10 Signs That You Are A Hopeless Romantic

hopeless romantic

A hopeless romantic would equate life with romance and love. Love is undoubtedly one of the best and most magical feelings that one experiences. The journey with your significant other is beautiful, and you can sense the magic in its parts, as in a while falling in love and being in love. However, if you believe in the fact that love can be that powerful, you are already on the way to becoming a hopeless romantic.

What does it mean to be a hopeless romantic?

hopeless romantic

A hopeless romantic is one who chooses to see the good in everything. They trust in happy endings. They see the world through rose-colored glasses. The whole world seems to be a collage of beauty and love for them. They firmly believe that love and romance are the ultimate goals, and they are even ready to fight for them.


Sadly, in this era of extreme cynicism, sentiment and belief in true love is fast vanishing. This is why hopeless romantics are definitely rare. But once in a while, you will come across someone like that who gazes wistfully at stars, cries over romantic movies, or has their nose buried in a book of poems. And once you interact with such a soul, you will know they will positively impact your life and make you a better version of yourself.


So, if you are in search of one or want to know if you are one, we got you. This article has listed some of the critical signs that are prominent in hopeless romantics. Thus, this article is the key to finding out if you or your partner is a hopeless romantic. In order to discover that, all you need to do is go ahead and give this article a quick read.

Characteristics of a hopeless romantic

Of course, you will not find a hopeless romantic wearing a placard that announces his nature. Nor will you ever have a magical entry with flower rain and music incoming, which will help you identify a hopeless romantic.

Therefore, if you are out wondering what will help you identify a hopeless romantic, we are here to help. Certain character traits will signify if that person is a hopeless romantic or not. Thus, in order to find out what those characters could be, go ahead and see for yourself the characters that are listed below:

  1. They tend to be very idealistic.
  2. Hopeless romantics are deeply empathetic.
  3. They are very creative and talented.
  4. Their world is of all hearts and flowers.
  5. These kinds of people are never hopeless; you will always find them hopeful.
  6. Hopeless romantics are wildly optimistic.


Ten signs that prove that you are a hopeless romantic


hopeless romantic

Now that you already know the traits that characterize someone as a hopeless romantic, it is necessary to know about the signs. These signs will help you identify what kind of romantic you are. That will further allow you to recognize, embrace, and accept yourself and your lover.

For a hopeless romantic, love feels like it is the center of the universe. They treat love as the primary emotion that is the basis of life and feelings. From their point of view, love exudes idealism, beauty, and virtue.

The below list describes ten signs that will help you identify a hopeless romantic. And even if you are one, you will be able to discover that too.

  1. Lyrics of songs mean the world to you.


If you are a hopeless romantic, your playlist will indeed be filled with love songs that are meaningful and deep. That is because, as a hopeless romantic, you tend to give value to such songs and their beautiful lyrics. Some of your favourite songs would be those which have been specially written for describing love to someone.

  1. You dream about your wedding day all the time.


A hopeless romantic certainly shares elaborate plans for their wedding. So, if you are one, you will have that too, even though you might be single now. You must have dreamed about having a big fat wedding. You constantly keep dreaming about that day, and you keep wondering how you can make it the most memorable day of your life.

If you are someone who keeps dreaming about the same, you might not have any clue about when you will get married. But that doesn’t stop you from fantasizing about your grand day.

  1. You deeply care about every little detail in your relationship, and even small things mean a lot to you.

small things

You adore small and thoughtful things in a relationship and believe that they add charms to your otherwise dull life. If you see that your partner remembers what you like and what you don't and brings you those things to make you feel special, that is enough for you to feel loved and cared for. You deeply care for the little things, such as holding your hands in public or mumbling your favorite songs, because that shows that your partner cares genuinely.

  1. Celebrating relationship milestones is one of your favourite things to do.


You certainly love anniversaries and special days if you are a hopeless romantic. It hardly matters if it is your first date, first year, or kiss anniversary; you will never forget and celebrate these relationship milestones. That is because these dates remind you of the bond you share with your partner. You will find yourself thinking of the perfect gift or the perfect way to celebrate these days and make your partner feel special.

  1. Sometimes you end up expecting too much from your relationship.


The expectations that you hold for your relationships might sometimes turn out to be unrealistic. Therefore, your relationship might not be able to fulfill those satisfactorily every time. Such expectations are inspired mainly by the romcoms you watch or the novels you read, which are sometimes not realistic.

  1. You certainly love to daydream.


Daydreaming is undoubtedly the favorite thing to do for hopeless romantics. They keep on daydreaming about everything that they will do with their soulmate. Even if they find someone attractive, they daydream about the possibility of them being together in the future, even before they actually have a conversation with them or know anything about them.

  1. Grand gestures please you the most.


As a hopeless romantic, you share an opinion that one can express their feelings through grand gestures of love and romance. Thus, you expect your partner to express their feelings through grand gestures such as planning elaborate date nights to make you feel special or proposing to you with his family ring or so. And if your partner doesn’t go all out to show their feelings like you keep doing, you tend to get upset.

  1. You are never bored by romcoms.


There are plenty of people who dismiss romantic comedies as unrealistic and silly. But a hopeless romantic would never do that. These people can sit through the craziest of romantics, even the ones that make zero sense to other people. If you are a hopeless romantic, you will find yourself excited by romcoms, which will assure your faith in eternal romance. You might as well remember scenes from such romcoms or imagine yourself as one of the characters.

  1. Friends treat you as their relationship advisor.


If your friends come to you for your advice when they find it challenging to work through their relationships, it is a bold sign that you are a hopeless romantic. Your optimistic nature gives them hope, making them believe that hardships are just a test of time and that they will work that out soon. You always tend to be positive when it comes to relationships.

  1. You are easily moved to tears.


You will be known as the cry-baby if you are a hopeless romantic. That is because when it comes to these people, emotional books or movies, sentimental serials, touching short films, or so, are enough to make them cry. They are even touched by a simple kind gesture or word from someone. Hopeless romantics are supposedly emotional persons who are very attached to their close circle. They quickly get hurt, and they want their close ones to be a part of their lives consistently.


Hopeless romantics are the ones who love to see the good in everything. They are certainly the most optimistic souls who make the world a better place. Therefore, if you are a desperate romantic or in love with one, you are already making relationships better. In a world that is surrounded by negativity and violence, they are the only ones who believe in true love. However, sometimes, they end up in trouble or are hurt because of high expectations from their partners. But they are undoubtedly one of the purest souls who love deeply.

TL;DR: Key Takeaways from the article

If you have ever thought about whether you are a hopeless romantic or not, this article is where you will find all your responses. Similarly, if you wanted to know what are the critical characteristics of a hopeless romantic, this article has it answered too. It has listed not one but ten of the most important signs that show if you are a hopeless romantic, along with listing six main character traits of them. Thus, in order to find the solution to your queries about a hopeless romantic, go ahead and give this article a quick read.