12 Special Ways To Celebrate Your First Anniversary

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One year with the right person feels like one hour, and I hope you have felt that. Probably the reason, that you won't realize when it's already one year down the line.

So? It's time to celebrate your First Anniversary, to celebrate the love that you have shared with your partner in this whole year!

I guess, by now you have started wondering about how to make your better half feel special on this day. Why wait then?

Here's for you a dozen of heartwarming ideas to celebrate your First Anniversary with your partner and make it more special.

1) Relive the first day.

a couple is standing closely
Moments to cherish forever!                                                                                                                                                                         

Reliving memories can never be out of fashion, especially when it's about LOVE. Who doesn't want to go back to their first day and recreate those moments? Whether it's about the first date or the day of your wedding, wearing the same dress, eating the same food and visiting the same place will make your first anniversary a special one. This can be the most beautiful yet unique way to celebrate your First Anniversary.



2) Revisiting the memories.

Photographs and memories
Flashbacks and memories.


How about decorating your room with photographs and elements from each other's childhood till the present day? It will surely bring back the nostalgia that you and your partner have been craving for! Also, don't forget to convey your First Anniversary wishes to your better half through all these decorations.



3) Aesthetic quality time together.

Couple sitting near sea
Quality time.


If you and your partner belong to the old school aesthetic genre, then you would love to spend some quality time with your partner. Maybe at some distant cafe, away from the city or view the sunset sitting on a cliff or seashore. Having some hot coffee or tea with your partner sitting close to you, will be the best feeling ever. It will help in boosting the strength of the bond and spice up the chemistry between you both.



4) Shatter age-old stereotypes.

Woman proposing her man
Why not ladies first here?


How about being the Monica to your Chandler? It surely won't go in vain if you simply take a red rose, kneel and propose your better half, especially for the first time! Because we have some stereotypical mentalities regarding a girl making the first move. That's ridiculous I think!

Trust me, if you try this out, it will turn out to be a grand surprise for him. Something he had never expected probably.



5) Switch between the daily roles.

Couple Cooking together
Happy Cooking!


Just imagine that you both are doing works that you don't get time to do generally, while your partner does it for you! What if you do it for your partner on the First Anniversary? What if you remind them that you can do the same for them and put in equal efforts? And also promise that even if it's not possible for every day, you will help your partner on those particular works whenever possible. Sometimes, this can act as breaking stereotypes as well. Your First Anniversary is bound to be more special for this.



6) To the dream destination.

Sea beach couple time
Destination sorted.


Who doesn't love to explore the world that too with their partner! And we all have that dream destination since our childhood, we have always wanted to explore that. So why wait? Grab this opportunity, and step out for an enthralling experience on road, to your and your partner's dream destinations on your First Anniversary.



7) All in red.

Red themed decoration


Red is always considered the color of love and passion. So how can you even omit that when you are planning about your First Anniversary? Just decorate your house with red roses and red balloons and a red velvet cake to savor! Also, try out red colored dresses with this theme. Your First Anniversary will be more special with all these. And if you want it to be decorated in a more personalized way, then don't forget to contact us!



8) Boost Intimacy.

Couple private time
Privacy alert!


Special occasions like First Anniversary is best suited for some intense lovemaking, no matter how often or less you get to involve in that with your partner on usual days. Also, choose the perfect and the most comfortable atmosphere (for both of you) for that. After all, both safety and comfort matter.



9) Sing the song.

Couple singing
Groove to the music!


Have you been trying to sing your partner's favorite song and impress him/her, but couldn't find an ideal situation for it? Then, I promise that this is the perfect time to surprise your partner with that and also have a couple of dances on that! After all, nothing is better than grooving to the favorite music on your First Anniversary with your partner.



10) The Pretend Game.

A man surprising his woman


How about playing a trick on your partner? Just pretend throughout the day that you have forgotten about the special day. You will find that your partner will keep on giving you hints, but you have to keep on pretending. At the end of the day, plan a surprise at both of your's one favorite place secretly. Call him/her to the place with a very serious excuse that should not sound even near to anniversary related stuff. And when he/she appears on the spot, Boom! It's a surprise! And this surprise is bound to be memorable for life.



11) Watch the favorite movie together.

Couple watching movie together
It's movie time together!


Couples these days have got busier with their office works or household works that they hardly ever get time to watch a movie together. In case, if you both are one of them, then don't think twice. Watch that favorite movie together at the best location, that you both can ever think of.

This is especially for those couples who are always too busy to even spend some quality time together. Your First Anniversary will no doubt, be more special for that.



12) The Treasure Hunt.

Rose petals path
And to the treasure hunt!


Your First Anniversary celebration will spice up if you arrange for a treasure hunt for your partner.

Make a rose petal path with romantic notes on it, that eventually leads him/her to the ultimate treasure. You will probably find your partner in tears of happiness, a happiness that can't be explained!


So, why wait? Start planning your First Anniversary celebration ideas. You can definitely rely on us on this matter, whether it's about planning or organizing your special day based on your preference.


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