20 Unique Indian Wedding Card Designs Ideas

20 Unique Indian Wedding Card Designs

When we talk about social marriage and weddings, the first wedding essential that might pop-up in our head might be the number of guests to be invited. Or it might be the venue or the date. And eventually, that leads us to the wedding cards.

Wedding cards are not only about some pieces of decorated papers with the wedding information. It carries a lot of emotions for the couple and their families. Especially, when we talk about Indian wedding card designs, it’s a lot more. We tend to represent the diverse Indian culture, ethnicity, and traditions with a touch of nostalgia and modernization.

Wedding invitation cards intend to present a warm welcome to the guests and loved ones, to seek blessings for the bride and groom. Hence, apart from including the date, venue, and other wedding information, wedding cards hold an immense value, especially in the Indian context.

So, here are 20 Unique Indian Wedding Card Designs for you, to make your special day even more special-

1) A Floral Ecstasy.

Floral Indian wedding card

Picture source- Shaadidukaan

Flowers are always the symbol of love, purity, and happiness. So, when it's about the celebration of love- your marriage, you deserve the best. Decorating your wedding card with a floral theme will add more to the sense of bliss and happiness. And, you deserve that, especially when it's about the grandeur of your wedding. It will give a simple, yet splendid appearance.



2) A Laser Cut Decoration.

laser cut Indian wedding card designs

Picture source- Weddingz. in

If you are a vintage lover, then this laser-cut design will fit your taste. This has been designed to incorporate a touch of vintage letter format with a fine touch of sophistication. If you are planning to keep your wedding event a unique yet simple one, this card design is perfect to go.



3) Captured Inside A Photo Frame.

Photo frame Indian wedding card designs

Picture source- Weddingz. in

When it comes to precious memories, we always try to capture that moment and keep it preserved in a photo frame. Your wedding will undoubtedly be a lifetime precious memory for you. So, what if you can capture your wedding card inside a photo frame? I mean, it will be great if you design your wedding card in the form of a photo frame. Then, you can easily keep one of them in your drawing room, as a small piece of memory. In your day-to-day life, when you will come across that photo frame, it will give you vivid flashbacks of your precious day. Isn’t it all that you want?



4) Royalness Redefined.

Royal Indian wedding card designs

Picture source- Artsy Design Co (Pinterest)

Remember the time when your grandmother used to narrate those royal stories of kings and queens? Remember how your grandmother used to tell you that someday your prince or princess will come and marry you? Yes, you are the prince or princess of your family. You deserve that royal wedding that you have been dreaming of, since your childhood. And nothing can be more suitable as a wedding card than this! A wedding card with royal designs and pictures will surely take you back to your childhood days.



5) The Divine Creation.

Divine Indian wedding card designs

Picture source- Behance (Pinterest)

When it comes to Indians, you probably know how much obsessed they are with their different Gods and Goddesses. So naturally, when we talk about Indian wedding card designs, we may come across designs related to Gods and Goddesses. If you are looking for a traditional design for your wedding card, then this is the best for you. A wedding card with designs of Gods and mythical characters will add more divinity to your marriage.



6) Quite Aesthetic.

Aesthetic Indian wedding card designs

Picture source- hitched.co.uk (Pinterest)

This generation of people is often seen to be inclined towards aestheticism. If you are one among them, then you can surely relate to it. This design is perfect for you. Keeping up with the Indian traditions along with an aesthetic touch will enhance the beauty of your wedding. So, why wait? Pick it up!



7) The Minimalistic White.

White themed Indian wedding card designs

Picture source- Lauryn Prattes Styling and Events (Pinterest)

We all know that “ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Though the concept of simplicity is subjective, white always stands out to give that everlasting feeling of peace. And I think peace is somehow related to simplicity. So, sometimes instead of being too heavy and complex, we can think of an unconventional simple wedding. And for that, a minimalistic white-themed wedding card is a must. What say?



8) Ticket To The Wedding.

Luggage tag Indian wedding card designs

Picture source- Amazon.com (Pinterest)

Sounds crazy, right? But it will be absolutely fun and unique if you plan to get your wedding card designed in the form of a luggage tag. When you are inviting your guests, it's like giving them a pass or ticket to your wedding. So, why not? Sometimes, being unconventional is good too!



9) Save The Date.

Calendar-themed Indian wedding card designs

Picture source- Vocatio (Pinterest)

Unique, simple, and intriguing, right? This card design (calendar-themed) is so cute and quirky and looks quite pocket-friendly. Apart from that, you can personalize it by giving a personal touch. It can be a family picture or a cute picture of you and your beloved. So, save the date!



10) P For Polaroids.

polaroid Indian wedding card designs

Picture source- Etsy (Pinterest)

Again coming back to aestheticism, if you are an aesthetic lover then polaroids can be on your list of wedding card designs. This looks cheap, affordable, and sober. Just like the previous one, you can put some personal touch in it.  Since polaroids are comparatively smaller in size, you can save your time as well. And as I said, it is quite budget-friendly if you are planning for a very simple yet sober wedding event.



11) For The Golden Moments.

Golden Indian wedding card designs

Picture source- Etsy (Pinterest)

Gold and golden stuff have been playing a big role in Indian weddings for ages. Whether it is about golden jewelry or golden attire, the golden color has a great significance in it. So, why not a golden wedding card for that? It will look gorgeous. Maybe, 10 years down the line when you will look through your golden wedding card, you might say “Old is Gold”.



12) Tradition Revisited.

Traditional Indian wedding card designs

Picture source- DreamCards

India is a country with a diverse range of traditions among the people. But, somewhere there is a bias for Saree and Dhoti in our Indian culture. So, if you are planning to keep a touch of tradition in your wedding card, this design is good to go.



13) I’ll Be There For You.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Indian wedding card designs

Picture source- Culture Curry

You might have heard about F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Though it is an American television sitcom, there is a huge fan base of it in India. I can vouch for that, me being one of them. After all, you might have dreamt of a beautiful bond with your partner just like Monica and Chandler (if you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan). Also, at the end of the day, it’s all about “I’ll Be There For You” between you two. So, why wait? Just pick it up. A wedding card based on F.R.I.E.N.D.S will be super cool, unique, and beautiful.



14) Pop-up Surprise.

pop-up Indian wedding card designs

Picture Source- Dribbble (Pinterest)

Remember the time when you used to get pop-up greeting cards from your school friends? You got it right. You can surprise your guests with your pop-up wedding cards as well. Get it personalized the way you want. It will look very cute and gorgeous.



15) Puzzled?

jigsaw puzzle Indian wedding card designs

Picture Source- Personalised Favours (Pinterest)

What about a jigsaw puzzle? Let your guests solve the puzzle and know the date and venue of your wedding. It will be great fun, I swear. A very unique idea and it will be much appreciated by all!



16) The Royal Rolls.

The royal roll Indian wedding card designs

Picture Source- Simply Fab and Chic (Pinterest)

Again that feeling of royalness! Get your wedding cards personalized like never before. It can be like those majestic rolls. They will be like the messages that were passed among kingdoms in ancient times. It will be gorgeous.



17) As Red As Love.

Red-themed Indian wedding card designs

Picture Source- AliExpress (Pinterest)

Red has always been the signature color for love and passion. And when it's about your wedding, Red has to be a part of it! It can be in a wedding card or your wedding attire. For wedding cards, it will look gorgeous and vibrant. So, pick it up!



18) Good News!

Newspaper-themed Indian wedding card designs

Picture Source- Banana Print blog

Good news indeed! People might have been curious about this good news. Give them this newspaper-themed wedding card and insist them on reading the good news on their own. It will surprise them. Also, this design will be very unique. Try it out!



19) Mandala & More.

Mandala art Indian wedding card designs

 Picture Source- Freepik

Mandala art symbolizes spirituality and creativity. It was majorly originated in India (apart from Tibet, Nepal, China, Japan, Indonesia). Hence, if you are looking for a traditional Indian design for your wedding card, the mandala art design is the perfect one.



20) Repaint Your Colour Palette.

Colorful Indian wedding card designs

Picture Source- Artistically Wired

And lastly, we all know a wedding event is all about happiness and creativity. So, to add more to the creativity, you can get your wedding cards designed in different colors. A colorful palette that will add happy hues to your wedding. It will look sober and beautiful.


So, I hope that these beautiful unique ideas will enhance the beauty of your wedding.

Take love from us <3