18 signs your crush likes you


You feel euphoric and gooey with all the fluttering in your tummy when you have a crush. Nevertheless, having a crush on someone does not automatically lead to dating them. And you must be certain that your crush has the same feelings about you as you do about them prior to you making an effort to approach them.

At any given time in your life, you might fall in love with anyone, and you have zero control over the emotions. To begin a relationship, you might want to find out if your crush feels the same way about you. These telltale indications might help you determine whether your sweetheart feels the same way.


Remembering specifics you previously shared with them

People can recall details you stated years ago. When someone significant to us says something, we frequently remember it. Especially if we believe it to be something they value as well. It's crucial that people pay attention to what you have to say and think. It's not because they have a good memory if they recall any facts you told them a while ago. The main reason is that they really like you.



When you are present, they like putting on a show.

When they are near you, they get a bit louder, dress up quite beautifully, and are very animated. They do this to put up a show for you while you are around. You might be curious as to why they feel compelled to do that. They do this in an effort to dazzle you and get your attention. They'll settle down and begin to feel more at ease with you as you get to know one other better and spend more time together.

They remain fixated on you.

Your crush may be showing interest in you if they are staring at you nonstop.

There's a decent likelihood that someone will be staring at you more frequently than others if they have a crush on you. When they believe you are not watching, they might fix their gaze on you; if you spot them, they might even turn away. Such sneaky looks at you can be a sign that they also like you.



Sends and receives lengthy messages

If you happen to be in contact with your crushes by phone or social media, pay attention to how long their typical messages to you are. If they frequently send lengthy responses, even in response to a "yes" or "no" query, it indicates that they want to keep the conversation going.

They heap on the praises.

Do they frequently compliment you on how great you look or how well your clothing fits you? They're probably into you if they're eager to complement you a lot. But be aware of whether or not they mean it when they commend you. Although you want them to feel a physical attraction to you, keep in mind that if they don't notice how unique and intelligent you are, they could only be interested in having a brief fling.



They don't use their phone in your presence.

A person that is genuinely into you won't look at their phone when they are with you, with the exception of emergencies of course. He is certainly eager to give you their whole attention if they are not utilising their smartphone. To demonstrate your willingness to listen to them and regard for them in return for their respect for you, you are expected to act in a similar manner.

When you converse with other men or women, they become envious.

If you're chatting to other guys/girls, whether online or in person, your crush may notice and worry what's up. If someone didn't care about you, they wouldn't glance while you're chatting with other guys/girls. Don't worry; as soon as you give them a great, gorgeous grin to indicate that you are exclusively interested in them, they will be yours yet again.



They have a strong interest in your ambitions and successes.

They give you their full support when you tell them about a dream you have chosen for yourself. They enquire about your development and inquire as to how they might support you. They stand by your side, encouraging you whenever you succeed. It gives you a great feeling and motivates you to work more.

They go above and beyond for you

They take care of you in ways that a buddy would never. Going well above everything you could possibly expect of them. Before they visit you, they stop at your preferred coffee shop or look up the game you specified. If they act in this way, it is obvious that they are in love with you.

They are curious to learn more about you.

A person would not be too interested in learning about you in the context of a typical relationship or acquaintanceship, such as your pet's name and favourite colour. If your crush asks you these kinds of questions often, it's likely that they're doing some background study on you.



They call you when drunk.

The adage "A drunk's words are a sober person's thoughts" is well known. It certainly applicable in this situation! Liquor has a way of bringing out the truth in you about your feelings. Therefore, it's a sure indicator that they like you if they phone or text you while they're inebriated (but beware of those 2 am booty calls!).

Reveals secrets to you

Even if you are not great friends, your crush may appreciate you if they feel comfortable sharing secrets with you. This action may indicate that the person wants to be honest with you about their lives in order to win your approval and confidence.



They interact briefly physically.

Hugs, handshakes, and high-fives are typical physical interactions among platonic friends. Your crush may have genuine feelings for you if they initiate physical contact with you more frequently and in different ways, such as by patting you on the back once you're feeling down or by grabbing your hand. Pay close attention to these occurrences and note if they involve only you or other people as well.

They Inform You When They Will Be Busy

Instead of merely leaving you to guess why they stopped replying, someone who likes you will let you know when they'll be unreachable, whether it's because they're working, sleeping, or meeting friends. This is a sign of thought for you, which again emphasises the significance of the link. If they are out of touch, they might not want you to think the incorrect the thing about them.

Your interactions appear natural.

Hours of conversation might pass in what seems like minutes between you two.

You remark, "Wow, she's really easy to chat to." It simply occurs, and you want it could be this way with everyone. There are no awkward gaps when you have to make up talk. This most likely indicates that you both have a crush on one another and have a close relationship.



Find methods to constantly remain close to you

If you realise that, despite your best efforts, you always end up in the same group as or seated next to your crush, either fate or your crush is to blame. Just keep an eye on how your crush acts while you're around. Does s/he frequently walk in front of you or speak to a buddy who is standing next to you? Is it only luck of the timing?

They interact with your social media postings actively.

There's a solid probability your crush likes you if they're frequently the first to view your tales, like your photos, or even remark positively on anything you upload. Social media accounts may frequently provide access to a wealth of information about a person. These would be frequently seen by someone who has feelings for you in order to get to know you better and interact with you.

They make fun of you.

She makes playful, not crude, jokes about you. When you remark something humorous, she nudges you or laughs and calls you clumsy.It's like teasing your brother in a flirtatious way. A form of flirting that we do when we have feelings for someone is to tease them.


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