25 unique Indian wedding gift favors


A wedding is definitely one of those moments that a person desires to cherish for the rest of their life. When it comes to Indian weddings, we all are pretty aware of how it goes because most Indians believe in the concept of a "Big Fat Wedding". After the wedding is over, we all like to take a walk along memory lane. The gifts and the gentle unique touches serve the same purpose. They help in bringing one little smile to someone you care about. Thus, if you are debating on the idea of a thoughtful and unique Indian wedding gift favor, you have landed at the best possible place.

Make sure that your guests cherish and remember every moment they have spent at your wedding by giving them some unique gift favors. In this wedding season, try and evolve past the usual, and start getting creative. Whether you have a destination wedding planned, or just an intimate hometown one, this article will introduce you to some of the best trends in wedding gifting and favors that will feel personal and remain unforgettable.

Wedding favors that you can’t miss out on this season


Wedding favors have turned out to be a huge trend recently. Wedding favor ideas come in handy at times when you are debating on what return gifts you can give to your guests. Thus, if you are looking for ideas regarding the same, check out the options below to discover some of the coolest and most unique weddings favors suited for your classy Indian wedding.

1. Candles, handmade soaps, and mist


Looking for some scented wedding favor ideas? Don’t worry we got your back. Giving your guests such scented goods like candles, handmade soaps, or face mists is undoubtedly an amazing idea, because not only will your guests love them but they can even use them later.

2. Brocade sunglasses box


If you are an Indian, you would know their love for embroidery. So, in case you are planning for a quirky gift favor, brocade sunglasses boxes would be the ideal choice for you. These vibrant and peppy boxes are a fun and unique idea if you want wedding favors for your Mehendi ceremony. Usually, during Mehendi ceremonies, Indians prefer taking cool pictures with their shades on. That is why gifting a sunglasses box is probably the best idea for a Mehendi ceremony.

3. Sandalwood fans


These fans are a delightful and luxurious addition to your wedding favors. They are pretty and would add a mesmerizing scent to the breeze. Sandalwood fans are ideal if you have planned an outdoor daytime wedding. These would keep your guests cool, and comfortable and even act as a great prop for cool wedding pictures. 

4. Terrarium plants


If you want to keep your wedding favor dainty, organic, and unique, terrarium plants are your solution. After all, who does not love some greenery in their life? Bonsai plants like cacti and terrarium would make the perfect cheap wedding favor. These would be the ideal favors for the Haldi or Mehendi functions. Your guests would even appreciate this more if they are a fan of aesthetic decor since these plants are ideal to keep on a working or study desk.

5. Tea or coffee mugs


If you are looking for a cheaper option for your wedding favors, tea or coffee mugs are undoubtedly the best option to consider. Also, if you are in India this is probably one of the best wedding favor options. In case you want to make things a little fancier, you can try and make it a little hamper by gifting the mugs along with saucers.

6. Eternity roses


Flowers have unmatched energy when it comes to gifts. Flowers will forever be a classic choice as a wedding favor option. But imagine a unique twist to this age-old option in the form of flowers that don't wilt out. Such eternity roses are pretty trendy and they make up for an elegant and unique wedding favor idea that will be ideal at a reception party.

7. Shawl, scarf, or stole


In case you want to give your guests a useful wedding favor, you might as well consider the idea of giving them a shawl, scarf, or a stole. This idea is probably ideal for a winter wedding. This cozy gift idea will certainly make your guests enjoy the warmth in chilly weather.

8. Herb oils, handmade jams, and organic honey


There is hardly anything more alluring than wedding favors that are edible or are ingredients in making some delicacies. Homemade jams, organic honey, or herb-infused oils can be some of the unique options for wedding favors.

9. Flavored tea


Indians love tea, period. Especially if somebody gives them flavored tea, they would love nothing more. Therefore, flavored tea is a classy and unique wedding favor for your guests. Gift the joys of tea time to your special guests with some of the best artisanal teas with exquisite ingredients.

10. Gourmet popcorn, chocolate, and dried nuts


Want a classy touch to your regular wedding favor? Don’t worry, we have just the perfect idea for you! Try packing some gourmet popcorn, dried nuts, or chocolate for your guests in the form of wedding favors. You can even try giving layered cakes, salted nuts, and whatnot! Wedding favor ideas concerning food items are practically endless!

11. Mason jars


If you are an Indian, you would always feel the need for more jars and boxes at your home! Try to implement this specific need of your guests in making some useful wedding favors. Get some cute mason jars with printed lids and hang some notes to make a unique wedding favor.

12. Miniature alcohol bottles


Most Indians are party animals which makes miniature bottles the ideal wedding favors for them. Your guests would be thrilled to get a personal bottle of liquor that they can drink and take shots from as they dance through the party.

13. Accessories


I mean, come on, who doesn't love accessories, especially on a wedding day? Get some unique accessories for your guests. You can surprise the ladies by gifting some bangles or bracelets, and if you want something out of the box, then try going for some trendy unisex accessories that would suit both men and women in your wedding guest list.

14. Luggage tags


In case you have planned an exotic destination wedding, this is hopefully the ideal wedding favor idea for you. Get some personalized luggage tags and make your guests enjoy fabulous-themed travel.

15. Macarons


If you desire to add a classy Paris touch to your wedding, macarons are the ideal option to go for. Get some tasty flavored macarons for your guests at the wedding, and watch them drool over them!

16. Parasols


If you have planned an exotic beach wedding, parasols are the ideal thing to get for your guests. These gorgeous parasols would provide the shade that your guests would need on a sunny afternoon.

17. Tie and dye dupattas


If you are looking for a wedding favor idea that will be perfect for your Mehendi or Haldi functions, tie and dye dupattas are the one right option for you. These will act as an instant party starter as your guests pick them up and enjoy your vibrant celebration.

18. Desi cookies


Who doesn't love cookies on an occasion? And if you add a desi touch to it, then it's obviously the end game in the world of unique Indian wedding favors. These cookies are cute and delicious, and they are a great way to celebrate as your guests can munch on them whenever they need a snack. Try imprinting something quirky on your cookies or go for a colorful icing to add your regular desi element on your cookie.

19. Keychains


Try giving some gorgeous keychains to your guests. For a twist, implement a desi touch that will go with the Indian aesthetics, especially on your themed Indian wedding. These keychains will always remain with your guest and they will remind them of you.

20. Cocktails in a box


Put together a mini cocktail kit that your guests can use to discover a new drink and master the art of mixing. Also, try and include a recipe card with instructions that your guests can use as a helping aid while mixing cocktails.

21. Flip flops


If you have planned a beach wedding, flip-flops would act as the ideal wedding favor for your guests. These will allow your guests to feel the sand on their toes while they walk on the beach. They will also rest their heels while looking pretty cute.

22. Condiments


Indians will never really get over their obsession with condiments. You can therefore treat your guest with some of those condiments such as marmalades, barbeque sauce, chutneys, maple syrup, salsa, or whatever your favorite is. You can even add a personalized touch by putting some customized tags with your wedding monogram on them.

23. Rustic photo frames


When it comes to gifts, photo frames are undoubtedly an age-old classic. These form a great gift for a varied crowd. You can get some intricately carved wooden rustic photo frames or even go for themed ones to match the energy at your wedding.

24. Skincare products and toiletries


A gift favor that works as an essential will always remain unforgettable. Delight your guests with some essentials filled with Ayurveda skin care products and toiletries. Organic-based products always remain a favorite!

25. Coffee


Cute personalized coffee wedding favors are ideal for every function. These coffee wedding favors will make your guests think of you every time they relish their beverage.


Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most auspicious days in your life. But in order to make it equally enjoyable for all the guests who walk in, wedding favor is a must. You can check out this article to find some of the coolest and most unique wedding favors and pick the one you want to give your guests for your wedding.