18 signs a guy is intimidated by you


You attempt to flirt by grinning and making eye contact. What transpires? Nothing. He appeared intrigued, but he's now turned away. He may be somewhat intimidated by you, and this may be an issue. You are not at blame. Some men simply can't handle a woman who is independent and powerful.

Men typically avoid expressing their sentiments when they like someone. Instead of verbalising their affection, they would like to express it in other ways. You can be bewildered as a result since you won't know whether to respond or not. Spend some time deciding if these ideas apply to your circumstance. You may choose what to do next by understanding what they signify.


He took a long time to be able to approach you.

Months ago, your friends informed you about this man who really likes you, but anytime you are close to him, he just begins acting strange. He didn't really come and chat to you for months, which left you baffled about what was going on. He may have taken so long because he believes you to be really gorgeous, which undermines his confidence. Just see how he behaves around you.


You see him glancing at you.

One of the easiest but most obvious signs that there are feelings simmering beneath the surface is catching him gazing at you. After all, anytime someone you like is close, you can't help but observe and appreciate them. But if you glance back at him, he will turn his head. He avoids making eye contact because he is reluctant to admit that he has affection for you.

He makes fun of how much he likes you.

If he's more worried about rejection than, say, commitment, he'll want to gauge how you feel before making an approach. Guys frequently do this by making a lighthearted remark about like you or going on a date together, but they do it in a way that allows them to laugh off any negative reactions. They can avoid doing any long-term harm to their egos by acting as though they didn't intend it. If you respond positively to him, he could finally have the confidence to approach you or express his feelings if he does this a few times.


He can't stay composed around you.

Have you observed this guy's behaviour? He is clearly intimidated by you if he becomes nervous and unable to remain still while you are there. Maybe he doesn't believe he looks nice, or maybe he feels quite insecure with you. Take note of how he sits or moves around you. It is an easy clue that he can't settle down around you if he can't sit still and moves around continuously.

He has a highly nosy nature.

Especially if you don't know each other well, the guy will attempt to ask you a number of questions that are not even acceptable for any conversation if he is continuously around you and doesn't even know how to connect with you.

Simply put, it's because they are unsure about what to do with themselves.

They Quickly Make A Justification To Leave.

Did you just inform him that you got a job promotion? Or perhaps you attempted to have a thoughtful conversation? It's likely that a man who feels frightened may suddenly find a reason to depart. He must go lick his wounds since his ego has been wounded in some way.

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They Appear Jealous.

Snide remarks regarding everything you say are a surefire indicator that he's feeling threatened. He's just trying to make you look less wonderful at this point. They are envious of you and just want to be like you. Some males think this makes them appear better, but it's selfish and foolish.

He attempts to demoralise you.

Sometimes, males may start projecting their bad feelings onto you. Don't worry too much if the guy starts speaking hurtful things to you or starts pushing your buttons all of a sudden. He merely uses it as a means of lowering his own fears and regaining some sense of control over this difficult circumstance.

He can be here today but far away tomorrow.

If a man develops affection for you, he may occasionally be afraid to approach you. You'll observe that he can appear to be quite comfortable around you one day and frigid the next.

In order to avoid experiencing heartache, he is doing this action to save himself from being overly connected. His level of connection and attachment style will be determined after he is certain of how you feel about him.

You keep running into him

Some guys will devise ways to unintentionally meet up with you in public if they like you but are unsure of how you feel about them. Though it may seem like a coincidence to you, it's not. They are attempting to become acquainted with you so that a friendship might easily develop between the two of you from there.

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They Immediately Appear Competitive.

Do you suddenly have the impression that the conversation has become heated? He must share a journey that is even better once you mention a fun one you had last weekend. He needs to think of something that is more amazing than what you have to say. He believes that will make him look better or equal to you. You just have a gut feeling he's lying.

When he is around you, he won't stop chatting.

Sometimes you realize that the person you like won't shut up. Not that he is attempting to convey anything specific, but more that he is unsure of how to stop. Some people babble endlessly in response to uncomfortable circumstances. You could hear him babble nonstop if your appearance entirely diverts him and even intimidates him.

He doesn't discuss his past relationships.

When a guy avoids bringing up other prospective partners in his life, it is one of the clear signals that he likes you but is afraid. He doesn't want to frighten you away, so that's the explanation. As a result, he chooses to ignore them whenever he speaks to you.

He attempts to win you over.

He works really hard to leave a positive impression on you in order to win your favour. When he sees you, he can put on a great outfit or use cologne in a cunning attempt to catch your eye. He could also flaunt himself in your presence. He wants you to be appropriately impressed by him, whether it's through an example of a physical ability he has or a display of his intellect.


His discomfort may be seen in his body language.

Look at how he is moving around you more closely. He could be unknowingly trying to shield his heart from harm if he appears to be trying to defend himself by placing his hands in his pockets or crossing them over his chest. But if he's really into you, you could notice that he looks at you constantly. Pay close attention to the tone of his voice.Although he can just be quite perplexed about his possibilities of being with you, if his voice deepens, it indicates that he is strongly drawn to you. If he's trying to emulate you, pay close attention to see if you can read his body language.

He never progresses beyond the "first step"

Girls who frighten boys frequently complain that while men will flirt with them, they seldom go as far as to buy them a drink or ask them out. This can be quite frustrating for many women. A guy may be extremely into you but is unsure if he's ready to tell you if you get the impression that he constantly flirts with you before backing off.

They Try To Intimidate You. 

How dare you have such great looks, confidence, and success? It's evident that you intimidate males. That is, at least, what he believes. He will try to frighten you as a solution. Undoubtedly one of the funniest signage is this one. Please enjoy yourselves with him. He'll finally humiliate himself to the point of no return, and his pals won't let him make amends.

Your intuition directs you

There are instances when you can tell that a guy likes you but they won't express it. Pay attention to your gut. He probably likes you if every aspect of your interactions with him suggests that he does. For any period of time, it's difficult to keep our emotions hidden. Ensure that your self-talk is really honest. Admit if you are fabricating indications because you want it to be real or whether he is giving you positive vibes legitimately.

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