20 Best Romantic Books That You Will Love To Read

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(Disclaimer: This blog is not subjected to any kind of spoiler about the books. So, if you haven’t read the book before, it won’t worry you at all.)

Once Annie Dillard said, “She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.” I always find myself in these words, so may you if you are a bibliophile. And these very words sound so similar when it comes to love and romanticism, the love that we can’t live without!

So, here’s for you a collection of 20 romantic books that you must try out someday, to get through words.


1) Time Stops At Shamli.

Time Stops At Shamli.


Author- Ruskin Bond.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads rating- 4.14/5 (96% of people liked it).

If you are a book lover, then you probably have heard about Ruskin Bond, the famous Indian writer. The person who has won the hearts of millions with his writings. And in this case, nothing is different!

His book “Time Stops At Shamli” revolves around an unrequited yet peaceful love story between the protagonist and his past love. The best part of the book is the diverse portrayal of each character’s unique stories. It’s very natural to expect a vivid description of nature in his writings, which is again seen in this book. The protagonist is seen to have a rush of emotions after meeting his past love, which is so well penned down in this book. In short, you will definitely have a great time reading this book. After all Ruskin Bond never fails to fulfill our appetite for reading.



2) A Little Book of Love and Companionship.

A Little Book of Love and Companionship.


Author - Ruskin Bond.

Genre -   Non-Fiction.

Goodreads Rating: - 4.17/5(95% of people liked it).

Another one from Ruskin Bond’s collection. A book that is bound to lift your mood and motivate you. I do consider it as my bedside companion, which I can read N number of times and still not get bored of it. Another striking feature is the beautiful color codes, which make it even more unique. You are sure to fall in love with this book while reading through those beautiful and cute fonts.



3) Eleanor & Park.

Eleanor & Park.


Author- Rainbow Rowell.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads rating- 4.05/5 (92% of people liked it).

“Eleanor & Park” is that work of fiction by Rainbow Rowell which will put you in the world of love and romance. A young adult fiction based on Eleanor( the girl) and Park(the boy), and their blooming love story through late-night conversations, and an ever-growing stack of mixed tapes. A book, that will remind you of your first love, its essence and excitement. So why wait? Grab it soon!



4) Brida.



Author- Paulo Coelho.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads rating- 3.48/5 (81% of people liked it).

A tale of intense love, passion, mystery, and the quest for spirituality, “Brida” is sure to blow away your mind and make you fall in love with Paulo Coelho’s writings. It revolves around an Irish girl named “Brida”, whose quest for knowledge will undoubtedly give you an enthralling experience across the pages of the book. So don’t miss this chance of bookish adventure!



5) Susanna’s Seven Husbands.

Susanna’s Seven Husbands.


Author- Ruskin Bond.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads rating- 3.64/5 (89% of people liked it).

If you expect this to be a book of a lovey-dovey couple, then you are highly mistaken. This work of fiction by Ruskin Bond is a love story mainly based on a mystery. In this book, a man called Arun has been secretly in love with Susanna, who became his friend despite the wide age group between the two. What follows is the mystery revolving around Susanna’s marriages, which you will eventually get to unfold with each passing page. Luckily, this book got adapted into a Bollywood film which is known now as “ 7 Khoon Maaf ”, with the eminent actress Priyanka Chopra in the lead.


6) Emma.



Author - Jane Austen.

Genre -   Fiction

Goodreads rating - 4.01/5(93% of people liked it).

If you are a classic lover, then this book is for you. This book is considered as one of Jane Austen’s best works. It is an enthralling ride into the world of romance, love, and match-making. You can also watch the movie based on this book with the same title as “ Emma” which stars Anya Tylor Joy in the lead role.



7) Wuthering Heights.

Wuthering Heights.


Author- Emily Brontë.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads rating- 3.86/5 (88% of people liked it).

 Based on Gothic fiction, this book by Emily Brontë is one of the best sellers of all time. This book mainly focuses on the passionate love between Catherine and Heathcliff. While reading you will also discover some other layers of this novel. Starting from revenge to supernatural elements, this book is a rollercoaster ride of events and is a great contribution towards Classic English Literature by the author herself.



8) Pride and Prejudice.

Pride and Prejudice.


Author – Jane Austen.

Genre -  Fiction.

Goodreads rating – 4.26/5 (94% of people liked it).

It’s that ultimate “happily ever after” tale by Jane Austen that you have always craved for. A perfect classic to relish your taste buds with romanticism alongside a comedy-drama. If you love classics, you are sure to have a good time with this book.



9) Falling in Love Again.

Falling in Love Again.


Author – Ruskin Bond

Genre – Fiction.

Goodreads Rating – 3.74/5 (90% of people liked it).

As you all know, Ruskin Bond has a great sense of romanticism and natural touch in his writings, this time also it is well portrayed in his book of “Falling in Love Again”. Suffused with serenity and passion, the collection of short stories in this book showcases romance and love with a wide spectrum of joyous and heartbreaking moments. In short, it's a treat for all the readers, especially those who love romantic short stories.



10) The Fault in our Stars.

The Fault in our Stars.


Author- John Green.

Genre - Fiction.

Goodreads rating: - 4.20/5 (93% of people liked it).

It is that work of fiction by John Green that had become an all-time famous book. It is about two people (Hazel and Augustus) whose paths crossed on grounds of medical complication which eventually created a bond of love between them. Through a rollercoaster of emotions, this book will help you experience love and heartbreaks, thrill, and tragedy in all its forms. Also, this book got adopted into a film in Hollywood named “The Fault in Our Stars”, which also got a lot popular among the mass.



11) The Time Traveler’s Wife.

The Time Traveler’s Wife.


Author- Audrey Niffenegger.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads Rating- 3.98/5 (91% of people liked it).

Debuting with “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, Audrey Niffenegger bagged much praise and a plentiful of literary awards. This ‘much talked about’ work of fiction is a poignant tale of a boy and a girl, with a certain twist in the plot. It is primarily romantic fiction with touches of science and time travel in it. So, no more waiting I guess?



12) A Love Of Long Ago.

 A Love Of Long Ago.


Author- Ruskin Bond.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads Rating- 3.80/5 (90% of people liked it).

No matter what, I will always stick to Ruskin Bond’s writings especially when it’s about romanticism. This book is a collection of Bond’s romantic stories, coverings stories that reveal sensations of heartbreak, first encounter, secret kisses, stolen glances, and what not! Grab this book and with a cup of coffee, and enjoy every bit of romanticism his writings are meant to offer.



13) Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda.

 Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda.


Author- Becky Albertalli.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads Rating- 4.28/5 (96% of people liked it).

Revolving around a sixteen-year-old boy called Simon Spier and his sexuality, this young adult contemporary tale by Becky Albertalli received much praise from the audience. This book even bagged some prestigious literary awards, recognizing itself as one of the promising works by the author with flavors of romanticism in it. It’s absolutely a must-read!



14) Tweet Cute.

Tweet Cute.


Author- Emma Lord.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads Rating- 4.01/5 (97% of people liked it).

A romantic young adult fiction by debutant author Emma Lord, “Tweet Cute” is a fresh irresistible rom-com revolving around the protagonists Meet Pepper and Enter Jack. If you are fond of light-hearted, witty young adult fiction then you can surely add this book to your TBR.



15) Love In The Time Of Cholera.

Love In The Time Of Cholera.


Author- Gabriel García Márquez.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads Rating- 3.92/5 (90% of the people liked it).

 Gabriel García Márquez has always been a favorite among the youths especially for his inclusions of romanticism in his writings. “Love in the Time of Cholera” proved it right. But wait! This book has much more to offer than mere love and romance. A much deeper aspect is portrayed here. And if you think that magical realism suits your reading taste, then don’t hesitate to give it a try.



16) The Unbearable Lightness Of Being.

 The Unbearable Lightness Of Being.


Author- Milan Kundera.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads Rating- 4.10/5 (93% of people liked it).

Considered as a classic literary fiction by Milan Kundera, this story revolves around a young woman who is in love with a man, torn among a lot of complications. What happens next? To know that, you have to read this work of romantic philosophical fiction by Kundera.



17) The Forty Rules Of Love.

The Forty Rules Of Love.


Author- Elif Shafak.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads Rating- 4.13/5 (92% of people liked it).

This book might sound like non-fiction at first but it’s actually fiction. A masterpiece I must say. Based on love, philosophy, and spirituality, the book is a perfect read to serve your reading thirst. You are sure to fall in love with this “much talked about” book by Elif Shafak.



18) By The River Piedra, I Sat Down And Wept.

By The River Piedra, I Sat Down And Wept.


Author- Paulo Coelho.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads Rating- 3.57/5 (83% of people liked it).

As expected from Paulo Coelho, this book reflects a good depth of life and love. “By The River Piedra, I Sat Down And Wept” has a lot more to offer that includes spirituality and philosophy as well. Including this on your TBR won’t cause you any regret!



19) The Thorn Birds.

The Thorn Birds.


Author-  Colleen McCullough.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads Rating- 4.23/5 (95% of people liked it).

One of Colleen’s most famous works, “The Thorn Birds” is a romantic historical fiction that earned much appreciation from the audience. The book revolves around a romantic saga of a singular family, the Clearys which later got adapted into a Hollywood movie. You can surely invest your time in this and not regret it later on.



20) Sense And Sensibility.

Sense And Sensibility.


Author- Jane Austen.

Genre- Fiction.

Goodreads Rating- 4.08/5 (93% of people liked it).

As we all know Jane Austen is famous for her intense romantic classics, “Sense And Sensibility” also didn’t fail to establish that fact. A world-famous romantic classical fiction of all time, this book never fails to carry forward its aura of royalty from generation to generation. A mature read I must admit. Your taste in classical literature is bound to get better with this novel. It’s an all-time romantic book recommendation.


So, I wish you to go through all these 20 Romantic Books and let us know your thoughts and reviews about them. Also, if you have already read any or all of them, don’t forget to share with us your viewpoints. After all, BeMyCharm is your all-time listener and is ready to suggest to you more such romantic works of literature!

Happy Reading! :)