25 Fun New Year Party Couples Games

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If you're throwing a New Year's Eve party or just staying in with your significant other, fun games are a fantastic way to get everyone talking to one another. They're also a good method to pass the time as the clock approaches midnight. You'll be kept on your toes by amusing tales and questions, competitive races, and the search for elusive holiday items.

Here are 25 New Year's Eve games that are simple to prepare for, don't require many props, and will make your guests laugh for the rest of the year.

Let’s get started.


No.1 Best Moments of the Year

This game is a lovely way to reflect on the last year and share amusing tales. The host chooses questions out of a hat. Consider the following: "What was the most significant event in your life?” and "When did you laugh the loudest during the year?" Each individual answers a question in turn.

No.2 Game of Dice

You should absolutely attempt this dice game if you want to ring in the new year alone with your special someone in a loving environment. You will not only be able to get intimate with your spouse but also have a great time playing this game. You will undoubtedly find the game to be worthwhile and come back for more. By clicking this link, you may discover more about it.

No. 3 Who Sought The Resolution?

It's the ideal game for those who have known each other forever, but it's also an excellent icebreaker. Simply invite your visitors to write a resolution on a sheet of paper. It might be a resolution from a previous year or something they want to accomplish this year. Each individual should take one of the papers out of the mason jar and try to guess who made the resolution. The resolution should be as enigmatic and arbitrary as possible.

Additionally, you can still accomplish this if you and your partner spend the year apart. Just be aware of their goals and keep an eye on them the year around.

No. 4 Theme: New Year's Eve Charades

The ideal New Year's Eve party game is charades. Try it again this year with a few updates. For topics to act out, go to this list of New Year's-inspired terms. For an added laugh, include a few that are connected to current events, news, or popular culture.

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No.5 Countdown to Balloon Pop

This is another entertaining countdown until midnight. Fill some balloons with paper chits with your New Year's aspirations, then pop them once per hour until the clock strikes midnight!

No. 6 Tic-tac-tik-tok

All you need for this minute-to-win-it game are a few handfuls of the common breath mints, some paper plates, and a pair of tweezers. This is how it goes: Using just the tweezers, participants attempt to move as many Tic Tacs from one plate to another in 60 seconds. The player who successfully transfers the most minutes wins the game or a kiss. One at a time, play this game.

No. 7 The Greatest Champagne Run

Not to worry. There is no chugging match in this game. In this one, participants compete to quickly fill their Champagne flutes by transferring the bubbly from a bowl to the glass using just a teaspoon. When someone is done, the first one to finish gets up and taps their drink with a spoon. To celebrate the new year, the winner gets to make a toast. Simply use water in place of the Champagne if you don't want to waste it.

No. 8 Bags Countdown

Get some paper bags and fill them with enjoyable items that you and your guests (or your partner) can discover throughout the course of the evening. All ages will enjoy playing this new year's eve game.

No. 9 A Lie, Two Resolutions

This game, which is based on the well-known icebreaker Two Truths and a Lie, is a terrific way to let guests get to know one another better while having some fun. Guests must determine if the statements they offer are true or false. They'll have to determine which two resolutions they wish to keep this year and which one is untrue in the New Year's Eve edition.

No. 10 Numerous Issues

Loaded Questions is a humorous New Year's Eve party game that is based on the well-known box game of the same name. Adult couples find it most successful. The purpose of the inquiries is to learn the partners' true opinions. You may come across inquiries like "What would make your partner uncomfortable?" or "What do you truly want your spouse to wear for Halloween?"

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No. 11 The Countdown Has Ended

The traditional red Solo cup may be transformed into a minute-to-win-it game that will delight both cheerful adult guests and children alike by adding some printable clock faces and placing each cup in its right huge clock position.

The Countdown Has Ended. 12 cups should be arranged in a circle with one cup in each hour spots to resemble a clock. A tennis ball will be inserted into one leg's bottom and a pair of pantyhose will be placed on the player's head. They must knock down or move out of place within the allotted time, starting at 11 and working backward around the clock. The final person to fall should be at 12 o'clock

No. 12 The best printable New Year's Eve game for 2021

The year 2021 was really nasty, so this game might become interesting! Ask your guests to share some of their favorite experiences from the past year, including vacations, movies, and more. Have everyone take turns plucking one of these prompt cards out of a bowl after dropping them there.

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No. 13 Kisses Countdown to the New Year

This simple yet adorable game requires quick reflexes as you race against the clock (like Minute To Win It)! Before the countdown expires, place all of your Hershey Kisses in the appropriate cup.

Get your cups here.

No. 14 Bingo on New Year's Eve

Use these free, printable New Year's Eve bingo cards to play a festive version of everyone's favorite game.

No. 15 Eve of the New Year Scavenger Hunt

Make careful to leave your house early in the evening celebrations if you're going to play this game. Make a list of New Year's-related objects or scenarios that you can hide about your town for visitors to find, such as Champagne in the grocery store, a couple kissing, a mirror ball, a New Year's party at a bar, or a decorated holiday home.

As visitors arrive, ask them to select a number from a jar to represent their team. Once everyone has arrived at the party, start the scavenger hunt and give them a deadline to find as many things as they can on the list. A reward is given to the team that unearths the most things. They should snap group shots of themselves with the stated items or circumstances. As an alternative, you may organize a scavenger hunt at your house by hiding items before visitors arrive.

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No. 16 Listen to the Year's Ring

Give each of your party guests a specific amount of bells as they arrive. Explain to your guests that the object of the game is to get rid of their bells by midnight without being discovered.

The bells are hung on a clothesline that you have set up inside your house to do this. Your guests are not permitted to add bells if someone witnesses them trying to remove their bells or hears them doing so. A bell now dangling on the line must also be removed by the person who was caught, who must then add it to their collection. By midnight, the person with the fewest remaining bells wins.

No. 17 Balloon Countdown on New Year's Eve

This countdown show will give every partygoer something to look forward to as the giant hand reaches 12. To go from the beginning of the party to the stroke of midnight, the game requires some preparation work, specifically brainstorming a set number of game ideas. However, the preparation work is well worth it (and if you borrow from the rest of this list, your work is practically done). The final outcome? Every hour, a fresh balloon would pop, revealing an idea for fresh entertainment.

No. 18 Toss a marshmallow in hot cocoa

Like any other pong toss, but with a warm beverage that fits the season. If you like, spice up the hot chocolate for the adults, or just play a dry game. In either case, the reward is a dessert that may be consumed while still feeling warm and inviting.

No. 19 Twenty Questions for New Year's Eve

With the help of this age-old game that pits you against your companion, try your hand at mind reading. Simply consider any New Year's Eve-related event or song (the ball drop, Times Square, and "Auld Lang Syne" come to mind). The next step is for your partner to try to figure it out by posing 20 questions, to which you can only give a "Yes" or "No" answer. It's excellent if you can recall specific New Year's Eve experiences from years past. Even better if you've only spent two New Year's Eves together. 

Find out intimate questions for your partner here.

No. 20 Game for New Year's Eve on Instagram

To make the cards for this homemade memory-matching game, combine your own Instagram posts from the previous year with those of your visitors. This game adds a competitive element while allowing you and your guests to share experiences from the previous year.

No. 21 Jenga Truth or Dare

Have a blast playing this thrilling and delightfully enjoyable game designed for couples! By the time it's over, you'll be rolling around in laughter.

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No. 22 Slice the flour.

If you don't mind getting a bit messy, this game is also enjoyable. As a sweet twist, whoever gets a flour face has to kiss their spouse. This game is ideal for some romantic New Year's entertainment.

No. 23 If the shoe is a fit!

Test your relationship with your partner by playing this enjoyable date-night game at your New Year's party.

When all of your couples are present, ask them to take a seat back-to-back. After that, have them take off their shoes and pass one to their partner so that they are holding both of their shoes.

The next step is for a chosen person to select one of the more than 30 questions in the question bank!

The couple will then raise the shoe of the individual they believe best fits the query. Who then has the weirdest family? If you believe you do, lift your own shoe; if your spouse concurs, they will lift their shoe as well. The couple scores a point if they both raise the same shoe. To maintain a score, utilize our entertaining printable scorecard!

You are free to ask the questions again and again. You can play until you reach a set number of points or until your sides start to hurt from laughing.

No. 24 A Year-End Charades Competition

You'll need to compile a list of all the significant occurrences from the previous year for this game, whether they were involved in pop culture, politics, or your group's inside jokes. You should have lots of options in 2021! Then put each on a sheet of paper and place it in a bowl so you can play a fun game of charades with them.

No. 25 The game of candy bars

A fantastic indoor party game, especially for younger children or families.

Convene a circle with everyone. Assemble the various articles of clothes close by and place the candy bar on the dish with the utensils. Give someone the dice (let's say Joe this time) and tell him to begin rolling with the intention of getting doubles. When Joe starts rolling, the player to his right (in this case, Abigail) has to quickly don all the attire and try to open and consume the candy bar while utilizing the cutlery. Joe also throws the dice as quickly as he can because if he rolls doubles, Abigail must stop eating the candy bar and opening it immediately, remove the clothing, and transfer it to Joe so he can put it on, unwrap the candy bar, and enjoy some delicious chocolate. The game continues, and the candy bar moves around the circle as the next player in the circle rushes to roll doubles. People who aren't eating or rolling the dice chuckle and giggle at the absurd sight of someone attempting to unwrap and consume a candy bar while donning gloves and sunglasses.





Through these games utilize these fantastic New Year's games to organize a killer party for New Year's Eve! There is something for every kind of individual and every kind of gathering, including free printable quiz games and New Year's Eve charades.

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