20 Relationship Goals In Your 20s

A woman is seen back hugging her man and both are laughing.

Relationship goals and love go hand-in-hand when the bond is established on a foundation of trust, loyalty, and honesty.

But we often find ourselves stuck in situations and dilemmas of relationships that the actual spark in it fades away eventually.

Life is full of ups and downs, and so are the relationships at different phases of our lives. The phase of the 20s is considered as the best time for it, especially in the case of a serious relationship. Don’t you also think so?

Certainly, there are pros and cons of it, but the pros are so much in number that it overshadows the cons.

Here’s to a quick check of 20 such benefits, that is bound to work out if you are in a healthy and serious relationship in your 20s.

1.  With experience comes maturity.

A quick caption on maturity.
Maturity is the key to a healthy relationship

 Age can’t always be the parameter to measure maturity. Despite that, in our teenage lives, we had come across a lot of experiences which have eventually shaped our minds in a more mature way. This acts as a spice to our 20s relationships. Maturity weaves the bond of understanding between the couple and acts as a shield to misunderstandings and unnecessary fights.


2.  Explore Yourself.

A girl is standing and is looking at the sun, spreading her hands.
Explore the light in yourself.

With the onset of adulthood, we are subjected to a lot of freedoms both physically and mentally. This helps us in better understanding of ourselves and our needs. This will eventually help you to recognize your expectations from a relationship and this will also, help you in understanding your partner.


3.Being Independent.

A couple is holding a piggy bank together.
It's time for future plans!

In your 20s, it is expected that you will start having your income. By that time, if you are in a serious relationship, the expenses of gifts and dates can be fulfilled by you and your partner only, unlike the teenage days when we had to depend on our parents for the bare minimum.


4.Have your space, please!

A couple is smiling, with the woman looking at the man and the man looking at the screen.
Accept the differences with a smile.


With age and experiences, we are conditioned to a lot of responsibilities. During this time, you will look for your own time and if it’s a serious and healthy relationship, it will always allow you with your space. Love and relationships are meant to free you, not to cage you.


5.Work is important too!

A couple is walking on a street , wearing their office formals.
Let's share the responsibilities!


Relationships during this phase help to concentrate on the individual works because people become more aware of their living with age and responsibilities.


6.Eye-opening experiences.

A couple is standing on the street holding each other closely.
And here you chose the right person!


By this age, you have perhaps met different types of people which has given you enough experience to choose the right person.


7.No more flings.

A silhouette of a couple is standing on the horizon, during the sunset holding each other's hands.
Eternity promised.


Say goodbye to your teenage infatuations and flings because now, you will get to connect more genuinely. Because back then, due to the influence of different hormones, we often would be seen flinging around casually which is unlikely to happen this time. We tend to get sincere with time about our relationships.

 8.Handling family issues.

A couple is holding hands of each other.
Let's do it together.


With age, family issues keep on increasing and this time, your partner can come to your rescue, especially with emotional support and advice. Your partner can be your best friend plus guide at the same time.


      9.Take up the responsibility.

A picture saying that relationships are responsibilities
Be hardcore responsible.


With serious relationships, people get the taste of actual responsibilities which eventually train them to be better and responsible human beings as well.


10.Being a hardcore decisive.

A picture showing wrong and right decision arrows.
Take the time, make the decision!

By this age, we all more or less, start making our own decisions. So, building a healthy relationship with your partner and choosing the right partner is quite much your decision along with your partner's. No third person!


11.Be each other’s comfort place.


A woman is lying her head on her man's shoulder.
Let's Hug!

Handling the difficulties at the workplace and family issues seems to be tough at times altogether. At this time, having your partner’s shoulder to lay your heavy head-on is a blessing. That feels like heaven!


12.Best Friends Forever.

A jar and a spoon is smiling at each other.
Friendship first.


Be each other’s best friends first. Because friendship is the foundation of any relationship. In our 20s, we come across a lot of fake people and we tend to lose our “friends”. So you should make sure that you both are best friends of each other, which eventually spices up the relationship.

13.Say Goodbye to your loneliness.

A couple is hugging each other tightly.
HUG out the loneliness.


People tend to feel lonely at this time due to their failed teenage relationships or friendships. A serious and healthy relationship will no doubt, help them get rid of that loneliness. Your partner will play the role of a therapist then. Mark my words!


14.Perks of Living together.

An onscreen couple Dhruv and Kavya, is sleeping together holding each other tight.
Will you be the Dhruv to my Kavya?


  Couples at this time get financially independent. Therefore, they are more likely to live together before they are planning to get married. This live-in relationship helps in creating better understanding and bonding between the couple.


15.No conflicts between modern-day dating and career.

A man is seen concentrating on his work and smiling, with his partner standing and smiling beside him.
Working is fun.


 When you are into a serious relationship at this time, you will get the time to focus on your career instead of casual modern-day dating. A good grip on your career will eventually help you in your future plans with your partner.


16.Adieu to your past insecurities.

A boy is helping his girl to sleep by pulling the bedsheet on her.
I am with you. ALWAYS.


A healthy and serious relationship in your 20s will definitely help you to get rid of your teenage or childhood insecurities, in the presence of a best friend cum genuine life partner.


17.More the intimacy, more the Euphoria.

A couple is lying on bed with the woman putting her head on his stomach.
Let's make love together!


 In the 20s, people tend to get physically intimate with their partners which eventually improves their mental health as well as reproductive health. The happiness keeps on increasing and this is absolutely the perfect age for that. Also, this helps both of them to explore each other more. 


18.Keep on exploring together.

A couple is seen out for exploring the world and travelling all around with each other.
The world is so beautiful with you beside me.


With financial independence and accompaniment of your partner, exploring each place, each food, and each lifestyle becomes easier and more adventurous. And if you both love traveling and food, then it’s an additional advantage. After all, sharing is caring!


19.Be a part of each other’s growth.

A woman is seen back hugging her partner and they both are smiling.
Growing and glowing together.


With the onset of your 20s phase, comes a lot of ups and downs through which we tend to learn and grow. If at this time, you have a genuine life partner by your side, your growth doubles up with theirs.


20.Coming back to HOME.

A couple is dancing together inside a kitchen.
We are each other's HOME!


 A genuine relationship is bound to give you that feeling of being at HOME at the end of the day. Coming back to your home, and sharing household works with your partner will certainly ease each other’s loads. This also helps in saving our valuable time. And of course, this acts like a cheery on the top of a cake.


Every relationship is unique in its own way. Still, I hope that if you are going through any problem or dilemma, then keeping these benefits in mind will help you and motivate you to overcome those difficulties. 

Also, all the relationships in this world aren’t meant to stay forever. Being a part of each other’s growth and accepting the reality is what makes it unique.

Life is unpredictable so don’t lose hope-


Because, “No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.” Just be kind to yourself and your partner with absolute loyalty and honesty. Take care of your partner and that of yourself too. And most importantly, live and let others live.

By the way, don’t forget the 3 Ls - LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, and repeat!