The 5Cs to a Good Relationship

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A healthy long-lasting relationship doesn’t happen on its own, both people have to work hard and work together for the benefit of the future. Nobody can notice a good relationship because they don’t know what happens internally. A couple on the outside may seem the perfect pair, but they only know the challenges they are facing.

It is quite easy to say ‘I Love You’, but a lot of work goes into keeping the relationship last long. Every relationship faces ups and downs, and many challenges but it is the commitment, willingness to change, and adapt to each other.

To respect each other’s privacy and stay connected emotionally and physically, here are the 5 C’s to a healthy and long last relationship.


1. Commitment

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Commitment forms the basic foundation of a relationship. Both people have to be committed to keeping a relationship strong and healthy. It helps us to know about our priorities, and how much a person can put and give in a relationship. It is a form of love that goes beyond all the physical attraction. If both the people have their commitments high up, then it will be quite easy to face all the challenges of a relationship.

If you love someone then I am sure your commitment is already high up, but the thing is that you and your partner should be really on the same page, because it is stupid when you are not on the same page. You will be wasting your time when you are not getting anything in return.


2. Communication

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The most important part of any relationship whether if it’s a friend, a family member, or your romantic partner, is communication. You have to be open and share your feelings because no one is dreaming about what you are feeling and what you are trying to say non-verbally. When you are communicating less, there are chances that you are misunderstood which leads to many frustrations, arguments, etc. So, the better you communicate, the great the relationship.

When you feel there is less communication or if it is unhealthy, confront your partner so that you can solve the problems within yourselves. But if you fail to do so, go visit a relationship counselor. There are so many people who have this phobia of going to the therapist, but it is completely normal and I am sure that this will work out for you and your relationship will be better and more active.


3. Compassion

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Have a little compassion for each other, show each other how much you care about them, and vice- a- versa. When you are going through rough timings, you need someone who understands you and guides you through the problem. Let them know that they are there for them no matter what the situation is. Being there for them, believing them and sharing your back whenever they need, sometimes is very important.

Try to build some daily rituals that you can do together like showing gratitude for how happy you are with them. Try to increase the amount of daily positive interactions with them. This can be quite simple like getting them a cup of coffee from Starbucks or making it on your own for them, spending the entire day with them doing the things that they love without any complaints and doing some of their chores every once in a while.


4. Contact

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The most important thing for a human being is contact. Physical touch calms the person and makes them feel that we are connected to them. Everyone needs someone who cares for them and loves them. It can be quite easy to show someone that you care for them, like a simple text message or a phone call ‘I just messaged to say that I love you’. This may sound cheesy at the moment, but trust me this message will bring a huge smile on your face if you receive it.

Give them a huge hug every morning and kiss them good night, this helps in building affection with each other. But don’t be too much touchy because this will make them feel that there is something g wrong and they can even be weirded out by this.



5. Compromise

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We need to learn the fact that one of the main reasons people stay connected and together is through compromise. This involves your family, friends, your co-workers, and even your boss. If compromising a little makes the situation and the person, who you care out immensely, happy, then don’t you think that there is nothing wrong about compromising. But you should remember that it is not about giving up, it is about giving in.

These are only a few tools and terms that you need to keep in mind for a good relationship. People need to be in love and true to themselves to give in a healthy relationship. Without the 5 Cs, there will be no purpose in a relationship.


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It is quite easy to fall in love, but staying in love is an important part. People having a healthy relationship feel secure as they have ongoing support of someone all the time.

There are so many people who work on their relationship whenever they are facing a problem. Once the problem is finished or solved, they go back to how they were before. People should understand that having a romantic relationship, means ongoing attention and constantly working on it every day. So, if you love someone dearly, work with them and don’t let them go.