. Try exciting colors by bleaching each other's hair, or go for a less striking hue by using a non-bleaching dye.

63. Plan a Surprise Date Night

Even a simple candlelight meal waiting for them when they return home would be memorable since it was a surprise.

64. Date at the lunch hour

It will be nice to meet up in the middle of the day for a change, whether you have conflicting schedules or just need to shake things up a bit.

65. Cook a novel dish

It may be enjoyable and difficult to prepare a new dish for the first time. Additionally, food delivery services like Hello Fresh might be useful if you're lacking in inspiration or the necessary components.

66. Build a Garden

This is an enjoyable, pleasant exercise that may be as labor-intensive or straightforward as you choose, whether it's a herb garden, cactus, or little fruit trees.

67. Think about a surprise date night.

When they go home, even a straightforward candlelight dinner prepared for them would be special since it was unexpected.

68. The lunch hour date

Regardless of whether your schedules conflict or you just want to mix things up a bit, it will be wonderful to get together in the middle of the day for a change.

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69. Make a unique meal.

Making a new meal for the first time may be challenging and rewarding. Additionally, if you're short on creativity or the essential ingredients, meal delivery services like Hello Fresh may be helpful.

Create a Garden This is a fun, relaxing activity that you can make as labor-intensive or simple as you choose, whether it's a herb garden, cactus, or little garden.

Best bonding activities you can find. Give this article a read.


Here are 224 of our greatest date suggestions for 2022, whether you're searching for a sweet first date idea or something to do with your significant other on a random Saturday night. Some of them are a bit more extreme—looking at you, skydiving, and ruining a wedding—while others are perfect for those who kind of lost their sense of self once 2020 arrived. Because you too may have a "date" by eating food while sitting nude in your own house.

In addition, many of these date suggestions can be carried out via Zoom, so if you're in an LDR, you have lots of alternatives for some virtual, long-distance date suggestions as well. Enjoy!

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