200+ Would-You-Rather Questions for Couples

couples talking in bed

Would you rather questions, often known as this or that questions, offer you two alternatives?

The majority of the time, these options are two equally undesirable things. They can, however, be two equally desirable things. They have to be linked in some way.

You may ask would you rather questions in several contexts: on a road trip, on a date night, at home relaxing - whenever you want to have some fun. (However, the nasty would you instead queries should be left for when you can act on your desires.)

And, because no one wants any of those scenarios to go wrong, these would-you-prefer questions are intriguing but not overly nasty or uncomfortable.


But, of course, feel free to skip those that don't appeal to you - with 200+ to choose from, you should have plenty of options.

Would-you-rather questions for couples that are entertaining?

  1. Would you rather be able to blend into the background or read people's minds?
  2. Would you rather eat your favorite dish every day of the year or skip it entirely for a year?
  3. Would you rather be the most amusing person in the room or the most attractive person in the room?
  4. Would you rather hear a baby giggle or feel a cat's purr?
  5. Do you prefer to smell a rose or watch a sunset?
  6. Do you like chocolate or caramel?
  7. Would you instead learn to juggle or do magic tricks?
  8. Which do you prefer: salty buttered popcorn or sweet caramel popcorn?
  9. Do you prefer snot in your nose or something caught between your teeth?
  10. Would you prefer to go for a long walk in the woods or curl up on your favorite couch?
  11. Do you prefer a scheduled routine or the freedom to do anything you want when you want?
  12. Do you like to be wealthy or famous?
  13. Would you rather be the loudest or the quietest person in a room?
  14. Do you prefer an intellectual companion or one who is funny?
  15. Do you prefer to live where you are or somewhere else?
  16. Would you rather be ugly and intelligent than beautiful/handsome and stupid?
  17. Do you like to wake up early or remain up late?
  18. Would you prefer goosebumps or butterflies in your stomach for a day?
  19. Would you rather eat at a five-star restaurant or have a home-cooked meal beside the campfire?
  20. Do you like to wrap your arm over my shoulder or grasp my hands in public?
  21. Do you like to see me with or without makeup?
  22. Would you prefer to spend the weekend alone with me or with your friends?
  23. Would you rather have the same tattoos or piercings as someone else?
  24. Would you prefer to kiss me on the cheek or the forehead?
  25. Do you prefer to spend an evening viewing the sunset or going to the movies?
  26. Do you prefer to stay at home or go on a date?
  27. Would you prefer to stay at home in your PJs with me or dress up and enjoy yourself at a pub?
  28. Which would you prefer: filthy underwear or no underwear?
  29. Do you prefer eating grasshoppers or tarantulas?
  30. Would you rather travel to the moon or explore the ocean's depths?
  31. Which do you prefer: highland dancing or hip-hop dancing?
  32. Do you want to be friends with the boss or the receptionist?
  33. Which would you prefer to be attacked by: a lion or a shark?
  34. Would you rather know all of the world's capitals or all of the world's currencies?
  35. Do you want to be a dog or a cat?
  36. Which do you prefer: a rat or a snake?
  37. Do you like haggis or kidneys?
  38. Do you prefer to be inside when it's raining or outside when it's sunny?
  39. Would you rather be overworked and exhausted, or have plenty of spare time yet feel as though you're missing out?
  40. Would you rather forego TV or social media??
  41. Do you prefer to rent or buy?
  42. Would you prefer to watch the sunset on a sandy beach or in the picturesque mountains?
  43. Do you prefer working from home or going to an office every day for the rest of your life?
  44. Would you prefer to listen to music from a previous decade or music from now for nine hours?
  45. Do you want to learn a new language or a new instrument?
  46. Would you prefer to work out at the gym with your partner or go for a jog?
  47. Which would you rather give up: your phone or candy?
  48. Do you like your partner's hair to be long or short?
  49. Would you rather eat dessert or drink something?
  50. Do you prefer living in a small town or a major city?
  51. Would you prefer to camp in a peaceful setting or visit a gorgeous bustling city?
  52. Would you rather have all of your money taken or have your automobile stolen?
  53. Would you rather have plans for the weekend or have nothing planned?
  54. Do you like to be patient or confident?
  55. Would you rather go without warmth and cooling or your phone?
  56. Would you rather be sentimental or emotionally detached?
  57. Would you rather have no children or eight?


Would-You-Rather questions if you’re in a Relationship

  1. Would you rather make a large quantity of money doing something you despise or a little sum of money doing something you enjoy?
  2. Would you prefer not to use Facebook or read books for a year?
  3. Would you rather be constantly late or always on time?
  4. Do you prefer to spend $5000 or save $5000?
  5. Would you like to be able to sing or draw?
  6. Would you rather be deaf or blind?
  7. Would you rather be a good writer or a good speaker?
  8. Do you prefer to go to Europe or Southeast Asia?
  9. Would you rather be extremely clever or athletically gifted?
  10. Would you rather have a party or celebrate an important birthday with your spouse?
  11. Would you like to have a spouse that is shorter or taller than you?
  12. Do you believe in fate or coincidence?
  13. Would you rather trust everyone without hesitation or have difficulty trusting people?
  14. Would you rather eat burgers or Haute food for dinner?
  15. Do you prefer to work from home or in an office?
  16. Which do you prefer: your phone or your car?
  17. Would you rather have the world's most faithful dog or friends?
  18. Would you rather learn from your errors or make no mistakes at all?
  19. Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?
  20. Do you prefer being underweight or overweight?
  21. Would you want coffee or wine with me?
  22. Would you rather lose an argument to make me happy or win one to make me sad because you were correct?
  23. Do you prefer board games or video games with me?
  24. Would you rather go back in time with me or into the future with me?
  25. In this situation, would you prefer to talk to my parents or your parents?
  26. Would you rather get me new clothing or new cosmetics?
  27. Would you rather go on an adventurous vacation or visit your in-laws?
  28. Would you rather keep me waiting or wait for me?
  29. Would you rather your child resemble you or me?
  30. Would you rather forget your worst experience in life or remember your finest moment in life?
  31. Would you rather be 20 or 40 for the remainder of your life?
  32. Would you prefer to spend your date night out or at home?
  33. Would you rather have a weekly date night or a monthly date night?
  34. Do you prefer supper and a movie or 10-pin bowling?
  35. Would you rather have a daily kiss or a daily hug?
  36. Would you rather have an intimate relationship three times a week or once a week?
  37. Which would you prefer: an emergency fund or a trip fund?
  38. Do you like someone who is extremely romantic or overly practical?
  39. Would you like your relationship to be similar to others around you or entirely different?
  40. Do you want to know all of your partner's secrets or just leave well enough alone?
  41. Would you prefer praise from your partner or a present from your lover?
  42. Would you rather be with someone who is upfront yet occasionally insulting, or someone who is incredibly shy and never expresses themselves?
  43. Would you rather relive a former event with your lover or peek into the future with them?
  44. Would you rather be lost together or alone on a barren island?
  45. Do you prefer to spend your time with family or with friends?
  46. Would you prefer a home-cooked meal or a beautiful candlelit supper at a restaurant?
  47. Do you prefer sweets or beverages?
  48. Would you prefer a massage from me or one from a professional at a salon?
  49. Do you prefer to spend the weekend at home or a hotel?
  50. Do you want to do anything wicked or something serious with me?
  51. Would you rather seek my counsel or think for yourself?
  52. Do you prefer to cook for me or have me cook for you?
  53. Do you want to spend your bonus money on yourself or something for the house?


Couple’s dirty would-you-rather-questions

  1. Would you rather be filthy or romantic in the bedroom?
  2. Do you like to be at the top or the bottom?
  3. Would you prefer to do it from the side or the top?
  4. Do you like to give or receive oral?
  5. Would you prefer to dominate or be dominated in bed?
  6. Would you rather bind your spouse or bind yourself?
  7. Would you rather make love three times a day for a month or not at all?
  8. Do you prefer to make love in bed or on the couch?
  9. Do you like to make love in your backyard or your car?
  10. Would you rather play erotic Truth or Dare or 7 Minutes in Heaven with your partner?
  11. Do you like to do it in the morning or at night?
  12. Would you rather play a part or be blindfolded?
  13. Do you prefer to give or receive sexy messages?
  14. Do you like your spouse to be romantic or kinky?
  15. Would you want your lover to be loud or quiet?
  16. Would you like to be kissed on the shoulder or the neck?
  17. Would you prefer to experiment with provocative language or get right to the point?
  18. Would you prefer to do it in your bed or somewhere more daring?
  19. Would you rather be seen making love or be seen making love?
  20. Would you prefer to have your lips or your breasts kissed?
  21. Do you like to lick or suck?
  22. Do you like to make love in the morning or at night?
  23. Would you like a quickie or one that lasts an hour?
  24. Do you prefer to watch erotica or read erotica?
  25. Would you prefer being kissed on the tummy or the thighs?
  26. Do you like to make love standing up or sitting down?
  27. Do you like to make love on the beach or in a pool?
  28. Do you prefer that your partner wear something provocative or nothing at all?
  29. Which would you prefer: making love in the shower or the bathtub?
  30. Would you prefer to change things up in your bedroom or leave them the same?
  31. Would you rather have your in-laws or your children catch you in the act?
  32. Would you prefer mediocre sexy time regularly or spectacular sexy time once in a blue moon?
  33. Would you rather be shackled than your partner?
  34. Would you rather feed your lover or be fed by him/her?
  35. Would you prefer to give or receive a lap dance in private or in public?
  36. Would you rather have your parents or your children come in on you?
  37. Would you rather have someone hear you or watch you making love?
  38. Do you like to be the aggressive or the quiet one?
  39. Would you rather taste your partner's whipped cream or hot fudge?
  40. Do you like the lights on or off?
  41. Would you rather wrestle nude in a pool of chocolate or a pool of jello?
  42. Would you prefer to snuggle or do anything else after?
  43. Do you prefer playing with toys or having your hair pulled?
  44. Would you rather intrude on your parents or have them intrude on you?


Deep Would-You-Rathers

  1. Would you rather pass wind in public or fall over in public?
  2. Would you rather die swiftly in a vehicle accident and feel no agony, or slowly and in anguish from cancer?
  3. Would you rather have your heart shattered or break someone else's?
  4. Would you prefer to put an end to Hitler or Pol Pot?
  5. Do you prefer to lose your dog or your father?
  6. Do you like being dominating or submissive?
  7. Would you rather have all the money you want or all the love you want?
  8. Would you rather euthanize your spouse personally or let them live longer but suffer?
  9. Would you prefer to eliminate 99% of the world's people or extinct 99% of all living things?
  10. Would you rather end world hunger or eradicate cancer?
  11. Would you rather have 50 more years of life or a million bucks in your bank account right now?
  12. Would you prefer to pause or fast forward through this period of your life?
  13. Would you like to eat without taste or touch without feeling?
  14. Do you prefer to lose your hearing or your sight?
  15. Would you rather be deserted or freeze in the tundra?
  16. Would you rather be imprisoned (for life) for a crime you didn't commit or be trapped on an island with little possibility of rescue?
  17. When you're unhappy or in a terrible mood, would you prefer to be with someone or be left alone?
  18. Would you rather grow old or be a child?
  19. Would you rather lose your bag or become disoriented on a trip?
  20. Would you rather go on a date with an intelligent or beautiful partner?
  21. Would you rather influence someone or read their mind?
  22. Which would you prefer: to have everything or to know everything?
  23. Would you rather play a game for fun and lose or for fun and lose?
  24. Would you rather be a part of the planet's birth or its demise?
  25. Would you rather win the lottery or have perfect health?
  26. Do you prefer to be a drug addict or an alcoholic?
  27. Do you prefer to lose your sense of taste or your sense of touch?
  28. Would you want world peace or infinite personal wealth?
  29. Which would you rather save: a pregnant lady or a baby?
  30. Would you prefer to live in the past or the future for 200 years?
  31. Would you rather reveal the truth for a good purpose or a lie for a bad cause?
  32. Would you rather kill your only kid than dump a nuclear weapon on a country?
  33. Would you choose to put an end to homelessness or domestic violence?
  34. Would you rather eliminate all flies or eliminate all mosquitoes?
  35. Would you rather have a bad parent than no parent?
  36. Would you rather harm your partner's feelings by not disclosing the truth, or damage your partner's feelings by telling?
  37. Would you rather get your most pressing life question answered or modify one aspect of your life?
  38. Would you rather achieve something spectacular for mankind but receive no recognition for it, or live an ordinary life and be recognized as a community impact maker?
  39. Would you prefer to concentrate on your hobbies or play and relax more if you had extra hours in the day?
  40. Would you rather spend a thousand dollars on the home if you won a thousand dollars today?
  41. Would you rather relive your past or fantasize about your future?
  42. Would you like to look at my browser history or my WhatsApp messages?
  43. Would you rather be 30 minutes early or 30 minutes late for an important event?
  44. Would you rather have 10 average friends you see every day or one wonderful buddy you see now and then?
  45. Would you give away your pay to help someone in need, or would you serve him or her with domestic duties every day?
  46. Which would you prefer: being imprisoned in a dark room with a mute or a bright room with a chatty person?
  47. Do you prefer to eat healthy for 10 years or badly for one year?



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