21 Creative ways to plan a Budget Friendly Wedding in India?

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Your wedding will undoubtedly cost a lot of money to plan in full flamboyance. Given all the glitz and glitter present, you must be fully aware of the expense involved in planning such an extravagant event.

You will be shocked to learn how much a basic floral arrangement will cost when you are carrying out every aspect of your wedding! And to accomplish a budget wedding, you must carefully consider every aspect of your big day because expensive extras like enchanted décor, exquisite bridal apparel, professional cuisine, photographers, and presents are required.

Our step-by-step guide may assist all upcoming brides and grooms who are getting closer to the BIG day with a smart budget structure that can restore the charm of your ceremony and that too at a reasonable price.

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21 Ways To Plan A Budget Wedding.

1. Make a detailed draft of your financial situation.

The financial aspect of any gathering, ceremony, or event is crucial. To plan the wedding of your dreams, you need to have easy access to finances to organize a great celebration. Make sure your parents or any other guardians are not going to contribute to your wedding while you are talking about the specifics of your budget.

Keep in mind that post-wedding expenditures are also awaiting you if you helped out with the wedding. Consequently, manage your money well and refrain from splurging.

Whether you are thinking of your wedding outfit or your mother's, just compartmentalize every aspect of your wedding and assign a predetermined budget to it.


2. Host your religious events, celebrations, and pre-wedding pujas at home.

You don't have to spend a fortune on your pre-wedding events. To start, it could be a good idea to simply invite your closest friends and family. If your home is too tiny to host an event, choose a friend's, family member's, or a venue with the necessary amenities. Ask your family and friends to help with the decorations and, if necessary, song and dance routines.

3. Save money on your wedding lehenga

Okay, I get it that you want to dress up as Rani Padmavati did every day, but honestly, is it worth spending lakhs of rupees on a dress that you'll only wear once? As an alternative, head over to Chandni Chowk where you'll discover a treasure mine of Sabyasachi, Anamika Khanna, and Manish Malhotra duplicates! Brides from outside of Delhi, I'm certain a trip there will be less expensive than a Sabyasachi lehenga! Putting jokes aside, purchasing a lehenga from the wedding market in your city is always preferable. Another option is to rent it through Flyrobe.

4. Selecting the Location

It is suggested to select a location closer to your residences because doing so would significantly reduce your need to hire buses or rental automobiles. Remember to select your venue well in advance of the event.

When the wedding season is in full swing, it is wise to choose a site early since the suppliers, resorts, and banquet halls strive to suck up more and more. Simply cross out a destination wedding when searching for a site on a tight budget.

5. DIY projects or buying decor

It might be difficult to budget for the expense of Indian wedding décor. The cost of purchasing decorative things like candle votives, candelabras, or mason jars is less expensive than employing a decorator. For this, Pinterest is helpful. You may focus on your preferences and dislikes for wedding décor, making it a terrific tool for finding DIY wedding ideas. However, exercise extreme caution to avoid overdoing the DIY. Your location will appear garish and excessive if you attempt to incorporate every DIY idea from Pinterest. Keep in mind that depending on your preferences and styles, less is more.


6. Wedding Jewelry

Bridal jewelry is sometimes more expensive than one's kidneys (read: plural) It's OK to spend money on a wedding ring or a lightweight necklace. The best course of action is to rent jewelry for D-Day. It's your wedding, not that of your extended family, so don't be embarrassed to hire it! If you're unsure where to rent it from, Flyrobe is here to help you once more!

7. Fewer Flowers

Flowers are always the first option for décor, but if we don't squander too many, the money may be well controlled. We're only asking you to keep it in check because we all agree that the wedding wouldn't be as lovely without the flowers. Don't squander flowers by using an excessive amount of them. Use flowers only when essential; otherwise, try to avoid them.

8. Small wedding party or none at all

Indian brides today struggle with the decision of whether to have a bridal party (also known as bridesmaids and groomsmen) present on the wedding day. Did you realize that it isn't even an Indian custom? It is said to have been passed down since the time of the Ancient Romans. Say what?

However, things are changing, and our weddings are increasingly incorporating contemporary western ideas. Consider carefully whether having a bridal party will affect your wedding. You don't need to give your family and friends a title since they will always be there to support you on the big day.

9. E-Invitations!

Toh aap kyun nahi, jab pura India digital ho raha hai? Switch to digital invitations instead of paper ones. Your time and money will be saved! Your effort is over after you forward the invitation to your relatives and friends.

10. Invest in Off-Season

We all know that during a busy season, an item is always more expensive. Purchase your wedding clothes during the off-season keeping this in mind. Furthermore, you could be fortunate enough to receive a 50% discount on your garment! This is a fantastic chance to purchase your favorite brands of gowns, which would normally have a higher price inscription on them.


11. Get married throughout the week.

You may be surprised to learn that some venues charge more for weekend weddings. The time of year also matters. The peak wedding season is in the summer, with spring following closely behind.

12. Guests

Making this choice is challenging! Your wedding should only be attended by your closest friends and family so they may share in this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. You don't have to invite the neighbor's dog from your dad to your wedding! The fewer visitors you invite, the more money and trouble you'll save!

13. Use your speakers

Don't hire a DJ; be your DJ. To save a lot of money, you can always hire a buddy to work as a DJ for you. Before your wedding, create a playlist, get your friends and family's input, and design an entertaining list. then request that a buddy play it. And make a statement at your wedding!

14. Choose regional wedding suppliers

Wedding vendors from out of state or abroad will always charge extra for travel, time, and transportation. We are fully in favor of selecting great vendors, so if there is one whose work you genuinely adore, don't settle. From the beginning, let them know what your spending limit is.

15. Food 

These days, it's not regarded as "good enough" if a wedding doesn't have 78 different cuisines. The foods in my kitchen are amazing! Choose 1-2 cuisines, each with a maximum of 8–9 dishes. Save on food and you'll save money!


16. Take Professional Advice

When you are completely unsure of what to buy or not, it is preferable to employ a planner who is familiar with all the details involved in setting up such upscale events. A wedding planner is someone who has a thorough understanding of the arrangements, costs, and ability to personalize your needs within his schedule.

17. The bridal cake

Avoid this step unless you're the kind of bride who's always wanted a 10-layer wedding cake. Our advice is to ask your cake decorator to create a cake that will serve the required amount of people. For instance, a 2 or 3-layer cake should be plenty for 200 people. Additionally growing in popularity, cupcakes could fit into your price range.

18. Request a discount

Discount janmsiddh adhikar maangna humara hai! Our mothers have taught us how to negotiate effectively. Play to your abilities and blatantly request discounts anywhere you can! Use the resources your mother provided you!

Do you trust us when we tell you that a wedding can be had on a shoestring budget?

19. Lessen the Décor

This is one of the aspects of arranging your wedding that has the biggest impact on your financial situation. You might choose to hold a lavish ceremony or keep things simple. You do not have to keep things simple just because your wedding is on a tight budget. Display your originality in the way you design your space.

20. Get married and hold the reception at the same location.

Another significant wedding expenditure is venue rental. If you take into account the price of your suppliers', friends', or relatives' trips, you'll find yourself in a difficult situation. Choosing a single location to hold all of your events might benefit you in this regard. Decide which location can provide you with the greatest packages after discussing your budget.

21. Determine Your Priorities

Don't add any arbitrary arrangements to your list of wedding preparations. Prioritize your choices by starting with the items that are most crucial before moving on to those that are least crucial. Setting priorities will allow you to sacrifice one thing while spending more on another.

Cost-cutting is not at all embarrassing, and doing it wisely won't make you look foolish in front of your visitors. You may avoid spending too much money on the wedding by using the services of a wedding planner.


To Finish with…

Indian weddings can provide a variety of additional difficulties. It might be challenging to persuade your relatives that this day is special for you and your fiancé. They might want to concentrate on the religious components, but you want to make sure that everyone has a good time. Try to reach a consensus. Nowadays, couples are more likely to plan their weddings, but they should still make sure that the families are involved. Without their assistance, nothing will happen.

The ideal wedding may be planned on a tight budget. Additionally, it's crucial to keep in mind that weddings shouldn't be about bragging about how much money you have or comparing whose wedding was better.

The merging of two families and spending time with loved ones are traditionally important aspects of Indian weddings. It should ultimately come down to just that.

Our recommendation is to create a wedding budget by decomposing all the expenses. Dissect the events, expenses, and components. Make a spreadsheet and note all the places you can save costs.

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