30 Wedding gifts Ideas for Newly Married couples

wedding gifts

A wedding is one of the most beautiful events to take place in one's life. It is like a dream coming true, and therefore it is no surprise that every couple wants everything to be perfect on this particular day. With a wedding comes the party, the invitations, and of course, the gifts. This is where it turns out to be a pretty tough decision of what must gift the newlyweds. If you are in a bit of a similar dilemma, we would be more than just happy to help.

Whether you desire your gift to be a bit more romantic, unique, or even practical, we got it all. In this particular article, you will discover not one but thirty such gift choices that might as well be packed as your gift to a newly married couple this season. Thus, if your interest is intriguing, we suggest you give it a read.

Ideal wedding gifts ideas for Newly-wed couples

One should never leave a stone unturned when it comes to choosing presents for the couple. That is primarily because your gift should stand out for being marked in the good list of the couple forever.

  1. Personalized wood frame

Wooden frames certainly have their own charm. If you gift a lovely family tree painted on a wooden board, it is bound to be perfect. It will even make more sense if you have two little love birds painted on the same. This particular personalized frame will picture the couple's names along with their wedding date. However, personalization entirely depends on you.


wood frame wedding gifts 

  1. A bean bag toss set

A good wedding gift would be one that the newlyweds can use and share with their loved ones for years. You can try and arrange a fun game that they can play with their friends and family for more years to come just by gifting them a bean bag toss set. You can even personalize them with their initials or their names along with the year they are getting married. 

bean bag toss set

  1. Wedding gift basket

A wedding gift basket is undoubtedly one of the foremost choices that dwell in one's mind the moment they hear of wedding gifts. This is a pretty classic choice as a wedding gift, but you can make it unique, of course, by adding personalized items of your own choosing. For example, filling this basket with spa items for pampering the couple would surely be an intelligent choice. You can include scrubs, gels, moisturizers, and a lot more. If you desire to enhance the visual appeal, you might as well want to try and use items of the same color.

gift basket

  1. A cute sign to decorate homes

If you want to give the new husband and wife a gift that will always remind them of you, a decorative sign for their homes would be a good choice. It will remind them of the simple yet sweet sentiment, and additionally, it would be a super cute added decoration to their house.

home decor'

  1. Wedding plants

This would be a wise choice as a gift for both bride and groom and the guests. The added benefit of gifting wedding plants is that they are eco-friendly and long-lasting. For instance, you can gift tiny cactus plants for the guests as that would look stunning and gorgeous.

wedding plants

  1. A beautiful acrylic block

It is no new surprise that a picture says a thousand words without even actually saying anything. That is why your favorite wedding or engagement photo printed on a beautiful acrylic block would undoubtedly be a lovely gift. This would even make an outstanding centerpiece.

acrylic block

  1. Couple glasses

Glasses are undoubtedly one of the most useful items in daily life. Couple-glasses gifted on a wedding day would serve the best while they raise a toast. You can even order a personalized or painted glass set for the bride and groom to deviate a little for the traditional couple glasses if you wish so.

couple glasses

  1. Couple-recipe book

A couple who cooks together stays together. Therefore, deciding to gift the newlyweds with cooking for two cookbooks would be an admired choice for sure. Your gift will allow the newlyweds to explore their time into cooking some delicacies as they arrange their candlelight dinner at home.

Couple-recipe book

  1. Personalized cushions

Cushions are basic in households. Thus, if you wish to want your gift to be quite useful for the couple apart from just the show, this might be the best option. The better way to make your cushions unique is to personalize them, with designs and, of course, the name of the couple printed on it along with their wedding date.

Personalized cushions 

  1. A portable fireplace

A portable fireplace is undoubtedly a thoughtful and helpful gift at the same time. The newlyweds can use it to set a romantic mood both indoors and outdoors.

portable fireplace

  1. Love locks

A love lock is basically a classic lock with beautiful words for the couple engraved on it. You can even use a color of your choice to brighten the look of the lock.

Love locks

  1. Bluetooth speaker cum lamps

Technology has made advanced and useful creations time and again. These Bluetooth speaker cum lamps, for example, would help mimic the effects of a real flame while simultaneously being used to play something. That makes the perfect element to set up an ideal date night.

Bluetooth speaker cum lamps

  1. Porcelain gifts

If you decide your gift to be more on the vintage style, a lovely porcelain carriage with a wedding couple inside it would be a perfect choice. This would make a wonderful centerpiece for their home too.

Porcelain gifts

  1. A custom throw blanket

What is better than gifting the newly married couple with a customized blanket on their wedding held in the official cuddling season? This would help them keep warm for the best part of the winter season. The fact that it is customized with their initials, for instance, would make the gift even more special.

A custom throw blanket

  1. Wedding key rings

Personalized wedding key rings would undoubtedly be a wise choice to gift your friends on a wedding day. You can print their names along with their wedding dates on the keyrings and even deliver a small message for them too.


  1. Personalized cocktail tumbler candle

There is hardly any person who would not love a candle as a gift. A personal touch added to candles acts just like a cherry on top. Minimalist custom-made candle with subtle scents is enough to win hearts. Thus, whether you choose lavender or sweet fig, it is up to you.

cocktail tumbler candle

  1. Personalized couple passport cover

A travel-friendly couple is going to love this gift without question. Also, if the newlyweds have a plan to go for an international honeymoon, this might as well turn out to be the ideal gift.

couple passport cover

  1. Couple trinkets

If you are up for a cute little present that would forever hold a special place in the hearts of the couple, this would be a wise choice. These heart-shaped metal trinkets with the words bride and groom etched on them would be the perfect personalization. These can either be used as decor or even worn as bracelets.


  1. Multiple bedding sets

If you desire to add to the furnishing of the newly married couple, this must be your go-to choice. Any couple is bound to admire such pretty gifts that will help them in starting their new life.

Multiple bedding sets

  1. A non-stick cookware set

A couple hardly unlike a cookware set if it is a non-stick made in a gorgeous color such as teal blue, red, or purple. So this practical gift that comes with the right amount of utensils would indeed turn out to be a gift loved by the couple.

non-stick cookware set

  1. Letter decor

A pair of free-standing ceramic letters would prove to be a great gift option for the newly married couple. It would be an outstanding option for home decor.

letter decor

  1. Champagne or wine glasses with a decanter

If you wish to please a couple easily, you better gift them wine glasses. This particular gift allows you to stay within budget while presenting a gift that the couple will indeed use in the future.

wine glasses

  1. A sentimental box

This tiny box can be adorned with several pictures of the couple taped into each other. This would undoubtedly be an ideal gift for the couple because they would list their memories together.

sentimental box

  1. Luxurious Ayurvedic skincare

A gift to pamper the couple will never go to waste. This gift with such versatile and fragrant options indeed symbolizes your care for the couple.

ayurvedic care

  1. Picnic basket set for two

A picnic basket set is an all-time appreciated gift choice. This gift for yours would be ideal for the couple when they go on romantic hikes or choose to have a meal outdoors. They can even use this for road trips, mountain picnics, or even a lazy beach day.

picnic baskets

  1. Hand embroidered pillow covers

Hand embroidered gifts come with a specific charm of their own. Newlyweds who plan to start their new life together would benefit from such chic furnishings, which is why this option proves to be a thoughtful one.

pillow covers

  1. A shadowbox collection

The beginning of their new life together is probably the best time to get a thoughtful gift such as an engraved shadow box. They can use this in the years to come to keep mementos or even little keepsakes as memorabilia.


  1. French press coffee maker

Are you even an adult if your life is not driven by coffee? Such weird obsession of today's generation with caffeine makes this gift even more helpful than it already is.

coffee maker 

  1. A watch holder to store all of their watches

A watch organizer is actually much more important than one can realize. The better part is that the couple you gift this to can keep all of their watches because these organizers come with a space for formal and regular watches.

watch holder

  1. Art prints

If you decide to gift art prints for the decor of the couple's new home, you would be making an intelligent choice because these would help add aesthetic value. Additionally, you can choose from the plethora of designs available to suit your preference.

art prints



Picking gifts for a newly married couple can be challenging, especially in situations where there are so many options. Since the task is to impress not one but two of them, so the task can even be a bit trickier. Lucky for you because we have made the task simpler by pointing out not only one but also thirty thoughtful wedding gift ideas.

TL: DR; Key takeaways from the article

Since gifts for a wedding day are multiple and to select one particular from such big of a list can be daunting enough, we have assisted with the thirty best choices in this article. Take a pick from this list of thoughtful ideas to arrange a gift for the bride and groom.

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