50 Trending Bridal Hairstyles

Bridal hairstyle for 2022

A special event like marriage deserves special arrangements, right? The same goes for the bride. The best wedding attire, the best bridal makeup, and of course the best bridal hairstyle. After all, who does not want to get perfectly decked up on their special day! So if you are a would-be bride and searching for the perfect hairstyle, you are at the right place.

Here’s for you 50 amazing and trending bridal hairstyles-


For Brides With Long Hair:

Bridal Bun-


1) Low Bun

If minimalism suits your taste, then here is the hairdo for you. The floral hairpiece is just so exquisite and gorgeous, with pearls on it. You can easily attach it to your bun with hairpins.


 Bun bridal hairstyle                       

Picture source- Pinterest


2) Curls The Bun

A good-to-go reception hairstyle, which is simple yet so elegant at the same time. The blue lilies on it are adding more vibrance to the hairstyle. It can go both with lehenga and saree.


Bun bridal hairstyle  

Picture source- Pinterest


3) Roses Holding The Bun

A heavy bun sitting on those classic peach-colored roses is a perfect go with red traditional attires. Those flicks on both sides give it an even more gorgeous look.


Bun with roses

Picture source- Makeup by Saakshi Takiar


4) Bridal Bun And Jewelry

A light-weighted bun with a light-weighted floral hairpiece (like In the picture) will suit well with a light yet elegant dress-up. You can add hair jewelry also (your choice). It will look good in both ways.


Floral bridal hairstyle  

Picture source- Weddingz. In


5) Floral Clustered Bun

A heavy bun with flowers of different colors and some pieces of green leaves is a good choice. If you are planning to wear a gown on your day, a hairdo like it will suit you the best. It will look very soothing.


Simple bridal hairstyle

Picture source- VOGUE India


6) Royal Rose Bun

Get a simple bun done and get it covered entirely with red roses. Trust me, it will give you a royal look with your red lehenga or saree.


Red rose bridal hairstyle  

Picture source- The Crimson Bride


7) Messy Bun And Curly Strands

Go for a gorgeous bun, with small pieces of flower and curly strands down your back. It will be easy for you to carry it because of the small flowers. It will go perfectly with your pinkish bridal gown.


  Bridal bun

 Picture source- Orange The Salon


8) Tradition Redefined

If you are looking for a simple yet traditional hairstyle, here it is. Surrounded by white flowers with small hair jewelry in the middle, it is really easy to carry. Go for it!

 Simple bridal bun

Picture source- Pinterest


9) The Creative Rose Curls

Here, the bun is the epitome of hard work and creativity. If you are looking for a unique hairdo, it is what you should try out. Here, the hair is twisted and rolled to form roses which ultimately resulted in a gorgeous rose bun. Small floral pieces are incorporated among the hair roses which makes it even more gorgeous. It will go perfectly with your lehenga, saree, or gown.


 Rose bun

Picture source- Indian Fashion Ideas


10) The Criss-cross Braided Bun

Again here, the bun is unique too. It is made by curling and rolling the hair. It has a side braid and the floral piece is diagonally placed to reveal the braid on the other side. It also has a rolled part on the side of the floral piece which makes it even more stylish. Overall, it gives a sober and elegant look to the bride.

Bridal braid and bun  

Picture source- Pinterest


11) Gorgeously Simple Bun

Though here the bun looks entirely simple, the striking features are the pearl pieces of jewelry and the red flowers surrounding it. There is another piece of jewelry at the center of the bun which looks beautiful. Overall, it gives an entirely traditional look and you can try it out.


Traditional bun  

Picture source- All About The Woman


12) Ornamented Bun

Here, the bun is simple. But the unique features about this are the golden flowers and jewelry covering it. Golden is such a color that it can go with any other color. Also, the hairdo gives out a very traditional outlook.


Golden hairstyle  

Picture source- Shaadidukaan


13) Twists And Turns

Here is another unique hairstyle with curls, turns, and twists. The hair beads are adding extra glamour to the unique hairstyle. Easy to carry. So, go for it!

Bridal beads hairstyle

Picture source- Orange The Salon


14) Heavy White Floral Bun

The bun looks so cute with the white floral pieces all around it. Those small pieces of white flowers in the middle of the bun look even cuter. It can go very well with your white or deep-colored wedding attire.


White floral bun

Picture source- Ravneet Puri Photography


15) Classy Bun

Here, the bun looks so simple yet so classy. Those small floral pieces on it are enhancing the look of the entire hairdo. 


floral hairdo

Picture source- Pinterest


16) The Minimalistic High Bun

Here’s a high bun with the simple hair accessory surrounding it looks gorgeous and classy. If you are planning to wear a gown on your special day, this hairstyle is the perfect go for you! So, are you ready for your ballroom wedding?


high bun   

Picture source- Pinterest


17) Side Braided Bun With Feathery Accessory

A gorgeous bun with a cute side braid and a light yet beautiful hair accessory is a perfect go with your gown, lehenga, or saree.


bridal hairstyle  

Picture source- Pinterest


18) Braided Bun

Here, the bun has so many striking features in it. Starting from the side braid to the beads, everything looks so beautiful about it. A gorgeous saree is a perfect match for this.


Indian Bridal hairstyle  

Picture source- Pinterest


19) Double-braided Puffed Bun

The bun is covered entirely with white flowers gives a very traditional look. The two successive side braids look so pretty with the bun along with the puff between the bun and the braids. The forehead jewelry attached to the braids looks stunning! It’s a perfect go with your saree.


Traditional hairstyle  

Picture source- Weddingz. in


20) Semi-floral Bun

Here’s another unique hairdo. A simple bun yet looks so gorgeous because of the white roses being wrapped halfway till the bun from the downward direction. The forehead jewelry also looks so pretty with this bridal hairstyle.


White rose bun

Picture source- Feather Tree by Avira


21) Side-beaded Curled Bun

A curly side bun with pearl and star beads is a perfect go for your Mehendi ceremony. It can also go well with your engagement outfit.


side bun  

Picture source- Kajol R Paswwan


Bridal Braids-


1) Voluminous Curly Braid

Here. the long bridal braid looks so classy, especially because of that small hair jewelry. You will look like a princess if you try this out with your wedding gown.


bridal braid  

Picture source- Pinterest


2) Loose Floral Fishtail Braid

The bridal braid looks so gorgeous with those flower pieces at each junction of the braid. A perfect go for your wedding event.


 Braid hairstyle 

Picture source- Pinterest


3) Messy Stranded Braid

Here, the bridal braid looks very beautifully messy and unique. The hair jewelry and the suspended curly stands at the end are enhancing the look of the hairstyle even more. You can surely give it a try.


Bridal hairstyle  

Picture source- We Heart It


4) Traditional Voluminous Braid

A perfect braid for your pre-wedding rituals like sangeet or Mehendi. It will perfectly go with your fashionable lehenga or saree. Looks very traditional and gorgeous.


Traditional braid  

Picture source- Recall Pictures


5) Loosely Puffed Voluminous Braid

If you have thick and long hair, then this bridal braid (as in the picture below) will perfectly suit you. It is a neatly and loosely weaved braid that enhances the volume and thickness of the hair. The floral beads at the junctions look so pretty!

Thick bridal braid  

Picture source- ShaadiSaga


6) Messy Floral Fishtail Braid

Here, the messy fishtail braid looks so wholesome. The floral accessories at some points on the braid make it even more attractive. It’s a perfect go for your engagement day with your designer lehenga!


Engagement bridal hairstyle

Picture source- WedMeGood


7) Side-beaded Curly Braid

The side curly braid with pearl beads at places looks very cute and beautiful. A good one for your engagement gown. Try it out!


 side braid

Picture source- Pinterest


8) Thick Braid With Jewelry

An Indian braid with hair jewelry at the junctions looks so damn traditional and beautiful. You can get this done on your reception day and you will look like a queen!

Indian braid

Picture source- WeddingWire India


9) The Simple Three-Stranded Braid

A simple yet gorgeous long Indian braid extending straight from the bun is a perfect traditional hairstyle. It has touches of the South Indian style. The garlands and jewelry make it even more attractive.


South Indian braid style

Picture source- Pinterest


10) Compartmental Floral Braid

Here, the floral side braid with curly strands on the temple will give you a perfect look in your pre-wedding rituals. So why wait?


Bridal braid hairstyle

Picture source- Pinterest


11) Loosely Weaved Side Braid

Here is the perfect Indian side braid for the Haldi ceremony on your special day. The floral pieces are enhancing the beauty of this hairdo.

​​​​Indian bridal braid

Picture source- WeddingsOnly


Open Hairstyle-


1) Curls For The Tiara

If you are planning for an open-haired style, then here’s a perfect one for you. Get some good curls done with a floral tiara, as seen in the picture. It can go well with the Haldi ceremony on your wedding day! 


Open bridal hairstyle

Picture source- WeddingsOnly


2) Half-tied Side Swirls

A beautifully weaved swirl patterned half-tied hairstyle is a perfect go for your engagement ceremony!


Open bridal hairstyle  

Picture source- WeddingsOnly


3) Curls Down The Gajra

Here, the hairstyle looks so soothing with peach-colored roses and white flowers. A perfect go for the reception ceremony.


Open bridal hairstyle  

Picture Source- WeddingsOnly.


4) Smooth Curls And Floral Tiara

Nothing but some smooth curls and a floral tiara will do the magic on your wedding day. It will go the best with your white gown!


Floral tiara open hair

Picture source- Pinterest


5) The Side Hair Jewelry Style

The Indian bridal open hairstyle with side hair jewelry and small curls at the end gives a royal look. Try it out!


Open Indian bridal hairstyle

Picture courtesy- Pinterest


6) Curls Down The Puff

Get some big curls and forehead jewelry (also known as tikka) and your hairstyle is a perfect match for your special day!


Open hairstyle for brides

Picture source- Beauty & Health tips


7) Adorned In Jewelry

If you are planning for something quite heavy and very gorgeous, then you are at the right place. You can get some curls done and head jewelry(extending to your temple) as seen in the picture. It will give you a stunning wedding look!


Open hairstyle with jewelry  

Picture source- ShaadiSaga


8) Combed Backward Curls

Here, the open bridal hairstyle is simple yet looks beautiful. Just some curls, side pleats, and forehead jewelry, and you are done!


Open Bridal hairstyle   

Picture source- Pinterest


For Brides With Short Hair:


1) Short Curls Down The Hairpiece

For a bride with short hair and short curls, a hairdo with a cute hair accessory will look super cute.


Short hairstyle bridal   

Picture source- Pinterest


2) Side Jewelry Curls

Side hair jewelry and some good curls will do the magic with your hair on your wedding night!


Bridal hairdo  

Picture source- Hairstyles VIP


3) Floral Hairband

Wear the flowers like a hairband and trust me, you will look stunning, super smart, and cute on your special day.


 Bridal short hairstyle 

Picture source- Weddings in Houston


4) Side Floral Style

Probably the simplest yet one of the cutest ways to look amazing on your wedding day is- attach some flowers on one side of your hair just above the ear.


Short hairstyle

Picture source- Pinterest


5) Through The Net

With a beautiful and cute hairstyle (as shown in the picture) on your wedding day, you will look serene even among a lot of guests.


Short hairstyle for brides  

Picture source- Pretty Designs


6) Temple Jewelry Adorning The Hair

 A piece of forehead jewelry and a sweet smile are the best ornaments for you on your wedding day!


Short hair jewelry  

Picture source- Pinterest


7) The Ethnic Curls

An Indian style of forehead ornament with little curls and a gorgeous saree is the perfect fit for your wedding!


Indian short hairstyle  

Picture source- Weddingz. In


8) Braids And Strands

The side braids and hair accessories look so stunning for a wedding hairstyle!


Short hairstyle bride

Picture source- Pinterest


9) Floral Puff

A puffed bridal hairstyle with some white flowers or beads in the middle gives an entirely minimalistic and gorgeous look!


puffed hairstyle  

Picture source- Pinterest


10) Tied With A Hairband

Here, the hairdo along with the jewelry worn like a hairband looks very pretty and cute. You can try it out on your wedding day!


Short hairstyle  

Picture source- Pinterest.


And for you ladies, you are beautiful, you are strong and most importantly you shatter all the stereotypes! Pick up the crown, wear it because you are strong enough to wear a crown even without hair on your head. You are the Queen of your own “Queen” dom!


                             Bald Bridal Style  

                             Picture source- www.jagran.com