The 20 Major Turn-offs For A Woman

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Dating life has always been an issue for a more significant percentage of people and turn-offs certainly play a major role in it. It is an important issue for people who tend to be more worried about pleasing their significant others. As a result, they end up doing something that has adverse effects on their impression. Thus, if you are wondering, "Why is it so hard to please a woman!" you are probably getting the wrong idea because, in reality, it is not.

Firstly, you need to stop racking your brain and complicating things while you keep looking for various unique ways of impressing your girl. Dazzling her can be as simple as wearing something decent, meeting her at a desirable place, and just making a minimum effort to hear her out. But if you have an idea about what are the significant turn-offs of women in general, it would be a bit helpful for you before taking her out. Thus, if you too are doubtful about something similar, you have successfully landed at the best place possible. This article is all about informing you what the things you can do which can turn out to be a major turn-off for your girl who you are trying to impress. Therefore, in order to know about such turn-offs, so that you can gain some points right on your first date, go ahead and give this article a read.

20 Biggest Turn-offs for women- Avoid doing these!


If you think that smiling enough, dressing up, and using some scintillating conversation starters will help you win your girl, you are not wrong. However, while these few things act as a major turn-on for girls, you should not forget that there is another side of the spectrum too. Women tend to notice details, and therefore they will scrutinize you right from your first text to your goodnight kisses. Thus, brushing up on the list of these significant turn-offs turns out to be a necessity. Therefore, go ahead and carefully note each and every detail on the list below before you head out for your date.

1. Making far too many sexual approaches can give her the wrong vibes

sexual approach

This particular factor acts as an instant turn-off for many women. Imagine she doesn't even know much about you, and you keep on pulling a sexual side of everything you talk about! This can instantly lower her interest in you. It doesn't even matter if you are trying to joke with her because bringing up sexual references will just make her lose interest in you.

Even though you are meeting a woman just for the purpose of having casual sex, it would do you no harm if you indulge her with some compliments and healthy flirting. But, if you think that being flirty just means bringing up sexual references, you need to learn a lot, mate!

2. Being a complete narcissist will certainly annoy her.


There is a degree of self-love we all should attain and maintain. But even that has its limits. Thus, you should love yourself, and pointing that out is not a bad thing until you start being narcissistic. Narcissists barely know that they are narcissists, so even if you think you are not, think again.

If you keep looking at your phone all the time or just keep talking about yourself half the time, then you indeed are giving off such vibes. Being overly self-absorbed is undoubtedly one of the major turn-offs of a woman.

3. Too much insecurity will give her the wrong idea about you.


Insecurity is undoubtedly one of the biggest turn-offs for women. One should not confuse being nervous and being insecure because these two are entirely different things. If you are insecure, you put too many intense vibes, or it might seem like you don't deserve happiness. Even if you make too many self-deprecating jokes or are too harsh or rude because of being frustrated with yourself, it might act as instant turn-offs too.

4. Being very touchy will make her feel uncomfortable.


Being touched without consent is certainly a turn-off for the majority of girls. Touching someone who barely knows you are never going to spark any feelings. On the contrary, it might give off the wrong vibes. Being too touchy turns on every girl's high alert for creeps because consent is vital. Therefore, even though it might seem that putting your arm around her if she is cold or hugging her might impress her, it may not.

5. White lies can end up being something worse.

white lies

If you think of impressing your girl by simple white lies, stay put because she will eventually find out, and it will turn her off. Therefore, white lies regarding your past, your job, or even your future plans are not suitable for the start. Such lies often lead to more significant lies. If a girl finds out that you have lied even about an insignificant thing, she will question you, and it might lead to breaking her trust eventually.

6. Oversensitivity indeed turns girls off!


Being sensitive is undoubtedly remarkable, but nothing feels good when exceeded or exaggerated. There is a strict difference between being sensitive and being overly sensitive. Sensitive refers to the fact that one can be vulnerable and talk deeply on specific topics. But being excessively sensitive means taking everything she says too profoundly or too seriously. That means if you are being offended by things that are not even meant for you, it acts as a major turn-off for women.

7. Lack of manners proves to be the worst if you are on a first date.

lack of manners

Girls always prefer guys who know manners. If you cannot be polite as a person, then it will surely turn your girl off. Showing manners is an everyday societal norm, so girls expect their men to execute at least some of it. Being a polite guy with manners goes beyond saying please and thank you. You should be able to apologize when you are wrong and move on from it.

8. Jealousy acts as a significant factor that can negatively affect your relationship.


There is undoubtedly a difference between being protective of your partner and being jealous. Jealousy is brought one by lack of trust and the concept of being possessive. No one likes to feel that way, as if they are being controlled by someone else. If you are someone who gets jealous quickly, you need to keep it under control because it acts as a major turn-off for women. Jealousy is not cute; it is possessive and creepy. Nobody appreciates that kind of concept of ownership.

9. Too much aggression never ends well.


Nobody likes a person who is too aggressive. Such aggression is a significant turn-off for girls. Some girls might like a guy who takes control, but that is pretty much different from being aggressive. That kind of behavior is inappropriate and unacceptable. If she says no or pulls away, take a hint and back down. If she wants to keep things low or go slow with the steps, appreciate it and don't force it. Also, if you feel doubtful, ask for her consent. A girl certainly appreciates such manners and defies if someone is being very aggressive.

10. Mixed signals have never helped someone to woo their girl.

mixed signals

These might be one of the biggest turn-offs for women. Every woman appreciates honesty; therefore, being straightforward and avoiding mind games will pay you off. If you like her or don't, simply tell her. Or else, if you are looking for something casual, tell her that too, avoid any sort of miscommunication or confusion. Try being honest about your intentions, and be upfront. If you want a serious relationship down the road, tell her that too. No one appreciates spending time on something that wouldn't work out because of a communication gap.

11. Ignorance will never help build a relationship!


Ignorance is not considered to be a bliss in the 21st century anymore. Being educated about the world, politics, and cultures is undoubtedly sexy. But guys who know nothing about what is happening in the world, especially if he does not want to be bothered, indeed turn girls off. In addition, you need to understand proper pronouns, cultural appropriation, and other important events taking place in the world. Else, you will certainly disappoint your girl.

12. Misogyny is a factor that she will never embrace.


It does not matter what form of misogyny it is; that is a massive turn-off for modern women. Thus, if you slip off your tongue saying that the right place for a woman is in the kitchen or if she is a slut for dressing provocatively, you can kiss goodbye to your date. If you are sexist or disrespectful in any manner, no woman would appreciate it, and for a good reason.

13. Being dismissive will end up creating distance between you two.


Women have been ignored and silenced for way too long, so if you cannot put an end to that for your girl, at least don't play along with it. Gaslighting is undoubtedly one of the biggest turn-offs for women. Instead, try listening to what she says and do your best to understand. A bit of healthy communication never goes the wrong way. Dating and relationships are pretty much different when it comes to girls' perspectives. Therefore, in order to be in her good books, you at least should try and understand her.

14. Being judgemental about everything is not a good thing.


It is a common factor that everyone would share various preferences. But just because of the fact that you don't like or prefer something does not give you the right to judge others. If you do not like any choice of your partner does not mean that you will judge her for her choices. She has the right to do anything that she prefers. Being judgemental is a real turn-off for girls.

15. Being silent will surely drive her away.

being silent

We live in an era where modern dating is mainly based on online platforms. Therefore, we already know that we depend on texting or online dating to encourage a source of communication. Going silent on her suddenly and then acting like it was nothing is an act she will never appreciate. If you are into her or you guys share any sort of connection, you should at least inform her that you are busy. It is true that talking for hours every day is not necessary. But at the same time, falling off the face of the earth is merely disrespectful.

16. Poor hygiene will never bring you good results.

turn off

If you cannot take care of even the most minor of adult responsibilities, you should know that it is going to turn off your girl for sure. Maintaining proper hygiene is the essential thing everyone needs to take care of, even without being mentioned. So, before you show up for your date, make sure you brush your teeth, shower, wear washed clothes, and wear deodorant.

17. Too much neediness is a major turn-off!


Nobody appreciates too much clinginess. Everyone appreciates space and independence in a relationship. You can like her a lot but texting her or sticking to her 24/7 is not the right way to show her. Limited distance makes the heart grow fonder. If you express too much neediness, it might send the wrong message of you having severe control issues.

18. Trash talking about your ex will never enhance your image.


If you think that to prove that you are over your ex means you need to call her names, I suppose you might be wrong. Trash talking with your ex is a major turn-off for women. If you trash talk your ex all the time, it is inevitable that you are not being completely honest or fair. Furthermore, relationships end for more than one particular reason. Therefore, calling your ex-girl crazy means you are going to do the same if this relationship ends too.

19. Being incredibly selfish will affect your relationship for sure!


Being selfish in itself is not a very attractive trait in itself. Compromise and adjustment are pretty much necessary when it comes to dating. No one should expect their partner to bend to their will always. One should ask their partner about their consent without assuming their likes and dislikes. They should also never disrespect their choices for their own selfish gains.

20. Poor listeners are indeed the ones whom girls hate.

poor listeners

Communication is the key to every relationship. If you are a flawed listener, you have to work on yourself because this is certainly a significant turn-off for women. It does not take much time to listen well. Try to interact with her and listen to her when she speaks. If you don't want to turn her off, try focusing on what she says. 


Once all is said and done, you should never forget these turn-offs for women. There might be several other turn-offs, but the ones listed in this article are the main ones. If you want to be the perfect boyfriend, this article holds one of the primary keys to it. So, in order to woo a girl, make sure you remember this list of things that turns her off.

TL;DR: Key takeaways from the article

If you have your eyes on one certain queen and want to have your best time with her on your date, you should indeed have your hands on the list of things that can turn her off. This article lists not one but twenty major turn-offs for women. So, before you tuck yourself up for your next date, make sure to brush on this list of turn-offs for sure.