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About Us


What is BeMyCharm?


BeMyCharm is a belief, a belief in the idea that every love story is beautiful and special. Then why should the way of announcing it be so typical? This question is where we started. 

From your proposals to your baby showers, we plan your most memorable events with the perfection they deserve. We embrace the thrill of spontaneity but we don't forget to add the sweetness of personal touch. 

To make sure that the moment is intimately special to you, we study your journey and your lover's wish and then we pick, what you agree to be, the best and only the perfect moment for saying what you've been trying to say. Will it be outside a momo shop? Or in the middle of an empty road?  Who knows? What we know is that it would be special. 

And it's not just about the place. What you say matters too, now doesn't it? So we take it upon ourselves to make sure we find the absolutely perfect thing for you to say. You wanna say it in a poem? Or do you wanna say it in a song? However you have dreamt, is how we can make it happen. 

What we work for is that smile on your face when you say what you've been dying to say in a way that just makes it more special and your lover hears it with that teary- gleaming eye. We love it when we can make bring two lovers closer. We make your love story complete. 

Your love is our priority. It is our mission. In a world full of hatred, we care about your love. We are always happy to walk that extra mile because we are on a mission to make your love story happen, and to add those magical surprises in between the journey, of course. We are a celebration of your love. 

So what are you waiting for? 
Contact us to make your dream moments come true.