25 Ways to make a man obsessed with you

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Have you ever pondered how to get a man to adore you? It's not simple to get and maintain a man's attention. With so many distractions in today's society, it might be challenging to convince a guy to go wild for you!

You never know what they're after or what could pique their attention. Men aren't as complicated as everyone thinks. They're straightforward people that don't need much energy or effort to cause a commotion!

There is no foolproof method for making him fall head over heels in love with you. There are, however, a few subtle hints that, if evaluated and implemented correctly, may make your new work colleague, or the new person you're dating, head over heels for you.


1. Be genuine.


Being yourself is the most effective way to make a guy fall in love with you. You must demonstrate who you are at your core to these guys, and the appropriate ones will go crazy for you! Not only that, but you'll only attract men that appreciate you for who you are.

It will never work if you pretend to be someone you aren't only to get a guy's attention. You'll ultimately attract the ideal person for you if you stay true to yourself. Even if it works for a time, you'll be too fatigued to maintain a false persona because it was never who you were in the first place.

2. Self-respect is important.


Nothing is less appealing than a person who has no regard for himself. Men believe the same thing. How can a man expect you to know anything about respecting others if you're always insulting yourself?

His eyes will be drawn to you if you have self-respect. This entails knowing when to put yourself first and give yourself what you require.

A woman who continually pulls herself down is unattractive because she does not respect herself enough to recognize her merits. If you want to know how to make a guy fall in love with you, respect is essential.

3. Make your expectations clear.


Let him know if you're out with a guy who wants to come back up to your apartment, but that's not how you roll on the first, second, or even third date! You should never lower your standards to please a man. *Regardless of how adorable you think he is!*

Don't be afraid to tell a guy if you don't sleep with him on the first few dates! He'll be impressed that you not only have so much self-respect but that you're ready to wait until he's onboard before moving further.

4. Put on some makeup. 


Of course, the interior is what matters, but the outside is what people perceive first. Wear clothes, cosmetics, and accessories that showcase your greatest qualities when you're aiming to drive a guy insane early on.

This does not imply that you should dress in something particularly revealing or form-fitting. Clothes shown will pique a man's curiosity for a short time, but they are unlikely to drive him insane.

A dress with a little leg showing or a shirt that fits your body in all the right places may do wonders, but your image should scream "pretty" rather than "sexy."

The goal is to enhance the appearance of your physique and face. If the clothing makes you look great even when you're not attempting to win a guy's heart, they'll probably work for this as well.

5. Dress casually.


After you've gotten to know the person, let down your guard and put on some comfortable clothes. This indicates that he has effectively breached the barrier and inserted himself into your life.

Of course, your clothes should still be clean. A loose pair of jeans and a t-shirt is a wonderful casual style, but a three-size-too-large shirt with a gigantic mustard stain on it might not be the best decision.

You should still dress up periodically after you've made a practice of dressing down to rekindle a few of the sparks he felt the first time he saw you.

6. Make demands.


This does not imply arrogance! Some guys like being domineering, it becomes tiresome after a while. Be assertive in a way that demonstrates your authority. If you want to know how to make a guy fall in love with you, you must be capable of making and adhering to decisions.

This does not imply entitlement or nagging in any manner. It's a healthy approach to take control now and again.

7. Put on a Signature Perfume


After a shower, spray a little perfume behind your ears or apply scented lotion. If you smell appealing, a man may want to get in even closer to you.

Here, moderation is crucial. The perfume should be strong enough to waft through the air gently. If your perfume is overly powerful, it may overpower his sense of smell, prompting him to withdraw himself from you.

8. Be deceptive.


Guys enjoy a challenge, so don't be too obvious and vociferous in your efforts to win him over. With your comments and gestures toward him, be subtle.

Making subtle gestures to give him the clue is not only seductive, but it also shows him that you don't have to loudly proclaim your love for him to the world.

9. Be carefree


It's practically difficult for a guy who hardly knows you to go wild for you! Make yourself available to him. No, we're not talking about instantaneously revealing all of your secrets and personal information. Learn to strike a balance between mystery and opening out to him. Tell him about your ambitions, desires, and dreams.

Share your thoughts on some contentious matters with him. Allowing him to see the real you, with your own thoughts, ambitions, and desires, will cause him to see you in a new light!

This also provides him the impression that you're not a shallow person who doesn't have your own beliefs or thoughts that define who you are. What could be more admirable?

10. Be free-spirited.


Show up at his house with pizza, wings, and beer at random. He will not only be grateful, but he will be completely enamored with you. This is an underappreciated method for making a guy passionate about you that works amazingly.

It's not necessary to arrange everything, so why not pay him a surprise visit when he finishes his work?

This is something he'll really enjoy coming from you! After all, being very predictable all of the time might be tedious, and he will quickly tire of you.

11. Sway around


Many boys are smitten by a female who is confident enough in her own skin to break into a spontaneous dance.

This can be done at a party or at a club, but it's much more powerful if you start dancing to the radio in your kitchen or in your car.

Invite him to join you in the dance as well. It's wonderful to watch you, but being urged to participate in the pleasure might drive him insane.

12. Brush your hair.


Twirl your hair between your fingers as you speak or casually flick it over your shoulder while working on something when you know he's observing. However, make the action appear as natural as possible.

Brush your hands against the nape of your neck or your bare shoulders instead if your hair is short or pushed back. This motion has the potential to be just as sensual.

13. Be Occupied


Have a life of your own! Surprisingly, guys find someone who is preoccupied with their own affairs really appealing. It implies you don't need to schedule your life around someone else.

Don't waste time waiting for his messages or for him to call you - that's not a desirable feature in anybody.

In fact, if he does wind up updating you, it might be a red indicator that you'll be clingy and attached. He'll bide his time till you're free if you have your own interests, events, and activities that you're constantly involved in.

14. Demonstrate your self-assurance.


Allow him to see the part of you who knows who she is and where she is. Even if you don't have everything in your life figured out right now, there is typically something about which you can be pleased and confident.

Perhaps you're self-conscious about not having progressed as far in your profession as you'd want, or about your lack of experience with romance and love. You may, on the other hand, feel highly confident in your intelligence, the ties you've formed with your friends and family, or any number of other achievements.

15. Show him a new aspect of yourself.


Show him a part of you that he hasn't seen before once he's gotten to know you a bit. The surprise will make him realize there's a lot more to you than meets the eye, making you appear more intriguing.

Allow him to witness you laughing hysterically at your favorite comedy flick or unwinding after a long day at work if you're typically the stern, serious kind.

If you're more of a carefree person, become serious with him one day and tell him about your aspirations and anxieties.

16. Don't be a pain to maintain.


If there's one thing that all men despise, it's a lady who spends an hour doing her makeup. That doesn't include the time it takes her to shower, do her hair, or get dressed.

This does not just apply to the physical sense. Be self-sufficient! From a man's perspective, keeping up with a demanding, high-maintenance lady is draining.

Finding someone light and easygoing (not to be mistaken with superficial!) is more appealing. Men want someone who can accompany them on all of their wildlife adventures and be their best buddies.

17. Acceptance is key.


If you truly want a guy to fall head over heels for you, you must embrace them as a complete person. When a man feels like he can truly be himself around you without having to hide anything, he'll think he's struck gold!

It's not your job to save, change, or repair him. If you don't like him right away, you shouldn't pursue him. Accept him as he is, warts and all if you want to know how to make a guy fall in love with you.

18. Be encouraging.


Even if he wants to make a cardboard airplane and launch it from the world's largest ramp, you best be there to cheer him on! Just make certain he's wearing a helmet.

A man's ideal lady is someone who will support his life's objectives, goals, and hobbies (even the ones you don't understand!).

If he wants to go cliff diving or bungee jumping, go ahead and encourage him! You may even conduct these enjoyable things with him and make a day of it!

19. Give him cute names.


There is nothing more enticing to a man than hearing his name said by his lover. Mention his name (or whatever you call him) frequently whenever you have a chat. However, don't do it too frequently. You must know how to strike the final balance. When you're making love, repeat his name in the middle of your groans and watch him turn on.

20. Make him wonder.


Not telling him everything about yourself and your life is another clever method to make him desire you. Keep him guessing about your preferences, dislikes, life, and secrets, for example. He will want to know more about you if he truly loves you and believes it is sensible to be with you.

21. Unexpectedly touch him


An unexpected touch has a completely different feeling, and it will catch your boyfriend off guard. For example, look in his pockets for his keys. This is a method of activating his nerve endings and establishing a connection when he least expects it. He will miss these times whenever you are not around, and he will need you immediately.

22. Always compliment him.


Men, like all women, enjoy the sense of being sought or appreciated. Make it a point to congratulate your partner frequently. Don't limit your praises to his appearance. Tell him how much you appreciate him doing things for you or how well he handled a certain issue. Compliments like this will boost his self-esteem, and he will begin to love you more. He'll just do more of the things he knows will make you pleased. Even when you're not there, he'll be thinking about you and ways to make you happy.

23. Have your own goals in mind.


If you want to relocate to Europe, write a novel, make it a best-seller, make a movie out of it, and spend your life that way, don't quit because you found someone who wants to stay in a little town and become a farmer.

This is significant because women frequently abandon their aspirations for the sake of a man.

But don't lose sight of your objectives, and never, ever, ever compromise them for any man! It all comes down to having high standards and self-respect.

24. Allow him plenty of room.


Men like chasing after things that aren't readily available. This is a general rule that also applies here. Give him enough space so he can't help but meet you frequently. Don't always say yes to his date arrangements; occasionally a firm refusal will suffice. This will give him more time to miss you, and you can bet he'll make additional plans as a result.

25. Listen attentively.


When it comes to making a guy go insane after you, your listening skills are crucial. When you're paying attention and remembering even the smallest aspects of what he says, he can trust you enough to tell you his stories and even his difficulties.

When you're a good listener, you're also a good communicator, and we all know how important communication is in relationships!

If you only listen to put on a good show but are deeply absorbed in your thoughts, believe us when we say he'll be able to tell immediately away and it will irritate him.


You should be aware that not all of these suggestions will work for all guys, as each man is unique. But with these suggestions, you'll not only grab his attention but will make sure that he keeps thinking about you.

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