21 attractive traits in women that men can't resist


We’re all very familiar with the concept of crushes. But how does it exactly work? Is it that one personality trait you cannot dismiss, or that one physical trait that you can’t look away from? While it can be both, we are here to discuss the physical traits in women that men simply cannot resist.

We simply know that whenever a man is checking a woman out, he’s probably thinking about sex. But it turns out that it is not their fault entirely because they are designed to do the same! Science says that whenever a man eyes out a woman, he performs a reproductive fitness assessment. It seems that men were designed to search for such key features in their opposite sex. These particular features add to the attractiveness of women because these are, in turn, related to good health and fertility. These features are therefore highly responsible for making a man completely obsessed with a woman.

Traits that men simply cannot resist!

Science has seemed to prove men are dazzled with these features. So, next time a man calls you attractive, know you have these!

1. Healthy hair


I mean can anyone actually deny that healthy, lush, and voluminous hair is not a turn-on? Shiny and full hair is undoubtedly very attractive. It is also a sign of fertility and good health. If you have lush hair, know for sure that men would be attracted to you all the time!

2. Wider waist to hips ratio


Apparently, it seems that a ratio of 7:10 is pleasing. The wider the ratio, the more it drives the man crazy. Since these parts are also related to childbirth, it represents fertility too.

3. Eyes


The eyes do indeed have it. Men do pay a lot of attention to the eyes because they convey a lot. Your eyes are definitely one of the features of your body and men are naturally attracted to them.

4. Smiles


Trust me when I say this, a smile is indeed the best accessory that you can wear. Happy people are naturally more attractive. If you throw a generous smile every time your eyes meet someone, you are definitely attractive!

5. High voice


It is confirmed as per several studies that a high-pitched voice tends to evoke youthfulness. It even signifies a small feminine body which the men find pretty attractive. Thus, shrill voices are usually preferred by men.

6. The color red


Red is associated with lust for a reason. Science has proven that wearing red enhances the sense of attraction. Red is a symbol of power and love. Thus, if you wear red to your date night, you will definitely have your man hooked on you!

7. Arm length


It has been established that men are usually awed by perfectly long arms. Long slender arms turn out to be a feature that men can’t resist!

8. Booty


I mean come on, men have been staring at women’s behind for ages. It is biologically wired in men to desire women with large behinds. That is also related to good health. So, the rounder your booty is, the more chance it is for the men to dream of you.

9. Less makeup


Being you is the best you can do! Thus, if you think that putting on several layers of eyeshadow and spending hours on getting the perfect contour line is going to impress your man more, you have a whole new thing coming. Men generally prefer the natural look. They find your casual version much more appealing!

10. Height


It has been proven in several studies that taller women tend to be more attractive. However, it seems to be a secondary factor when it comes to other important traits such as hips and bust. But taller women are naturally more attractive, especially the ones who have legs that are proportionate with their body sizes.

11. Legs


A toned pair of legs will definitely get your man hooked on you. Most men subconsciously are attracted to nice legs. That is why you get more attention when you wear shorts!

12. Dark strands


It has been found that gentlemen usually prefer brunettes in comparison to blondes. Hair length does not seem to be that big of a concern but guys often prefer women with dark strands. 

13. Well-maintained hands, feet, and nails


If you feel that guys don’t notice manicured hands, you have another thing coming! Foot fetishism did not grow in one. Men simply love well-kept hands, feet, and nails.

14. Overall grooming


The way you carry yourself is definitely the most important. If you are under confident about your own self, then the opposite gender will never find you attractive. Thus, groomed women are usually preferred by men.

15. Big boobs


There is no shame in admitting that men do find big boobs attractive. I mean if you do have big boobs, you will always have to entertain the male gaze. Big boobs are undoubtedly one of the traits that men can never resist.

16. Body shape


The figure of a woman is what attracts the man the most. Most men tend to prefer slimmer bodies that feature a flat stomach, well-defined structures, prominent hips, and a definite curvature. Along with the shape men also pay attention to how you move your body.

17. Clear skin


Name one person who does not love clear skin, men and women alike! Men simply adore clear skin when it comes to women.

18. Dressing sense


A man would always admire a well-dressed lady. They are easily dazed by trendy outfits. An appealing dress code will definitely add flavor to your looks. Stylish and flirty little outfits always attract men.

19. Looks


Looks are definitely one of the traits that men notice the most. Men are more likely to notice a woman’s face. Looks predominantly include the eyes and men are swayed away usually with beautiful eyes.

20. Confidence


Confidence is a woman’s best friend. Your body language will echo in the form of your confidence. Thus, your beauty becomes secondary if your confidence is dazzling in front of men. However, even if you are beautiful but underconfident, men might not notice you at all.

21. Accessories


Neck jewelry seems to have caught the most attention in terms of accessories worn by women. Delicate necklaces catch the male attention and make you irremediable.


Women often think about what men notice in them. It might be uncomfortable for some, but listen up, the confidence will do all the charm! Apart from your irresistible physical features, confidence acts as the game changer!

TL;DR: Key Takeaways from the article

If you are wondering what physical features to worry about to make a man obsessed with you, you are at the right stop. This article has summed up not one but twenty-one of such physical traits that men find irresistible in a woman. Thus, give it a read and make your move today!